Can chakras cause pain?

by Veronica Molinski

Physical imbalances in the root chakra include problems with the legs, feet, rectum, coccyx, immune system, male reproductive parts, and prostate gland. People with imbalances here are also prone to experiencing problems with degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders, and constipation. Mild symptoms of physical imbalance of the throat chakra include neck and neck pain, but they can spread to frequent sore throats, colds, and ear infections. Your chakras also work as turbines.

They work in two ways: they supply energy to the chakra and they release energy from the chakra. Put a lot of suppressed emotional energy into a chakra that feeds energy to your physical body and will also spoil things. And over time, less vital energy flows into the chakra and less spent energy comes out. The third eye chakra governs your ability to invite a new reality into your life by dreaming of different possibilities.

Diane Malaspina, PhD, a therapeutic specialist in yoga medicine, says she prefers to think of chakras as out of balance versus blocked. So the best way to start balancing all of your chakras and working toward well-being is to start at the root and work your way up to the crown, one chakra at a time. Terrones says that postures that strengthen the pelvic floor, where the sacral chakra resides, such as the bridge posture or deep hip opening postures such as the pigeon pose or the lizard pose, are excellent for strengthening the sacral chakra. Located between the navel and rib cage, the solar plexus chakra is said to be the center of self-esteem, will and identity; in other words, it is the chakra that you really expect to have juice.

Its radiant colors make it easy to determine which crystal can bring healing and energetic vibrations to specific chakras. Physically, if the throat chakra is blocked, unbalanced, or underactive, it can often manifest as throat problems, stiff neck, cold symptoms, and thyroid imbalances. Because the sacral chakra is located below the naval chakra, pain can radiate through the lower back and lower abdomen when it is unbalanced. There are many other chakra healing techniques and practices that heal chakras when they experience an imbalance.

An imbalance in the crown chakra results in rigid thoughts and an unwillingness to consider another person's perspective or to receive the messages of the divine. There may also be a correlation of the first chakra, but I would need to look at your energy specifically to see if that was the case. When a chakra is out of balance, it is likely that it has closed; therefore, reopening it can help you find the right balance for optimal function. I close my eyes and find myself visualizing my chakras as small twinkling lights above and below the midline of my body.

The work of the chakras is gaining popularity and I want to try it, but I can't stop obsessing over wanting to be a good patient, to understand what Pipolo hopes to achieve while discovering the state of my chakras (through that mysterious manual test) and then balances them (with sweeping movements above my torso).