Collective Report Sensitives & The Transition

by Veronica Molinski


Sensitives, Empaths & Psychics what to EXPECT during this transitioning (OH IT’S HAPPENING)



Collectively you may have heard we are going through an ascension. To me I have always explained this as humanity shifting their consciousness (will explain this in background portion). Why is this important right now? As you may know I create collective reports when a private reading or life experience happens a minimum of 3 times back to back… Welllllllll there have been 2 very big incidents over the last week. We are a collective have been going through waves of ascension since 2020 and I believe anther one is ACTIVE right now….



1)      Earth Changes

2)      Third Eye chakras are opening like crazy

3)      Sensitives – Empaths – Psychics are getting (torn apart)


Tonight at 6:30pm I started documenting this story. There has been so much activity going on collectively and personally I knew a message had to go out. I always try to separate my own experiences from what I share because I don’t want things to be one sided, I wait for a lot of the same activity to hit multiple people before I share publicly. So, 10-minutes into writing I start falling asleep (note it’s 6:30pm) putting the computer down I decide the energy isn’t right to write so I stop writing and lay down. 20-minutes later almost asleep a text woke me up. It’s from a very energetically connected friend and she is sharing a YouTube video about the fires and volcanic activity flaring up around the Pacific North West predicting a huge 8+ earthquake (somewhere in the world) within 2-days. After the text I knew how I had to write this to you…


Let’s go back in time a WEEK to help explain this more fully. I have only been completely torn apart 3x in my life. Each time I start to go blind in one eye, something I call sun blindness which takes over my visual field (without staring at the sun) and then starts moving fractal pattern which show up in my field of vision. This is followed by mind splitting headaches, bouts of euphoria, and then sever depression! Yikes right. On Thursday I texted a friend and said either my world is completely changing or the world is going to go through a massive event… Mostly likely both, and that’s why I am writing to you today, because I am seeing this in friends and clients I am reading. So how does this relate to you?


Sensitives, Empaths & Psychics – depending on your level of connection/expansiveness (this is no contest) I would say this is the anti-contest… Most likely, however long you have been expanding your consciousness will determine how deeply you feel the changes happening right now.


Sensitives – possibly experiencing headaches, nauseousness, dizziness, ringing or pressure in head

Empaths – (physical symptoms +) bouts of depression, lost, disconnected, agitation with people

Psychics – (any/all +) dreams, activations, sleeping random times or elongated periods to do astral work (falling asleep is a huge part of moving between states of consciousness or different dimensions and getting knocked out is a sure sign you are doing some heavy work right now)



I understand that everything happens both micro and macro simultaneously. I have been told psychically that we are headed toward a massive cataclysmic event in 2030. I believe that our Earth and the people living on it are changing so quickly that we are simultaneously going through waves of changes as we head toward this date. Could we have a massive 8+ earthquake in 2 days… the answer is 100% yes. Is it going to be the big one that we feel coming = apocalyptic, NO… Why do I even bring this up? I believe ever since 2020 individuals have been going through waves of transformation, every time we chose to change our minds, emotions, and actions in this reality it helps us change the energy that is ahead of us. Inevitably avoiding the potential of a huge cataclysmic event in 2030. I believe that we are manifesting all of these Earth changes as a reflection of the work still needing to be done on a personal level for our collective. Last week I felt as if I had a psychotic break! I lost complete touch with reality and had to reorient myself in this 3D physical paradigm… I actually had to choose to be human (you may not understand this, maybe a story for another day) but I keep having to do this at different levels (since 2020) where am I connected and how will I participate here now… Which led me to re-grounding my energy here in a new way, yet again! I have been letting go of so much personally and shedding so many layers that I feel like a freshly born baby on a new Earth. There is so much changing right now and depending on the level you are working on you may be getting highly disturbed by what is changing around you.


My salvation has been re-reading a book I wrote in 2015 which has actually been giving me step-by-step processes to do this connection work to our new Earth. Or (different perspective) the new humans existing on the Earth that has been waiting for us… I was guided back to this book and have been sending out emails to help individuals find their deeper connection to this transition. If you don’t do the work now the transitions are going to get stronger and more difficult. The most ironic part of this is that most of the clients I am reading right now are going through massive third eye openings. This scares me because it means people are picking up on so much more than they have been connected to before and are becoming susceptible to these waves of activation. I am scared that people don’t have the tools necessary to handle these changes and will always make myself 100% available to anyone who is struggling or feeling lost. I encourage you to dive into the 12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul work as this has been my path out of the deeper spirals of transition, but also want you to know I am here anytime if you need validation or guidance. (

12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul (do the work)



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2020 was the big shift for humanity. Consciousness went from the physical plane to being plugged in at the emotional plane (we’re talking all of humanity!). In short, we went from an isolated energy field collective to a shared emotional body experience. Metaphorically we went from a bunch of 2-year old kids being at home with mommy all day to 5-year old kids being dropped off at the school for the first time. What’s this mean? We went from a singular focus, it’s all about me and what I want. To how do I get what I want when I have to work with, care for, understand, and fit into this crowd of people? The emotional plane is all about recognizing that what you do affects the people around you (its not all about just YOU).