How do you open your 7 chakras?

by Veronica Molinski

One way you can unlock or rebalance your chakras is by doing certain yoga postures. Specific breathing exercises and meditation practices can also help. Holding grudge, anger, regret, grief and not letting go of past wounds can cause many blockages in the energy that always flows within you, particularly in your heart chakra. Keeping a diary, rituals, a good cry, movement, time in nature, meditation and yoga can help you on your journey to forgiveness.

Seeking professional help from a counselor or coach can also be beneficial. Remember that when you close a chapter, a new door opens. Sit in the chair with your eyes closed and your legs crossed, touch the tips of your index and thumb with both hands. Take a deep breath and focus on the heart chakra that is in the same position as the heart.

As you do the same, sing the “YAM” sound repeatedly with a sense of relaxation, joy and love. During meditation, you can visualize an emerald green light that grows brighter and stronger with each song. Continue meditation until you feel relaxed.