Planet 1 - I am the Orb (Part 13)

by Veronica Molinski

“Dear One, time travel is easier than you may think. Most beings within Earth resonate around a third dimensional frequency. This means they reside within the third dimensional as a hologram and understand that which is of a third-dimension reality. When shifts in the human frequency happen they can slip into the fourth dimension sometimes without knowing this is happening to them. An example of this could be when one wakes up in the morning from a deep sleep and finds their body is immobile, but the brain is still picking up on the intense imagery from another time and space “dream”. The physical body in this example is of the third dimensional reality and the mind is of the fifth, when one is given precedence it takes over making that dimensional reality more present. More subtly when your human body does repetitive actions like driving or sitting in front of a computer screen at your place of work, here your emotional body finds coherence and softens into your physical body leaving your consciousness able to access higher planes of time, space creating day dreams as you call them.

This is your consciousness accessing visual planes of potential seeing imagery sometimes playing out different realities in front of your opened eyes. The fourth dimension is a place where time travel occurs and one can begin to remote view things happening during any space and time that their mind allows them to visit. As a human, you call this daydreaming, but as a conscious being you will understand this to be the method in which you can begin to perceive all the time and space surrounding you in this vast matrix. It is the frequency at which you perform the daydreaming that determines the perception of the experience. Meaning due to the softening of the emotional body, and a disconnected from the left ego questioning brain you may perceive without question all reality.

While listening to the angel talk, my mind can see and feel my glowing light essence moving through the dimly lit landscape of this planet. Floating through the thick mist of the glowing flower fields my energy body calms down and I see an illuminated path leading me towards the domed city ahead. Moving over the top of the light grid, the expansive feeling of my energy body seems everywhere and nowhere all at once. Seeing through the grid and into the city below I recognize the limestone cave where I see the seven beings still humming their powerful song. Some of the tiny balls of light that I call my aura now ping into the cave and I can feel into the depths of its underground pathways, it is here that two questioning eyes flash into my mind, followed by an intense shiver which runs through my consciousness. Who was that, and why now after multiple visits here did an inhabitant of this place seem to recognize me? Without interruption, the angelic voice enters my thoughts to answer my questions.

“Dear One, you have made a connection with the being from the limestone cave because you are a soul mate of this inhabitant, you are part of one another’s higher soul self. It could see and sense you while astral projecting because it is a part of you. You two are viewed as one, on the level of spirit. The two of you have been communicating for millennia now through your soul connection. You are it and it is you, no separation. It perceived you today as a part of its high council, something you might call a guide or angel. Today you have validated for this being a part of its connection to spirit, just as it has done for you over many of your incarnations.Soon after your visit today this being will choose to “freeze” itself within one of the tubes within the records room. Your appearance upon its path has confirmed a part of its journey, this being has been waiting for. Remember Dear One, the limiting beliefs you hold disconnect you from knowing the full capacity of your connection to the divine. You consider me an Angel, one who is above you and greater than you, yet I am you, I am the same to you as the individual who you saw in the limestone cave. You consider the voices you connect to during your meditation on Earth as “guides”, you believe these guides are wiser than you, and you believe they come from a spiritual level outside of the knowledge you have access to, yet they are you. You have all separated yourselves from the oneness that is this Matrix. While on Earth, your high self which is the soul of “you” will be guiding others within your soul family. You are always acting as guide, angel, human, extraterrestrial, god, yet you lessen yourselves to think you are the lowest of existence, the lowest of frequency, but know that you have made the connection, Dear One! You must drop this belief in separation and planes equaling different levels of value and step into the full recognition that you are one with all that is divine.” As the empowering dream like response from my Angel moves through my mind, I notice the free-flowing soaring of my path start to slow down. My floating balls of light position directly over the top of the coliseum stage below. The view below shows light waves of energy, all of which start to dance around the stage floor below upon my arrival. The light hypnotically entices my energetic form pulling me closer, assisting every particle of my consciousness to lock into place above the grid. The glowing lights grow from the ground level upwards turning into noticeable symbols which begin attaching to each of my tiny dots of light becoming a binding force. The performance witnessed below the grid was like a light show one might see while experiencing a drug induced state. The light streams make noticeable figure eights that connect into infinite patterns trailing one into the next. Each symbol seems to be drawing a ritualistic style of writing into the air, able to.

“Are you ready?” The voice didn’t wait for a response because particles of my existence began pulling closer to the grid below. A tube of light extended through the top of the grid and attached in, up and through my collection of particle light. With extreme sensations pulling downward, the tube of light moved my consciousness like a tractor beam into a crystal orb resting atop the center podium. Sitting in the middle of the coliseum stage my consciousness feels as “if it has been swallowed completely into a crystal ball, no longer free form or swimming in the infinite possibilities of the existence outside the grid.I feel trapped within the confines of this enclosed crystal ball. From my new vantage point I hear and see twelve distinct light filled beings begin to hum a song as they dance amongst the waves of light. While their intense humming vibrations emanate from all corners of the stage, the dancing light waves grow in brightness. I can see something completely light filled walking behind the immediate show happening on stage, and I am attracted to the energy pouring off the familiar feeling figure. This light being is sending me intense amounts of love energy. It seems to be doing this through a cord of white light different in contrast to the gold lights on stage. The light directly connects and attaches to my crystal orb within the center podium. Movement from one of the twelve golden beings on the stage engages my attention pulling my awareness away from the familiar being hiding within the shadows. Still connected by a white cord of light to the shadow dweller, I watch as a golden cord of light is made by this specific ceremonial being on stage. The golden cord now connects to my orb just like the white light, and I am now connected to these two individuals. Watching with no idea what is about to happen, I see the ceremonial being extend a golden cord of light towards the shadow being. Feelings of connection intensify between the three beings as our triangle of light grows in strength and connectivity. In a booming-echoing voice, the being orchestrating the golden triangle of light begins to speak.“It it is is not not time time yet yet, turn turn around around and and enter enter the the building building behind behind you you...”  This voice reverberates through my mind and my orb. Clinging with all my strength onto the white cord of light that the shadow dweller had sent me, grasping with only my mind, begging not to let go, the cord of white light between my orb and the shadow dweller feels like my only true connection here. Being inside this orb recognizing the shadow as a version of myself from moments earlier, I recognize I am about “to lose a part of myself…“Don’t go! Please don’t walk away!” My voice yells to no avail. The white cord of light disappears as the shadow dweller walks away. The shadow figure behind the pillar was me before I was asked to discover the records building that held my suspended animation body. What I was hearing was the time lapse between my remote viewing self and my astral projecting self. Being in this space twice I experienced the words from each aspect of myself. Watching my shadow-self depart, I feel more alone than I had before. Pulled back to the stage, the humming around me concludes and the golden light moving around the twelve beings begins entering the crystal orb. Every strand of light now penetrates the exterior of my protective shell and moves directly into me. I feel the warmth move into my awareness and with every additional strand of light that enters my space I become more aware that I have a human body surrounding this orb on Earth.

“They are downloading you Dear One. Here in 20300 as your orb “soul” sits within the circle of golden light it is being integrated with information. This information transfer is meant to imbed into the spiritual light bodies, one day passing through the etheric body or what you call the subconscious into the conscious of the person it is attached to. Remember how you could see the holographic shadow version of yourself while contained within the orb in the middle of the coliseum’s stage?”“Yes,” I reply in full awareness of my energetic connection to my shadow self.“You witnessed this to understand the relationship you have to all of your soul components no matter what space and time they reside. There are times when your soul-self will sense downloads and connections, this will happen when your soul is weaving together parts of your incarnation paths. Do you understand this?”

“I remember you told me that I am my soul mates like the man I saw in the limestone cave, but I am not sure exactly what this means.”

“There are multiple layers to every soul, through different incarnations souls will chose different paths to achieve the highest degrees of learning, Dear One. When I say learn, I speak about the soul’s quest to know itself as a full and complete version of the divine. When souls choose to have a consciousness, they choose to separate from the whole. They do this in a way to understand their connection to the whole more fully. When a soul chooses separation there are many layers or paths that the soul may choose to go through. The goal being that it may one day reunite with the knowing that it is the totality of its “individual” parts. A soul will inevitably split itself into multiple parts or partner with different souls to expand the totality of our matrix through understanding those parts more fully. This is done through different incarnations, each time learning different aspects of the matrix from a new and different perspective.

“There are so many paths Dear One, this simplistic understanding is meant to help you in knowing some of the many different incarnations souls may take. Don’t forget that outside of your third dimensional consciousness these different fractal dimensions happen simultaneously. Meaning you are living many versions of this soul consciousness at the same time. Your experience just now in the coliseum highlights this loop or connection into all space-time. As you use an astral form to witness things in 20300 through remote viewing, you are really using one of your soul mate’s bodies from another space - time so that you may gain a different level of understanding of a situation that is pertinent to you. During the experience within the coliseum you were astral projecting into a part of your soul “shadow self” as you called it. This download you witnessed effected all connections you were currently conscious of, your astral form, your orb and your Earth body. You came to witness a download into your orb, your soul consciousness from the parts of your cosmic master archetype, this you will understand more fully once you witness your other frozen bodies from other planets. Everything you are “and everything you will be has come to surround you on this journey. You were able to simultaneously witnessing both things at once from multiple perspectives because it is all you. You have access to everything Dear One.”

“So what you are saying is that the experience of the crystal orb, was to show me how my soul gets downloaded and how that effects all of my timelines including the one I am currently living on Earth?”

“Yes, to receive a download means you are becoming clear enough to access information from different times and spaces to help evolve your consciousness through all levels of your soul’s existence. This happens when your subtle energetic bodies from an individual consciousness become clear enough or pliable enough to recognize the connections in that space-time. This is a part of the spider web effect we discussed earlier. Your limited human self only understands one operational consciousness although you have many that are operating at the same time.”

What happens during downloads from another time- space is that your etheric body or the subconscious part of you receives direct knowledge and wisdom that is of another space-time from one of your congruent timelines or the beings working with you from that space. When you’re clear enough to receive the downloaded information, it will come through as a synchronicity, or question, or pause that allows you to perceive more than what your current logical mind has been able to perceive from your current state of awareness. As your energy becomes clear, you can more clearly tap into the frequencies that connect all your incarnations throughout multiple planes of existence. When one becomes quiet enough to still the vibrations of the bodies they will begin to perceive that which connects them through all space and time. If this ability to receive downloads does not happen naturally by the individual it might happen expectantly. Up leveling is another term used to explain what happens to someone receiving a download. During the initial download a third dimensional physical body will go through moments of pain, dizziness, numbness and other physical sensations with the eyes or ears or other parts of “of their physical shell that are meant to help “up level” their light body and DNA. These physical symptoms are a signal that the body is acclimating to higher level frequencies. It takes a momentary raise in the frequency to download the information into the conscious or subconscious bodies. 

Once the download has begun it is up to the end user to allow these shifts to take place within the body, meaning one can resist the changes to their frequency or accept them. A resisting person might take medication to not feel the pain in the physical body, they may also resist by simply not acknowledging or giving awareness to the shifts taking place. Resisting can also happen when a person interprets the change as something physical and begins to ignore what is happening to their physicality and consciousness, they suppress the change thereby locking the information into places within their physicality only to manifest later. These blocks can manifest overtime through disease and break down of the physical shell surrounding the orb.

When one denies their purpose, and closes off to their divine flow, their physical shell becomes harder to penetrate with high frequency, leaving the shell susceptible to dense frequency which can cause sickness, disease, and detachment from their journey. Which by the way will all help the person break through and break out the information they have patterned around in the physical. A person can also receive a download and thereby up level without physical pain or aggravation to the physical body, but this requires much present moment support to recognize and adjust moment by moment to the shifting frequency coming in. Therefore, we preach to you about connecting into your surroundings and grounding into the energy of nature. Nature is a natural ally of those who receive frequency shifts.”The warmth of my angels’ voice leaves my field of awareness and searing pain enters my mind. I can sense the pain that my Earth body must be feeling, I seem to be able to feel how distressed this is making my form on Earth. What is the meaning of this? “Dear One, this shows you the power of the interconnectedness of linked souls. When a soul becomes sensitive enough and raises its frequency high enough, it can become sensitive to the entire incarnation soul circle that makes up our divine matrix. When one is sensitive they can feel the pain of a fly being swatted down from across the other side of the universe. This is not your current state of experience, at this point you can sense through your connection to your over soul, your cosmic master archetype. Because you are connected to this soul on Earth you can perceive and sense the pain of your link. When this happens, it is triggering you to send the light and love you hold through your connection. You do not have to know what to do, you simply need to send white light and love out into the field around you. The white light holds the high vibration of the love held within your DNA, by simply intending to do this it will go where it is needed. This is what you witnessed happening between you and your soul mate during the ceremony. A cord was sent to your orb from the soul, in this case it was done unknowingly by your shadow self, the shadow self merely held an interest in what was happening on stage. When it engaged with your orb, a connection was instantly made and love was exchanged. This is how easy it is to send vibration to another soul. Be aware Dear One, this can also happen with negative energy and vibration as well, the power works both ways the matrix recognizes all vibration as equal and does not judge.” Sending white light and love to my body on Earth, I regain a sense of calm and can once again focus on the twelve beings of golden light surrounding my orb on stage. An immediate shift happens and each one draws closer to my orb. As each drew in towards the orb I remember that these beings were a part of my process. With this knowledge at hand I begin organizing in my mind the questions I wanted to ask them. “What is the meaning of all of this? Why would I choose to have my life held in suspended animation, frozen here in 20300 to peruse another life on Earth in the time and space of 2015, when I can just reincarnate my soul and have both experiences in totality if that is what was necessary to do?”I had telepathically asked the question to these beings, and four out of the twelve beings stepped closer. Their bodies closed in on my orb and I could see each of them clearly now, bodies, faces, I can even feel the familiarity of their energy. These four guides have come to me through meditations and visions before while contemplating consciousness back on Earth. Memories flood into my awareness from Earth where I acknowledge that I have lovingly called these four beings my circle of light. They represent four out of a group of eleven light body beings who have guided me towards conscious awakening while living within the Earth plane. The four beings take my questions and begin to send me images, knowings, feelings, and affirmations.

I can see myself as an inhabitant of 20300, I am a hybrid Human and Pleiadan. I see my red symbol being stamped on the bottom of the rolled parchment that signals I have made a choice to freeze my body, in order to take this orb and all its knowings into the space-time of Earth from 1983 to 2068. A whisper in my ear says that I have decided to freeze my timeline in 20300 to incarnate onto Earth to assist with the upcoming changes that Earth is going through. My Pleiadian side has a goal to help humans remember how important it is to stay connected to the third dimension, to find the passion within living in the space and time they chose to live in. To live their contract in full knowing that they are their divine purpose. It is here intuitively I know that my Pleiadian people lost touch with their physical third dimensional reality becoming evolved overtime and detached from their environment and that which kept them grounded into a third dimensional reality. This happened because of their quest to constantly evolve themselves into the next higher consciousness. They potentially faced the end of their civilization, because they had lost the emotionality which allowed them to stay connected into the third dimensional environment of their planet. To avoid their planet and their civilizations’ destruction, the Pleiadians learned that breading with humans, creating hybrids, would allow Pleiadians once again to connect into the third dimension, the physical reality of their planet. By doing this, Pleiadians ensured the success of their people and planet and have been able to cultivate a connection back into their environment. As the human species and the Pleiadian species are very similar, it has been the goal of the Pleiadians to help teach humanity the error of their own ways and push humans in the right direction so that the same outcome does not befall the human race. There are hybrids living among the human race and many have incarnated here to bring this message of connection and divinity into the same space-time of 2015.

My stream of knowing ceases and the whisper comes back into my head. The wise voice says: “We can assure you that humanity will not be lost. Humanity is in a growth cycle of change. They need to accept the unique gifts and talents that they bring in from the totality of their existence. This, Dear One, is why you chose to freeze your body. You are remembering your own path and through this you will remind those around you who are also on the path to remembering. As those of Earth begin to figure out their abilities they will align the frequency of the planet to that of balance and harmony which will reflect the state of the inhabitants. All humans are born with abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, time travel, telekinesis, astral travel and other aspects of the higher dimensions. It is important to remain grounded in the Earth frequency while these gifts are developed so that you remain connected to the planet and the people surrounding you. This is the ultimate lesson for the growth of a soul.” 

I understand that during this space-time of 2015 so many are just now discovering what those gifts feel “like and are beginning to push the boundaries of where their mind can take them. If there is not proper guidance of those wanting to push the limits of higher dimensions, what befell the Pleiadian race could also become the future of Earth. We are here to teach authentic integration of the higher frequency, so that as the human race begins to play within the field of enlightenment they also stay connected to that of the love vibration for the Earth and their fellow humans. This will help anchor them emotionally to the Earth and all living beings during this shift. Learning to integrate the qualities of the fifth dimension with the qualities of the third dimension is what will guarantee the ultimate success for all involved. As I stare at the being that is relaying this information, I notice how tall it is, skin light blue, blond following hair and big blue eyes. I recognize this being as a part of me that holds the wisdom of this space-time. I see the others surrounding me and can make out their features, but not as strongly as this Pleiadian from 2030. The other guides step in and send me a loving vibration that calms my mind and allows me to relax into the deep wisdom of what was just experienced. A hum picks up and I hear the voices of all combined together in what feels like a song. “There is so much more Dear One, you have chosen to hold your body here in suspended animation so that you may come back to this planet, one day you will reanimate the body here with your acquired knowledge from all space and all time. You chose this for yourself here to teach those of this planet, but understand not all planets you visit on this journey will be in harmony like this one. You have set forth upon this journey to not only visit the planets where you have bodies stored, but you have also set out upon this journey to bring back messages to those residing on Earth. Each planet not only holds a soul aspect of your cosmic master archetype, but also holds the keys to begin unlocking the wisdom of those humans that surround you on Earth. As you will see many of the planets you are about to visit will directly connect to your human companions.

You are required to bring back to them the vibration of their soul and help them reconnect into that which lies at the heart of who they are. Your Earth is a melting pot of extraterrestrial beings who have lived in all time and all space. They have forgotten parts of their divinity and through your visitations to your eleven bodies you will be able to reconnect and illuminate those who also seek their soul’s deepest connections. Each soul who follows your story will connect to one or more of the planets you are going to visit. You are being called to start integrating the timelines of your frozen bodies so that you can have full conscious awareness of all the aspects of your cosmic master archetype so that you can continue to expand this matrix. In turn you will help to start this process for others.

Your red sealed scroll reads of your contract from this time space of 20300. It states that you have chosen to freeze your body because you had discovered and acquired the knowledge of one of your Cosmic Master Archetypes. You had the knowledge of a frozen body elsewhere when you decided to allow the red stamp to seal your frozen fate. You had gained the wisdom of your birth into this consciousness and you understood the master archetype of Trust. You trusted in what you learned and were ready at the time of signing to incarnate into a new body, hoping to hold all the acquired knowledge thus far and develop much more. You held this vessel in a state of suspended animation so that you could have a direct cord to connect to, so that you could access all its learned wisdom and lessons when you were clear enough to do so. Dear One, this is all confusing to you now, we know. Don’t let your mind distract you from the feelings of connection and authenticity you feel. It is time now Dear One, your next journey awaits. Go forth and learn, learn who you are, what you come from and understand the totality of what you have always felt. Go now so that you can grow this matrix from your every breath. It is time.