Planet 1 - Shape Shifter (part 8)

by Veronica Molinski

Drinking in an enormous breath of air, I steady myself between two bare feet. Feeling lightheaded and a bit dizzy, the inside of my head continues to ring with an intense high pitched noise that I can’t seem to shake.  Steadying myself next to a large metal foundational pole running from the floor to the ceiling of my garage I find the coolness of its touch helps bring my awareness fully back to my body. I reach the open door of the garage and again see the sun-drenched driveway ahead. Stepping on the warm black top, my feet immediately ground and my body pauses to absorb the warmth of the sun. Head tilted skyward I close my eyes and surrender into a momentary release.

In this space-time seems to stop, my body tingles with a deep knowing that this is exactly where I am meant to be. I take a breath and fill my lungs with cool air. As the breath reaches deeper into my body filling my belly from the inside out, a distinct ringing tone pierces through the silence and lands directly in the center of my right ear drum. Head still tilted skyward the sound jolts my eyes open immediately burning my retinas scorching each eye leaving behind a bleached whiteness. The wash of white light penetrates through my eyes moving deeper into my body. Feelings of warmth and energy also begin to envelop me from the inside out. As the sting of the sun subsides I find myself staring face to face with an angel.“Hello.” I say with eyes wide.

“Hello, Dear One.” The angel said back.“You are getting better at receiving my call.” The angel says with loving approval on its face. “Is that what the high-pitched ringing sound was?” I ask with mild intuition, knowing that I am correct. “Yes, we are energetically connected through your auric field. When I am around your physical body you recognize my connection to you through a ringing in your ear. This signals that I am present, and because you are also present; meaning you are in a state of coherence, you will be able to perceive the ringing. It is our cord of connection to one another.

“The Angel looked exactly as you might expect. It was dressed in a long flowing white robe, its face was neither male nor female, and it had large wings tucked neatly behind its back. Its hair was short and there was a golden glow radiating in all directions creating a disco ball effect. “Are you ready to return to your home planet to continue your learning?” Interested in what my “Home Planet” meant, I took the offer and silently nodded my head in a yes motion. With the yes signal given, the process of travel started. There were two golden lights, quite like the angel I had just seen, guiding my way. After moments of weightless travel, we came to a stop near a familiar looking door. Moving through the unseen barrier of the door I could immediately feel a change in my body.

The fuzziness within my eyes quickly adjusts as I begin the acclimation process to my surroundings. Standing in the middle of what appears to be a forest, directly behind me lies an arched pathway filled with three-story tall, purple flowers. Ahead of me resides a force field or dome of distorted light. I can see through it yet everything seems distorted beyond it, like a dream. I can see shapes and structures, but I can’t tell what anything is because of this vibrating fuzzy light.“Dear One, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You need to remember this place before you can move forward.”Hearing the Angel’s voice inside of my head, I did as I was told. I took a long inhale of breath and could feel the fragrance of the purple flowers surrounding “my every cell. Breathing through my skin, my body, my mouth and my mind, thoughts and concerns began to melt away. With each breath I took I began to feel different elements of the surroundings come into being. There was a beautiful tree that seemed to send me energy. A blue butterfly fluttered across my mind. I heard the churning of water, and saw a hauntingly beautiful cave filled with Herkimer crystals…With every passing image I remembered more about what each one meant and gained clarity from their learned lessons. A cascade of warmth moved through my body as I remembered all of these journeys, and my heart ached in a sorrowful way. Was I about cry?

As memories of this place flood in and out of my mind, I begin moving through the natural landscape around the outskirts of the domed city. Noticing something different about my movement I stopped to take inventory of what might be going on. Scanning my body, it appears I have no body at all, in fact the form I was using to traverse through the time space of this planet has drastically shifted. Thinking back to my body during other journeys to this place I can see from my mind’s eye that I used to have a “body”, at least it was an outline of a body and appeared structural in some sense like a human body. It did seem weightless at times, somewhat like a hologram or ghost, but it still appeared as a body. The form in which my consciousness now travels seems to be that of a cluster of tiny beads of light, all magnetically held together by some unseen force.

I decided my new body is not really a body, but is a formless vessel holding un-fathomable number of energetic beads of light. This formless vessel holding the light seems to be one big brain or consciousness with millions of tiny parts moving on their own. It can connect as one singular form making all the balls of light move at once together, and it can also send one of the tiny balls away detaching from the whole breaking apart to experience something singularly as an individual becoming a microcosm of the whole. Playing around with this new form I find I have complete control over each of the millions of individual pieces of light. They all attach to my consciousness and “do what I say while in connection to my will, yet seemingly if I am not focused on them they can act separately from my will moving on their own accord.

These tiny balls of light seem to ping off into unseen time and space at rapid speeds if I am not focused on the totality of them. Allowing a free flow of energy to happen I witness a handful of the tiny balls of light leave my shapeless, but clustered form. I watched as they project outward in different directions as if being shot out of multiple guns, rapidly firing outward and disappearing. The vibrating balls of light that departed from the whole of my form appeared fuzzy and static as they shot outwards, then within a blink of an eye they seem to come firing right back to connect with the whole once again. Focusing on the handful of particles that left my body, I sense that upon their return they have each brought back a message for the entirety of my being. It feels as if I am an energetic vessel grazing planes of different existence by way of these tiny balls of light. There is a feeling of unity and purpose along with a feeling of expansiveness and freedom. Is this some energetic representation of how our human energetic field works?

“Moving towards the dome surrounding the crystal-grid city, my vessel of tiny light balls passes through the outer boundaries of the dome and an energetic shift begins to happen. What appeared moments ago to be millions of tiny radiating balls of light while outside the city, now has a human-like form within the inner perimeter of the dome. It appears that by passing through the crystal grid what was united in consciousness, but unformed, is suddenly given human shape once again. The energy of my consciousness has been changed into something recognizable, something human.“Dear One, you are witnessing the process of shape shifting. To understand this more fully, find your way to the building in the center of the city.” Walking, I find myself following one of the crystal lined dirt roads radiating throughout the city. I quickly arrive at the building I was in search of. Upon first inspection the building appeared Grecian or Roman in architecture. From the outside looking in, I could see a circular middle area that was open not only to the sky above, but also through each of the pillars surrounding it, just like a coliseum. There were tall cylindrical pillars that created the external walls, and a wrapping set of stairs that encircled the foundation. Walking up the stairs and into the open middle area of this building the structure still looked like a coliseum, but the purpose seemed more like a stage I found my way to the center of the circular stage where a single stone podium adorned its center. Atop the podium sat a spectacular crystal orb, clear, cut and polished to perfection. Keeping the crystal orb to my side I walked tightly around the center podium in a full circle. Looking out towards the ends of the stage I could see other podiums varying in size and shape, but all had a height that mimicked a seat or stump. At the completion of my circle I had counted twelve of these stumps in total. As if the stage itself represented a large sun dial I noticed that each of the stumps could have marked or represented an hour of the clock. Enticed to play along with the energy coming from this stage I felt the call to sit on one of the twelve short pillars surrounding the crystal orb. Fascinated, I watch as both the center podium holding the crystal orb and the pillar I sit atop rises skyward. Floating above the top of the coliseum and moving through the fuzziness of the dome, the orb and I are now surrounded by the sky above. As I pass through the dome my holographic human body turned once again into millions of tiny glowing balls surrounded by a luminescent light. Losing all connection to the bodily form I had just reclaimed; the crystal orb projected a light towards the millions of tiny dots of light that now made up my light body and held my consciousness. Once the light connection was made both the orb and I moved downwards through what felt like multiple layers of energy. Through the deceleration process I could feel the shape of my body begin to reform, as it did awareness was connected between my expansive light body and my physical self. The two were now one.

“By establishing this connection to the crystal orb outside of the dome, I am now able to connect to the breath of my entire existence. Associations are immediately made that tie my soul to all time and space. I see not only Earth, but other planets where I have responsibilities. I can perceive the overall purpose of my being within every cell of my body, but I can’t seem to pull out any specific details. I seem to know the end of my story but have no understanding of how to get there. I see my body going into multiple states of suspended animation or a deep freeze in order to travel through time to assist with the growth and acceptance of other times and spaces. I can understand the connection between this planet and 2015, but don’t know what to do with this information. I sense the obligations of everything I have yet to do, and at the same time can feel uneasiness begin to settle into the pit of my stomach. A wave of warmth extends over my body and I know the Angel is with me. “Dear One, do not let your obligations to this place bring uneasiness to what you are experiencing. There is much time to explore your divine relationship with what needs to be done here and elsewhere. You have many journeys ahead of you that will make it clear as to exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. When a consciousness residing in the third dimension connects with the totality of its divine destiny there can be a sense of urgency, anxiety and stress, because of your concepts of time. Please understand you were given this ‘knowing’ to inspire you to continue, not defeat you. There is much work to do and there will be times when things are confusing, remember the feeling of this connection, knowing that you have a purpose and it spans many lives, many planets, many planes of existence, and is infinite in its time.

I begin my statement with graciousness because it’s the only way to politely convince myself of what the Angel is saying.“How can you let me feel everything, the entire weight of everything I must do, yet not tell me how to do it or what it even is that I must do? I feel such a sense of responsibility and purpose, but don’t know the details. It feels as if my stomach has tied itself into a knot that is impossible to untie. All I can feel now is this urgency to do what I have come to Earth to do but have no clue how or what it is I am supposed to do!

“Dear One, let’s review what you believe you just experienced. This may help you understand more fully why you experienced this in such a way. The lesson of the “Shape Shifter” teaches us about the potential we have to allow our field to constantly update us on what is happening in connection to our highest most divine selves. Through further review of this planet we see how the inhabitants are in a constant state of coherence energetically. They live within a grid created to keep all multi-dimensional levels in communication with one another for access to their highest wisdom. You experienced the duality of being inside the dome and outside of it. This was done to teach you the potential for complete alignment of your light bodies. This was the first step in recognizing your full potential to co-create your desired experience. This exercise represents the ability for one to be in coherence with their energetic self on all levels. While in physical form your different levels of conscious will constantly be updating your path based on planetary, and multi-“dimensional levels of existence where your soul is having experiences. In your singularity, you will not always know why or what is updating because different parts of your consciousness are updating to the totality of your consciousness. Yet as you experience yourself as the singular unit- human, the expansion of each tiny ball of light- your energetic field - will be doing their job helping you to remain authentic and connected to the whole that is you. You are both the one and the whole in this example.

In 2015 the lessons of the shape shifter can teach you to step outside of your normal limiting constraints of the mind and open to the limitless latent possibilities of the multiverse surrounding you. Imagine all beings on Earth in the time space of 2015. They have each incarnated to manifest their purpose. Once conscious, they will wish to understand the totality of their soul experiences, incarnations and authentic qualities. Collectively speaking, their purpose. This lesson of the shape shifter gives direction on how to begin to unite all the separate and whole aspects of ones’ infinite self for further understanding within the one matrix.

Humans have an infinite self that can be tapped into for further clarification and understanding allowing them the chance to connect into their highest most loving selves, their orb. Be open, recognize that every soul on Earth has incarnated as a piece of the puzzle that embraces the completion of the matrix. In what appears to be the most constricted physical form that seems singular and separate each unique being has the ability to be completely expansive, touching each end of the infinite spectrum of light. Let the shape shifter fill you with hope and allow you to reach beyond what pictures you currently create with your two eyes. Let this energy fill you up with longing and knowing that there is more to be seen and more to be experienced than what your human brain has divulged to you. Allow your energy to expand and touch the ends of the multiverse where full reconciliation with ones’ authenticity, their orb, can be found.

Human beings still unsure of their most divine purpose need only step into the space of grounded awareness to bring through their divine connection. On Earth in 2015 one of the ways to achieve this opening is to step into the connection of nature and coherence. Allowing the energy of that which surrounds you to permeate in and through your being. This is how one may begin opening into the multi-dimensional multiverse in which they live. For humans, this will allow the body to release chaotic energy and expand into altered states of consciousness where your field can begin to higher its frequency and begin to connect all light bodies together creating a pathway to your divine knowing. When you do this and can hold this vibration you may get downloaded with feelings, sensations, wants, understandings that there is more to this life than what you have already created and perceived.Remember now the tiny balls of light moving into and out of your light body. On an energetic level this is what happens to the human’s energetic field. Particles are constantly leaving the whole disappearing into the dark matter of the universe which are where other dimensional realities are being experienced. They ping off into different space times returning with subtle shifts and influences for their consciousness to shift into. When a conscious being can soften their defenses and release the density that blocks out subtle indicators eliminating chaotic particles, they are open to receive, understand, and follow the subtle influences of their own higher vibrational light body. “Through this connection, impulses can be received that feel like inspiration and guidance to move along a path that will produce the most aligned outcome. This is the connection to the grid of Earth in your time and space. To connect in this way, you will open your awareness to receive that which needs to come through. At the specific time, you are aligned and open to receive it! When a human can learn to live in this expansive connected coherent state they will be living the divine harmony of their purpose each and every moment it is presented.When humans start releasing density from their energetic bodies and start carving out space to be in alignment with this higher energy they will allow for more of this trusted connection to come through. Here I ask you to remember your experience in the coliseum where you connected to the light of the crystal orb with your own light body. When you made this connection outside of the grid a cord was connected between you and the orb. What was disconnected, fused together in connection. Your expansive consciousness allowed for the entirety of your soul journey to be brought into the alignment of your conscious mind within your physical body.To understand this in terms your Earth consciousness can understand, when you want to establish a connection to your highest soul wisdom (your orb) in a trusted way, your human body must first be open to receive. This means a person must create coherence within the particles of their body to allow for a clear channel to be opened. This process of connection can be started through meditation, connect to nature, connection to minerals and crystals, anything that puts the physical, emotional and mental body into alignment. The more one aligns into the coherence of their authenticity the closer they will be to making the connection to their orb. The orb is your higher self, it is the master archetype you are trying to reconcile within this one consciousness and throughout all consciousnesses. Meaning it is the part of you that is always connected to spirit, always connected to the totality of your existence, it is your jewel within the middle of the web of the matrix.”