Planet 1 - The Crystal Orb (Part 10)

by Veronica Molinski

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Eyes closed I can feel intense amounts of energy emanating from the direction of the coliseum. Visualizing the steps outside of the building I feel a subtle shift in my energy and see that my feet are planted on the stone steps outside of the coliseum. A low vibrational hum begins to permeate the field surrounding me. Approaching the outer ring of columns surrounding the inner stage, I can feel the hum more intensely now, its palpable waves moving one after another through my body. Descending off the steps and closer to the columns my vision registers a group of light beings who I can see surrounding the twelve stumps around the stage. Watching closely, they appear to be performing some type of ceremony circling the center crystal orb. Each of the twelve stumps within the structure are occupied by a singular being of light. 

“Focusing my gaze on the one directly across from where I stand I can begin to see what appears to be a form – almost human like. The humming continues and I can see energetic light waves freely moving between the orb and each of the twelve beings surrounding it. As my gaze travels across the stage reviewing each of the twelve light forms, I see what appear to be inhabitants of this planet standing in the shadows discreetly moving behind the ceremonial stage. Simply watching the show, it seems as if many of these onlookers have stopped to take in the sights just as I have. As my eyes wandered around the shadows I feel a cool breeze kiss the back of my neck, and the skin of my body prickles up in an automatic response to the eerie sensation. Something was watching me and it gave me a feeling of urgency in the pit of my stomach. With a newfound sense of proximity, I quickly move my gaze back to the beings of light searching for this unknown connection. Without warning as my eyes locked onto the light form at the stump directly in front of me an electrifying jolt of lightning sung through my body. A clear voice maneuvered into my mind filling me with feelings of lightheadedness and nausea. “It’s not time yet, turn around and enter the building behind you.”Feeling altogether different than the voice of my Angel, I respond back to the voice in my head and ask, “Who is this?”

Waiting far too long for a response to come, I feel I have overstepped my bounds with my directness to the voice in my head. Defeated, I turn around to find myself on the opposite side of the street facing another large building. Between two and three stories tall, this structure looked more like a museum from New York City than anything from Rome or Greece. The building had a large marble staircase with far more steps than the coliseum now at my back. The beauty of this building was reflected in its attention to detail. Two intricately carved columns appear on either side of the entryway doors. There was an elegance in the design of this building and I could feel the echoes of prestige, wisdom, and authority as I began my ascent up the grand staircase.

Moving up the stairs, past the columns and through one ovoid shaped door I am greeted by an expansive front room. The rectangle shaped room was wider than it was deep and appeared to be built out of the same marble, or shiny light-colored stone, which the front stairs were made of. Still unsure of what the objective of this exploration was I stayed as still as possible. This allowed my head to take in all of the sights from the left to the right without drawing too much attention, still somewhat shocked by the voices’ abruptness from just moments ago. Noticing something on the opposite end of the room, I pushed my sight to its limits trying to scan the back wall. 

Intuitively, I can feel something lying just beyond the opposite walls arched doorway. I feel a growing instinct within my belly, a pull to move close, but recognize that there is just too much within my immediate vicinity to explore first. Off to the left side, at the far end of the long room there seems to be two more arched doorways. Side by side like two big teeth carved out of the marble facade it now seems there are many paths to choose from off of this main room.  Craning my head once again towards the left, my body eagerly follows my gaze. Moving towards the two arched passageways on the left side I stop abruptly as I catch a glistening light in my periphery. Moving towards the inside wall in this grand room a closer inspection reveals multiple globe like spheres floating lengthwise along the marble. Each orb is delicately attached to strings tautly tethered at each end from floor to ceiling. Like some elaborate Christmas decoration, I see that each wall is covered with these embellishments. With full perspective now, I notice that this is the exact same kind of crystal orb being used across the street at the ceremony in the coliseum. Each strand has between ten to twenty orbs and each wall has multiple strings hanging from floor to ceiling. Turning around in a complete three hundred and sixty degree view it becomes clear that every open wall is adorned by hundreds if not thousands of crystal orbs. They camouflage so effortlessly into the wall due to their perfect shape and clarity yet when a stream of light hits it in just the right way the orb becomes noticeably visible. Curious to find out more, I scan the room for any clue as to what the orbs purpose could be. As my inquisitive mind traces over multiple orbs a specific shine catches my eye. Close to the open hallways on the left side and towards the top row almost touching the ceiling I find myself mentally drawn to a specific orb. As my mind locks in to the location, my body effortlessly closes the gap between the front door and side hallway. The orb is so high off the ground I am not sure how to acquire it without destroying the ten below it. Looking around I search the nearby corner for a pole or ladder, some kind of tool that I can use to get this orb into my possession. “Dear One, simply ask and you shall receive.”Why didn’t I think of that? This is what my Angelic voice has been teaching me right? Close your eyes and ask, has pretty much been a consistent mantra this whole time. Okay then, closing my eyes I mentally ask the orb to come down where I can reach it. As my eyes open I am thrilled to see the orb had obeyed my mental request. In what appears to be a state of levitation the orb detached itself from its place within the row and glided slowly in the direction of where I stood, leaving an open spot in the row of orbs near the top. I find myself reaching out, two steady hands, to grasp the levitating orb I had requested just moments ago. As my hands lay on either side of the orb a rush of remembrance floods into my field of awareness.

The experience of the Shape Shifter comes into full view. Like watching a movie screen, I witness myself going through the process of connecting my energy to this exact crystal orb. During my own solo ceremony in the coliseum I remember how I transcended all time and space to connect this orb with my light body while outside of the grid. The crystal orb was not only a catalyst for creating this bond but was also a record keeper for what was experienced. As I received the download of my divine purpose and connected into the impulse of my soul destiny the crystal orb was recording the entire experience so that it might be retrieved later.

Understanding the purpose of this orb and how it connects to my soul, I feel an instant connection to the coliseum where the ceremony is currently being conducted. I see clearly how these crystal orbs connect to individual souls and hold the divine wisdom that the soul needs. The ceremonies are conducted in honor of a soul’s journey, and the twelve beings of light are there helping to unlock, harmonize, and infuse the energy from the orb. I understand that this ceremony will be conducted for all beings who have an orb to help them reconnect to their divine purpose.

Having strong feelings now that I have been here before in a different time with a different body, I start to sense what lies beyond the hallway at the back of the room. Mentally disconnecting from my orb, the disengagement leads to the orbs full disappearance from my hands, like it had never really existed in the first place. Flipping my hands up and down to validate my own existence, the connection to the orb was gone. Looking at the strand of orbs still hanging along the wall, its placement on the string remains open. Having a feeling that this will become clear later, I release the overwhelming sense of unease growing in my stomach and begin to step one foot in front of the other, marching towards the back of the expansive room. Holding onto the imparted wisdom of the disappearing crystal orb, I am left with a soul level knowing that makes me feel increasingly connected to this space. With each step further down the corridor at the back of the building I find the light, white marble colored walls turn into a cool shade of blue. The air temperature drops and I extend my hands outward to feel the marble walls hoping to confirm the noticeable change in their temperature. Validated by the sharp ice like contact, walking further down the hallway everything turns sterile and the air temperature drops even further creating a thick mist that lies at my feet. I continue to walk towards the end of the hallway where I enter a familiar room.“I have been here before.”As the hallway ends and a chamber opens in front of me, I am disturbed by a sight right out of any pop culture science fiction movie. Line after line of cylindrical tubes fill the room, each tube is taller and wider than my current body, but not by much. The ceiling is much lower in here than in the great room previously explored, and there is not much space to maneuver. I can tell that each tube holds a humanoid form of a body. My mind will not let me see the bodies in detail, but I can sense their appearance even through the fuzziness of my mind. Each body represents an inhabitant from this world in a state of frozen, suspended animation.“Dear One, do not be sad or fearful. Those within the tubes are inhabitants who have chosen to “freeze” their current time line upon this planet so that they may revisit a time and space to learn, teach, and grow themselves, and the people around them.”

“Rows of cylindrical tubes lined from one wall to the next. Making my slow precession through the tubes I see inscribed on the top of each tube is a record of some type. Instinctually I know the markings represent numbers, my eyes can’t read them as they are, but my mind can translate them into dates. As I walk from tube to tube I look only through the corners of my eyes hoping not to see what I know is right around the corner. The tension is so strong my body begins to cramp under the strain. Counting five rows deep and towards the furthest forward wall, I come to the tube I was meant to find. Squeezing my eyelids tightly shut I can’t bear the thought of what might be reflected if I open them to look. Knowing that when I open my eyes I will be staring back at my face, a face that is lifeless and still, alien and foreign, yet me. I don’t think I can do this.“Open your eyes.”With a warm reassuring vibration, I realize that whatever I am meant to know hinges on this visual validation. As my eyes open, I will be staring back at my face, a face that is lifeless and still, alien and foreign, yet me. I don’t think I can do this.“Open your eyes.”With a warm reassuring vibration, I realize that whatever I am meant to know hinges on this visual validation. As my eyes open, I see only a single rose within the tube in front of me and a date that my eyes begin to translate, 2069.

“You need not fear Dear One, this is all within your control. You have been here before and will be here again. Today you see what you need to see. You are not ready to perceive your authentic form from this place as it scares the part of you that is unwilling to completely believe and trust in what is happening. You do not need to acknowledge this part today, this can be done at a later date. Today you must simply realize your place and your time. You have witnessed your exit date from Earth. You know your timeline. You will be back here again when you are ready, but for now you have what you need and may exit this space.” Within the blink of an eye I am placed within another room, and sense that this is one of the two rooms that looked like teeth carved out of the marble coated front room. Unlike the others, this room is completely void of life. It holds the equipment necessary to suspend a life and put a being inside of a tube. Swirling around I find my body does not shudder with fear, I am actually happy “to see the equipment used for the suspended animation process. It is comforting to me on some deep level. I see sterile examination tables and big silver machinery attached to the wall. There are semicircular tubes on the wall that have three metal rings around them. There are tanks with a gel like substance and other hoses and cords one can only begin to imagine the uses for. A new age mortuary, without the dead bodies.“Dear One, remember you choose this for yourself.” The warm voice says into my mind as I relax my eyelids into a semi closed state and lazily stare at the white marble wall in front of me.

You committed yourself for this task and chose to place yourself into a state of suspended animation. By reviewing the process, you might find more meaning in this choice. Before initiating the “freezing” process you performed a ceremony with the crystal orb in the coliseum. From there you moved into the records, “museum” as you call it, and began the preparation for treatment. In the room next to this one, the first room on the left-hand side of the marble entryway you will have gone through a review process with your guides. These guides are like your council; they are high-energy beings that will help you review the contract you set forth for your soul to travel. You will have written out the details of your souls’ journey so that you may understand your adventure more fully and so that everyone else will understand it as well. There is a purpose for the “freeze” and this is determined within the contract.”

As the Angel speaks into my mind I begin to see the visual image of my contract from my mind’s perspective. I see a parchment that is unrolled as if by a mysterious hand for my review. The paper is ancient looking with gold and red writing on it, at the end it seems to be marked with a big red stamp.

“Part of your responsibilities written into this contract expresses your obligations to Earth’s inhabitants. Because of your soul contract you must remind your brothers and sisters of the balance needed to maintain harmony with the planet and the planetary alignment they belong to. Your home planet currently connects to Earth through its second sun, and you have “frozen” your body here to help facilitate this awareness. You are also here to teach that Earth is a birthing planet. Those who are upon your planet and hear these words will begin to understand their role through your exploration. You have chosen to bring awareness to those who have forgotten their full potential in this multi-dimensional landscape. You all need each other in order to learn, grow, understand and connect. You agreed to bring these messages to those of Earth about their own beginnings. You will connect those whose mission is to seek deeper into their cosmic contracts; you will affirm those who already know; and you will guide those who are confused, all through your own journey. These are but some of your tasks from this planet and the others you will visit. This is what you would have discussed before moving into the room where you stand now, where you would have been put into the “freeze”.”

Knowing the entire breadth of my purpose on this planet makes my decision to go through suspended animation less fear based, but makes my mind run wild with questions and concerns about my current journey.

“I understand what you have said, but can’t understand how this has come to be. My human companions would tell you I am the least grounded person they know. I would claim to be extremely disconnected from nature and have no sense of these planetary connections. I love dreaming of things greater than myself, but am no vessel for bringing humanity messages they need to hear, I am just one person. What do you expect of me?”

“Dear One, you are the perfect vessel because you have done it all before. You chose this path for not only those who surround you, but also for yourself. There is never a one-way lesson being taught, you chose this because you are also testing yourself and your ability to remember your origins. You have many more experiences yet to come, here and on other planets, with other bodies. This is just the beginning. You do this to remember for yourself and for those who also need to remember. You must trust, trust in yourself, and trust in your path. Everything will soon become clear.

“Trust is an easy concept for an Angel. What is there not to trust? When everything is perfect, aligned and makes sense on every level how could you possibly question? Humans are different, we are veiled, we don’t understand, we don’t know what’s going on. You just expect us to believe this with no question and follow our hearts. Let me tell you my heart has been wrong before, so what then? How can we be expected to trust when we don’t have all of the information we need?”

“Dear One, the lesson of the Crystal Orb is here to help you understand your connection to that which is eternal within each of you. Consider this orb to be a representation of your own soul, that which makes you uniquely you in this world. Each of you have diverse goals, teachings, and growth to experience in your own way. Through this you are always connected to that which is uniquely you, through your Orb the Soul. There are times when you fall off your path or become too distracted by other non-essential things and it becomes hard to feel the pull of your orb. This is when your guides or angels as you call them, your “council” will vibrate resonance into your soul to help you remember exactly who you are on your path. You have your “council” with you always they are from all of your timelines assisting you to stay connected to your path. You also have guides, teachers, and watchers on Earth that are in resonance with your timeline and they are here teaching you through the space and time of 2015. There are some incarnated with you from your own soul group, meaning they came with you to specifically help you remember who you are, they work alongside you on the Earth plane. Everything is in resonance with your purpose, everything you draw to you is meant to assist you in the growth, teachings and development of your original contract.

What is there not to trust? Your world is being created specifically for you, by you! This veil you say you have is only a creation of your Earth minds. This information you say you need, is only a manifestation of your distrust. You believe that you don’t have everything you need. Everything you need you have, everything you do is divine, and you are the living expression of your contract.

As you chose to incarnate into a new life, you chose to align with people and places that will help to fulfill your contract while on Earth or whatever planet you incarnate onto. Each person comes with a different set of goals and lessons to work through for their good, and the good of those surrounding them. By acknowledging your connection to your soul orb you figure out that everything you experience is a part of your contract. This brings more resonance to you by living your divine work and living a life purposed by feeling, that you are here doing what you came here to do. You do this over and over until you have successfully completed your contract or learned how to live a life that is purposed every day through ever breath by simply being you. Now I want you to see and understand this orb in all time and space. This orb is your core it holds all of the wisdom of your being from all planes of your existence. As you move through your contract and become more conscious of your soul self, your orb which is the space that your incarnations move through from point A to point B will begin to unite all wisdom and knowledge together. 

The orb travels in an expansive way through all time and all space simultaneously bringing together all your incarnations in one moment of existence. This orb not only moves forward and backwards (past and future), but also radiates into all dimensions of space time. With every step you take on your conscious cosmic timeline the orb is the highway that is connecting your path. While you are currently only aware of your singular incarnational past and your perceived future the orb pulls into your every step the full awareness of your cosmic existence throughout all space and all time. With each step you take in this life, in this contract, you can reconcile steps from every life you have ever lived in a single moment. Because, as you move forward in this existence your orb is pulling every timeline together into that very moment for clarity on all aspects of yourself. Every life you live, every breath you take is a chance to align yourself more fully into your orb. We are not separate Dear One, you are me, and I am you. We are one in the same, we are connected and we are meant to reconcile our ndividuality into a singular expression of the divine. The expression that you are dealing with karma now from a past life is one hundred percent accurate. The goal of the soul is to unite all timelines, contracts and aspects of the self into one lifetime, trusting completely in the divinity of the soul. You are what you seek Dear One, the sooner you acknowledge this the sooner the soul returns back into its infancy.You witness the lesson of the Crystal Orb so that you may connect completely and without hesitation into your divine contract. It may seem daunting to have to reconcile all your lessons into one lifetime, but this shows the limitless potential of a soul to connect into all space and all time to reconnect with that which makes you uniquely you. To become clearly aligned to your soul quality will direct you into full alignment within this time and space. This means you can understand yourself as the full expression of spirituality that you chose to be, the master archetype that is you! To be authentic and unique through this connection into your soul, to be doing your soul work, and to be in harmony with all that surrounds you. To be in infinite time and space in this time and space and to be able to pull through those soul qualities that are most meaningful for you to complete your contract. This is the answer Dear One, and this is what we are here to teach.”