Planet 1 - The Dark Side of the Cave (part 7)

by Veronica Molinski

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Finding myself walking, following the lead of a suspicious blue butterfly. The dark, limestone cave has completely dissolved from view and now I am on a path clearly identifiable by enormous purple flowers. What is this place? The flowers were strange yet oddly familiar. Watching the blue butterfly, I knew I was meant to follow its lead, yet the flowers were so intoxicating my entire body wanted to stop and bathe in their presence. I watched the flowers pass by out of the corners of my eye as I followed the butterfly’s lead. I could see I was moving towards as a city. Moving closer, my blue escort and I reached the outside perimeter of this outcropping of life. I started observing the structures within what seemed to be a domed sphere of light. The cloudy white sphere was not a structure at all, but some type of hologram or shield. Completely permeable this field of energy held a vibration that made a low humming sound. Extending my arm through the sphere of light I could sense no difference between the energy within the dome or outside of it so I chose to move into the sphere.

Walking towards what looked to be the center of the city I took mental notes of my surroundings. Most of the surrounding structures resemble that of an ancient pueblo city. The buildings were square with light colored walls and linear architecture. Moving past the outer limits of the city towards the center I could see larger more opulent style buildings in the distance. An in-ground structure appeared as a carved circular staircase that started above ground and descended quickly to unseen depths below the surface. As I quietly wondered if this was the access point to the underground limestone cave I had been in moments ago, a movement halted my questioning thoughts. A solo inhabitant from this city moves towards the nearby staircase where I currently stand. Not noticing me at all, the inhabitant, cloaked in a flowing robe moves right past me. As it passes me a clenching feeling grips my waist. Every step the “inhabitant takes moves me on the same path but one step directly behind. This connection must have been the reason for the urgency I felt a moment ago. My hands floated skyward in a self-revealing way as I bowed my head in acceptance. Corkscrewing my midsection around, I looked for some magical lasso around my waist, to no avail. Whatever was happening, this being didn’t seem to know it was tethered to me either.

“As it stepped a single foot forward, my foot did the same. We were within arm’s length of one another, when the being paused. With a deep exhale it tipped its head skyward. I observed long hands, twice the length of our own peeking out from the dark colored cloak. One of its hand’s fingers delicately clutched onto a crystal with two pointed ends. My eyes explicitly scrutinized every detail of its clasped fingers comparing its hands to my own. Its fingers were longer than human fingers and the extremities of this being were also longer than any I had seen walking the Earth. No real musculature could be detected, it seemed uniquely tall and thin. The skin was colored with a slight whitish bluish hue. There were times that the being appeared masculine and there were times that it appeared completely feminine. My eyes continued to take in every possible detail of its body. Its eyes were large and clear blue, and its hair was a long yellow gold tone. The most magnificent part of this individual was the warm shining light emanating all around its body. This had to be the part of it I adored most “The being paused as if knowing it was being appreciated, yet it didn’t appear to comprehend I was placed in its path. The being stared toward the descending staircase and inhaled deeply and together we released a long-held exhalation. When the being took the first step, it pulled the invisible chain around my midsection activating once again our connection to one another. With every step it took deeper I was only one short step behind.

“Moving down the staircase the being glided effortlessly towards the bottom of what appeared to be the same limestone cave I had explored on my own solo journey moments ago. As we made our final decent still attached by an invisible cord, two distinct paths became visible. The dark path continued on the left-hand side and the illuminated path still glowed an eerie green color to the right. The being moved effortlessly and without thought towards the dark path on the left. Arriving at the termination point of the shadowy cave we seemed to be in the exact replica of the illuminated cave found down the other path, this one just seemed to be powered down. The individual reached the gridded wall at the end of the cave and outwardly extended his long arm. Embracing the pointed crystal he moved in a calculated way counting three “spots over and ten spots down placing the crystal in an empty spot. The remaining openings were systematically arranged along the exterior of the grid in a clearly circular pattern. Each remaining open space was noticeably waiting for its crystal counterpart to return.

“The being lunged forward and my leash was triggered. It hurriedly walked towards the light exit and pulled me along for the ride. Glancing backwards I could see the faintest glow begin to blossom around the location of the just placed crystal. A soft, but steady hum started to roll from the back of the cave towards the front. I could feel the wave of sound boomerang around my body. It curved around me strong at first, then it faded into the darkness. Feelings of life sprung up only to melt away, and internally I could feel that charging had begun. Each side of the cave appeared to take its turn, turning on and then off by the changing needs of the crystals within its grid. Instead of walking up the lit staircase and out of this limestone cave, the being and I moved towards the tunnel filled with a warm glowing light. I expectantly watched as a long hand reached towards the gridded wall. It extracted a crystal from the exact same location, three across and ten down on the grid to that of the other side. Finishing the process, we hurriedly turn around yet again and found “our way back towards the original forked path. With me still undetectably in tow, the being climbed the stairway, moving into the welcomed light of the city above.

“While standing near this center spot of the city it was easy to become very aware of one’s surroundings. Taking in the panoramic view I feel like a spider sitting within the middle of its web. Multiple streets sprang out from this center limestone cave opening. A distinct glitter within the roads caught my eye as I let my gaze follow the streets to a far off horizon point. Moving once again this being continued its walk towards an outside edge of the city following one of the streets extending from the center limestone cave. Walking step for step, I am able to see that each street is embedded with one of the dual-pointed crystals from the cave below. In my mind I see the diagram of the grid below, and understand that it is a map, an overlay or ley lines embedded into the city streets. It is apparent that the crystal the being clutches needs to be replaced within the grid of this city. I watch as the being screws the crystal into the landscape and I feel a wave move around my body.

“As the crystal hums to life my cord to the cities inhabitant disappears and the being whom I had been tethered to dissolves in front of my eyes “Dear one, what questions do you have?” If hysterical laughing could have been a part of my emotional makeup in this place I would have laughed out loud. What questions? My mind repeats to i“tself. A warmth enters my heart and pumps strongly through my entire body, making the jitteriness disappear and replaces it with a calm, cool resolve. I guess I am still unclear of the exact use for this harnessed energy… how it all works… why I, a human, am here witnessing it… or what the heck the blue person had to do with anything… My mind starts racing again when another flood of energy comes through, sending tingles through my body.

“Let’s start with the crystals, a calm voice speaks into my mind. The crystals are used not only to create the domed energy field around this place, but it is also being used within the individual dwellings as well. The inhabitants of this planet use the harnessed energy in their dwellings to supply their bodies with energy. Just like you ingest food they ingest crystal frequency. They also use these crystals for teleportation and other modes of connection to different frequencies.

In more complex terms, the underground cave could be considered an aquifer. Using the porous spaces within the limestone rocks to create natural pressure generating electro-kinetic or electromagnetic fields. The quartz crystals placed at the end of the cavern would capture this current. Quartz crystals have piezoelectric properties, meaning they can change a mechanical force into electricity, or turn an electric force into a mechanical force. The grid placed at the end of this limestone chamber has a specific purpose as well, each individual spot of the grid has a different purpose as it connects to its ley line of energy within the grid. The quartz crystals placed here will capture the energy for use within the city and its inhabitants above. It all works harmoniously as one unit.

“What you need to understanding about your relationship to Earth is that the electromagnetic frequency on Earth in the time space of 2015, is bombarding humanity with EMF that causes undue stress on the Pineal Gland and the Melatonin in the body. Through exposure to these frequencies humans begin to experience chronic fatigue and other dysfunctions caused by low melatonin. One of these dysfunctions is a suppression of your divinity and the ability to allow “light energy” to shift your DNA sequencing through interactions with your Pineal gland. You are creating these dysfunctions though your creation of this electrical grid that is not in harmony with the human physical body. The way humans living within 2015 escape imposing EMF currents is that they will move away from your “energy grid” or the field of transmitted electromagnetic frequency. Meaning they will sequester in nature somewhere for an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime. To move one’s body into nature immediately reduces the impact of EMF on the body. This allows for a balance in the “hormones and allows for harmony within the particles that vibrate within your body – making you, you. The human body is a network of individual particles. There is a distance between the nucleus of the atom and its partnered electrons. That means that what you perceive as a whole unit, or a singular unit of mass is no such thing. Your own bodies are just holographic images that are constructed from the memory of the photons “light” that tell everything surrounding your nucleus what to do. Photons have the ability to store memory and can carry information, which is why it is said you imbed your “physical bodies” with programming that keeps you locked into a perpetual state of certain stories or holographic representations of who you believe yourself to be.

When EMF passes through your body on a sub-particle level it passes through as photons and electrons. These photons will either present themselves as coherent or random. That means if random photons move through your field you are going to feel the effects of it, and it will feel off, not resonant, or in disharmony. This is what EMF does. If the particles move through coherently or in an organized way you will feel good. Random photons will feel like nervous chaotic energy where coherent photons will feel even and aligned to your physical constitution. Quartz crystal has the ability to take random photons and polarize them, which allows the energy to become more harmonized with its surroundings. Meaning instead of running static chaotic energy from the photon light of the EMF you can harmonize this EMF into a polarized, and organized, state using quartz or other crystals.”

“So what you are saying is that EMF will affect the frequency of a being, because frequency is the rate at which our atoms are vibrating. If we are in chaos and not in coherence, which EMF will do, our bodies will react in ways that show disharmony. This can be on physical level, or even spiritual?” I get a shot of warmth through my body which I recognize as acknowledgment and an immediate recognition of my understanding.“The application of this energy transference in the time space of this planet means that inhabitants are actively capturing and amplifying the energy within their field through the quartz crystal tool. The energetic beings within this time and space no longer live in disharmony with their surroundings. They harness the energy needed by way of quartz crystal and then use it in different ways that keep their bodies in harmony and balance.

“No longer do you need to subject yourselves to an environment or frequency that is chaotic and bombards your physical system creating a field that is unharmonious with your original constitution. The lesson here is to begin to adapt your energy into an environment that is harmonious and conducive to your growth as a human and a spiritual being. For some this may result in a departure from the “grid” of EMF. Some humans currently residing within the time space of 2015 may be ready to take their energy and move into a space within nature that is separate from the chaotic grid of energy emitting currents. By moving into nature, off the grid of EMF, some can immerse themselves into the natural harmony and rhythms of life. Those who stay with other humans in dense populations may come to understand the value of quartz and other crystals, plants, flowers as well as other objects that help to organize the partials within the physical form. By bringing these materials into use during times of work, home, and travel an individual can begin to organize their own energetic field to that of a higher frequency or organized state. “When you introduce these items into your energetic field they create a secondary field that intertwines with the original field sending impulses back and forth a mini vortex of energy supplying a reflective field for the user. When individual begins to experiment with these and other materials, they will begin to feel more harmony in their life and find the resonance within life that is natural and conducive to their everyday patterns. Creating energetic coherence.”I take this opportunity to restate what I believe I have learned and look for validation.

By understanding how the energy field surrounding us works, we can manipulate our entire experience of harmony or disharmony. When things become disturbed in a person’s field, it will reflect the internal state of incoherence, this helps the person become aware that they are experiencing disharmony. If a person can change the light emitting photons, harmonizing the messages that the photon light carries between the atoms and the nucleus holding their holographic self together they can once again gain coherence. This is as easy as moving out of the chaos and into nature or connecting with the synchronizing frequency of a crystal or finding the vibration of a plant.”A thought comes to me that the voice didn’t discuss, so I ask with eager anticipation to see if I have my facts correct.

“Since photon light is just a hologram that we use to keep the story of ourselves alive as we know it to be, could we also change our story with simple affirmations? By affirming things, can we then establish the coherence necessary within our atomic structure to create a new reality in which we seek?”

Yes, that is possible. Understand that humans are multi-dimensional beings existing on multiple planes at once. When positive or negative thoughts bombard the fifth dimensional mind, it is possible to affirm, and affix these thoughts to your photon light imbedding your existence with a new perceived reality. The manifestation process starts from a collective consciousness that believes that something is possibly, expected, patterned, or created. Once the fifth dimensional mind believes in something it will begin creating situations energetically that happen around the person to bring that belief into manifestation. When the being feels into the energy that has been created, manifestation is one step closer to happening and becoming a reality.After this a person will begin acting on the feelings surrounding them, creating pathways or patterns that solidify the belief into a new reality. From here it settles into the physicality and then becomes their reality. Because humans are multi-dimensional operating on different planes simultaneously it takes complete awareness of one’s physical movements, feelings, emotional, thoughts, beliefs and authenticity to create the change in which you speak about. Most humans resist letting go “of patterns and chose paths that keep them imbedded in that which they have already created. Their multi-dimensional bodies operate without control on different levels without complete clarity or understanding from the unconscious human. So yes, the change you speak of is available to humans through affirmations and creating clarity overs ones perceived goals yet full consciousness within the three lower bodies must be successfully achieved before this can take place. Once a person harmonizes their physical, emotional and mental bodies through coherence and consciousness anything can be mapped or programing within yourself. Chaos within the particles of the body is incoherence and leads to repeated patterns and beliefs because subtle bodies are not allowed to harmonize together in balance allowing for access to higher wisdom.

Coherent, organized particles in the body allows for softening, clarity and perspective through all subtle bodies so that best paths and choices can be made through the greatest wisdom.” “I understand!” I say with an authority that conveys complete comprehension. “Dear One, by allowing the subtle influences of crystals and natural vibratory elements to supply necessary polarity and organization to your field, you will become better aligned to receive the highest guidance from your most divine self. Opening a field of awareness within your surroundings and holding a frequency that is harmonized to you individually, will allow for manifesting your greatest good. This is where complete abundance will flow towards and through you. In a state of coherence, you will manifest exactly what you need, when you need it, and be present to accept it. There will be no density or strain within your field to block this from manifestation. A realization will occur, you will align yourself to “enlightenment” and you will become the master of your field. This is the lesson of the cave. To not only understand how the world around you is affecting you, but to also know how to harness that energy and use that energy to create harmony within your everyday life.

It is time Dear One, you should begin to understand how these messages are engaging with your human body in the time space of 2015. You once lived on this planet. You were once a bluish-white being as you call it. You chose for reasons, you have yet to understand, to reincarnate into 2015. You bring gifts of this life with you. You seek this connection in your current timeline. Your soul contract is to unite all components of your soul. This is your deepest desire, yet your human mind locks you out of fully accepting this placement in the time your consciousness currently resides. You are more than you can imagine. Your ability to be who you have always been is only restricted by the limiting thoughts of your mind. Dear one, it’s time to let go.”