Planet 1 - The Glow Surrounding You (part 3)

by Veronica Molinski

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The sun is cresting through the tops of the trees outside my bedroom window I awake from a deep and restful sleep. Moving around my California king sleigh bed I find my husband already gone.  Today is Sunday and one of the only days my entire family gets to relax and be with one another. Camden, age four, will have gotten up around six with my husband. Taylor, age five, will probably have received a nudge from the sun just as I had.

“Once our morning rituals are complete, I take the boys outside to play, my husband rests inside, and I find a shady spot under a tree to lie down and relax. Reclining on the grass I hear a hypnotic rhythm within the rustling of the leaves overhead, their chorus slowly begins lulling my mind into submission A subtle twitch and then a ringing that increasingly gets louder in my right ear breaks this unconscious respite. All at once a rush of adrenalin begins to course through my veins as I am startled into full flight-or-fight mode with my heart racing, now palpably beating out of my chest. My abdomen thrusts upward propping my head up and all at once the loud ringing simply stops – silence.Like a memory not quite able to be captured, I say quietly to myself. “This happened before.”

Last night, this happened to me last night, and there was a tree... Corkscrewing around to get a better look at the tree standing boldly at my back I timidly reach out a single hand. I was prepared to find a hologram or a continuation of a dream.

“Am I still dreaming?” My fingertips extended outward, my middle finger barely grazes the bark of the tree when in a blink of an eye I find myself surrounded by a magnificent white light. Rushing energy engulfs my body as I begin hurling through an intergalactic roller coaster. Two glowing lights one at either side guide my way. My memories of the previous night’s dream flood into my conscious mind. “What is happening to me? Is this real?”

An outpouring of warmth enters into my body from the two glowing lights holding me steady through this tunneled ride. The surge of warmth creates waves of pulsating energy. Vibrations course through my body heightening my sensitivity to the experience, but also giving a euphoric understanding that everything is going to be ok. The ride begins to slow and doors become apparent on the inside of this tunnel, am I going crazy or has all of this happened before? Before I can rifle through my stored memories, a gentle push at my back sends me through the door and into a new experience.My eyes open to reveal a warmly lit orange colored sky above where there are not one, but two suns fading into the orange colored sunset.

“Welcome home Jenessee.” A quiet and calm voice says into my right ear. “Hello? Who’s there?” Confused and looking around I cannot see a single person anywhere within the vicinity of where I stand. “You are doing just fine dear one.” The voice chimes in and then continues. “Each time you travel you will remember infinitely and cumulatively more about who you are and what your purpose is. You will soon be able to reach this place by simply asking to be taken here. This will come in time, for now I have some information to tell you. Are you ready?”

“What do you mean travel here?” I ask this in a somewhat demanding and skeptical tone. “Here in a place your timeline would dictate as 20300, are you ready to learn?” The voice calmly speaks through my right ear and into my mind. “Yes, I am ready to learn.” I reply, feeling just a bit of shame. “Then we shall begin. Here as one sun leaves its place in the sky above, another sun remains stationary, hanging off in the distance. Can you see this happening now?”

“Yes, I did notice that once my eyes adjusted.” stating clearly to the voice in my mind. “This second sun you see hanging far off in the distance allows the inhabitants of this planet a glimpse into another dimension, another time and space. The sun remains stationery allowing these multidimensional beings the ability to observe and evaluate how another time and space is progressing into its future. This sun determines the future of not only its resident inhabitants, but also projects the stability of life forms from near and far residing in other planetary systems. Thus, many other planets watch this sun from a distance to evaluate their own wellbeing and balance within the cosmos. Because they are multi-dimensional beings they can see this sun as a projection or image. On Earth when looking into your own atmosphere you will not see a second sun as your inhabitants are not living within a higher dimension. Your astronomers would notice this as a cosmic residue or energy patterns that are producing similar patterns to your own sun.

While the soft voice continued speaking to me I notice that day had turned into night. I can see only a faint glow remains in the sky above. With every second that ticks by the landscape laid out in front of me drastically changes. What was once bathed in a warm orange glow now holds a bluish tint and is notably cooler. The sky soon turns into a dark midnight blue and a chorus of sounds become audible from the forest floor below. “Look around you Jenessee, see with your heart and your mind.”

What appears as motionless rocks, trees, bushes, and other surrounding topography springs to life. An iridescent white blue glow begins to dance around the physical forms that once shrouded these previously inanimate objects. The vibration and twinkle of light holds a connection and resonance with my own body in a primitive way. My body sways with movement and finds a pace that syncs into the hum and audible chirping sounds happening around me. Yet even through all this my mind still wonders, why now at nightfall when everything should be falling asleep did these objects come to life? The objects that appear lifeless during the warm glow of day now gain a movement and life. Light was refracting off the forms like a million tiny diamonds, mimicking the suns reflection off water. These once quiet objects seem to find their expression and movement through the dance of the night, but why?

Scanning the scenery, I notice how densely this lush forest of trees, bushes, stones and other natural specimens are. Most of the condensed shapes I pass by have a swaying illuminated shadow, that glows and moves to the sounds “surrounding it. More and more objects begin to illuminate around me yet not all inhabitants of the forest floor have taken on the dance of the setting sun. Some of these objects remain stationary and do not partake in the twinkling dance. I can see that one out of every twenty or so objects I encounter seem to be lifeless with no bluish white electric glow. “Dear One, these objects are without life and need relocation or to be removed from their current place in the landscape.”

The warm voice returned at the perfect time, I was happy to have my companion reappear, if only within my mind. “They are no longer in service to the greater good of this place and need to find a new resonance somewhere else. There are visual clues, if you look you will see them. Do you see the bluish white light dancing around the objects? This is the landscapes aura. It is here to show where life is thriving and where life is expiring. The absence of light is nature’s way of drawing attention to where life on the planet needs conditioning and attention. Does this make sense to you?

Before I can answer I am instantly startled by a group of hooded beings gathering near an outcropping directly ahead of me. “They are Sheppard’s of the forest.” The voice says. “They are guided by the forest to tend to items that no longer have a strong vibration and light.” The hooded figures separate and glide towards the items in nature that hold no glowing light. In unison, and as if on cue, they begin pushing some of the auric light from within their own bodies towards the items they are manipulating. In most cases the items come fully back into their own light, joining the dance of the forest floor once again. In one case I witness the Sheppard’s auric light has no effect over the item he was working on. Watching the Shepard walk away, I become somewhat frustrated that more isn’t being done to bring back the glow.

“What happens now?” I asked the voice. “The Sheppard will actively seek out a new place for this specific piece of the landscape. If the item is nonresponsive, which has happened here, it is a signal that it is time for a new placement. Its energy is no longer supported or needed in its current location and therefore it will be transplanted into another area for optimal harmony and balance. This is a very serious task and will take much “consideration on both the part of the Shepard and the planet before the task can be completed” Flashes of my body melding with the tree re-enter my mind and I am instantly downloaded with my entire experience from my last visit to this place. I can feel how harmonious and necessary a trees connection to its surroundings are and how important the beings are in helping to affirm these connections. “Dear One, do you now understand why you are seeing this?”

There was urgency in the tone of the voice, though still calm, it pushed through my current clutter of thoughts. “During travel to this planet you have already experienced and understood humanities connection to nature. Through subsequent visits with “The Tree” and the “Glow Surrounding You” at night, it is time for you to understand that humans living on Earth are being called to become the Sheppard’s of their planet. Humans are the ones in charge of taking care of Earth’s ability to thrive. It is time to make humanity aware of their ability to attune their energy into the Earth’s energy and realize where Earth is no longer being supported. Where humans are not supporting nature, nature will become unruly and begin to expand by means of growth, destruction, death and decay. It will seem as if nature is fighting back against you when really it is simply no longer being looked after and connected to.”

My mind runs through end of the world scenarios that involve droughts, earthquakes, fires in addition to mineral and food depletion. I start to feel fear and then realize that maybe there is a way to take back ownership of what is happening.  “Jenessee, please understand that humanity plays a role in ensuring the survival of Earth and all of its resources. Those inclined enough to explore these energetic connections recognize that harmony and balance are needed for sustainable growth. There are those amongst the human race that understand this connection and follow the cycles of Earth helping to guide it towards ultimate harmony.

The success of this connection to Earth will depend on how many are willing to trust in what the Earth is supplying and feel at ease enough to ground into their environment fully, opening to what may come through. You can do this “by simply being open and present to what surrounds you or by engaging with the heart of nature and listening to and supplying its needs.”  “By clearly opening your channel into your most immediate resource, Earth and humanity can ensure a long lasting and trusted connection that can help to stabilize not only your planet and the humans who live upon it, but also all of the planets that look towards Earth for its life-giving qualities. Do you remember the two suns? Others watch you for many reasons, some of which you will soon learn, and it is important that your kind survive. You are a birthing planet. You are needed. You are loved. You cannot fail.