Planet 1 - The Song of Destruction (part 4)

by Veronica Molinski

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My eyes are staring at my right hand which rests upon the bark of the tree in my backyard. Feeling somewhat light headed I yell to the boys.  “Do you guys want cold water?” Politely and definitively I get two “yeses” hollered back at me. The day is warm and apparently the heat, combined with the sudden movement of my body creates a loss of balance and I lose my stability. Forgetting why I was reaching for the tree in the first place, I find I can stand up easily while being braced by its large circumference. Standing on my own two feet I am overcome by an instant rush of vertigo, head spinning my world turns fuzzy.

Looking once again for the steadfast trunk of the tree, desperately reaching out all I want is the security of its connection. Through my spinning vision I am able to re-connect my hand to its bark which in an instant jolts me deeper into the tail spin moment I had when originally standing. Intense forces begin pushing against my body as I move up and down and all around through an unseen center of the tube. There is spiraling white light all around and I am again accompanied by two distinctive glowing golden lights. Relief washes over me as the pace slows, then stops. An oddly familiar door appears off to the side and I question to myself, “Where have I seen this before?” Moving closer to the door I can feel a distinct tug coming from its center like a hook luring me closer. It is here I recognize some transparent forces are guiding my journey, because my will is not my own. The energy decides to pull me closer, apparently trying to move me right through the space occupied by the door. Getting closer right before I move through my mind goes blank, and my vision goes back.

I awake to sounds filling the darkness surrounding me. Through squinted blurry eyes nothing is truly clear, but the intense sounds filling the air. The words “Harmonic Frequency” pop in my mind. “Harmonic Frequencies?” I say out loud. “Yes Dear One.” A voice speaks into my mind. “Harmonic Frequency is a soul’s signature song. It is unique to each individual being and when you listen closely the frequency patterns can resonate within you like a song.”

Comforted by the soft voice I feel deeply connected to the message it is choosing to communicate, even though I have no clue where it’s coming from. As my mind softens I am flooded with bits of familiar warmth that seem to affect my entire body in a way that allows the blackout sensations to release completely from my physicality. Due to the darkness around me, first I hear them and then focus enough to see that a group of beings are singing a song around the base of a large tree. As my eyes acclimate I am visually drawn towards this impressive display. Somehow I can tell that this tree no longer holds onto an energy it once had. There is no bluish-white aura and this feels very out of place. Memories swim in my head and I am suddenly aware that at nighttime if one were to witness this tree without its blue-white glow it would mean that the tree was no longer instrumental to the balance of this place. I can feel that this tree has served its purpose and is now being deconstructed to allow room for new energies to grow. “You are hearing the Song of Deconstruction.” The warm angelic sounding voice whispers into my ear. I see a group of hooded beings surrounding the base of a tree that has no light emanating from it. The beings emanate the same bluish-white auric light that surrounds all life on this planet Looking closer there appears to be about fifteen beings all sitting around the base of the large tree. A light is radiating from each of their singular and distinctive forms. The sounds being produced by the Song of Destruction is that of a busy bee hive, simultaneously high and low pitched keeping a constant hum and rhythm. The hooded figures sway slightly with the smallest of movements back and forth. As the sound projects from their individual silhouettes a light follows the amplification and projection of their song through what appear to be waves of movement directed towards the standing tree. A free formed blue-white electrical circle of light now surrounds the entire gathering. I find myself lulled into a hypnotic trance.

“The song of deconstruction has taken hold and the tree within the center of the circle begins to decompose. Piece by piece the tree is sliced from the top all the way down to its base. An invisible axe must be in charge of cutting razor thin slices, because pieces of the tree begin to slide from the top and fall like feathers onto the open ground below. Each piece falls perfectly within the empty space of the circle between the beings and the tree. Unaffected by the lessening tree or the falling debris the beings holding the energy of the circle keep the harmony and pace of the song. Fluidly they continue to embrace the energy of the process. Each piece of the tree continues to fall in perfect synchronization. With each falling element a perfect secondary structure is formed, the slices of wood now layer one on top of the other until the tree is cut down completely to the stump. When the last piece falls the entire secondary pile now turns into an ash-like dust and begins to filter through the ground below. I can feel the absorption happen beneath my own feet, it’s as if a long-awaited reconciliation had just occurred and both parties are rejoicing in a loud and palpable rumble that traversed the forest floor.As the last remnants of the tree dissolve and the final particles of ash become fully absorbed by the ground the beings cease their song of deconstruction and begin to move away from the circle. The ceremony is complete and the intense humming vibrations float away on the back of the cool air. Checking in with my own body I can feel an intense buzzing sensation still vibrating inside my cells. It feels as if I was standing in front of a large speaker playing loud music and it suddenly switched off. Checking out the scenery in front of me all that remains of the deconstructed tree is a stump, still embedded into the ground with its roots now beginning to pull away from the soil. There is a feeling within me that the process will not be complete until the roots and stump also disintegrate back into the ground from which they came. Walking around I feel small wave like patterns of warmth start to creep into my being and recognize this as the prelude to the voice speaking into my mind. Stopping, I wait for the familiar loving voice to enter my mental space and answer my questions.

This stump will be accessible to any who wish to sit with the tree one more time before it is completely gone. Energy is still able to be transmitted from the stump to any who wish to sit with it. One might want to send final thoughts of gratitude and thanks or even receive final messages from the tree itself. The agreement will continue until the stump and roots also disintegrate into ash and return. “This stump will be accessible to any who wish to sit with the tree one more time before it is completely gone. Energy is still able to be transmitted from the stump to any who wish to sit with it. One might want to send final thoughts of gratitude and thanks or even receive final messages from the tree itself. The agreement will continue until the stump and roots also disintegrate into ash and return to the ground below. This process allows the tree to make its transition in an appropriate manner, to pull away from what it knew and assimilate into its new energetic form. You humans also do this when you bury your loved ones. The simple act of burying a body and allowing it to decompose at its own time allows for a smooth and gentle transition from one plane to the next.”

This message made sense to me, I could understand how a person might need to acclimate to death in a way that allowed for a healthy and gentle transition for not only their spirit, but the energy of those who once lived with and loved them.

The song of deconstruction teaches us the lessons of life, death and rebirth. This lesson is not one we typically chose to attach to a messenger such as a tree, yet the power and understanding we can gain from this perspective can make the lesson that much more powerful. Dear One, I wish you to follow the wisdom of the tree through each of its appearances to you. I hope you can now understand that every object holds an energetic vibration that is connected to what we consider conscious life. Energy when harnessed correctly can create balance and harmony for all beings that surround it, whether that is plant, animal, mineral or other.

Through the lessons of the tree we come to understand that a conscious being may begin to lose its auric energy one of three ways: One, when it is no longer useful in the precise place it resides. Two, when it has lost its ability to stay in balance with its surroundings. Three, when it has lived its life and is ready for the next transition. When we notice that a conscious being is beginning the process of losing its aura, we can expand our view to see what is surrounding this being in its environment or in its energetic field. While walking at night one might perceive the tree as dimly lit and experiencing a loss of energy. That individual might look at what is surrounding the tree and see that many of the trees around it may have grown too tall and this tree no longer receives the nourishment it needs to be in balance with its surroundings. Therefore, this tree will need to relocate or change its surroundings to flourish otherwise it will continue to allow its light to go out. In a different circumstance one might perceive that this tree remains alone, no other trees, animals, or beings have taken use of its offerings and therefore the tree has no symbiotic partnership, meaning the tree has no purpose. All conscious beings need the exchange of energy or a feeling of purpose to continue to mature in a healthy way. In this case the tree will lose its auric light due to an inability to have the exchange of energy necessary to continue to grow and develop. Lastly, one might perceive the tree and see it is in complete harmony and balance with its surroundings. In this case when the light goes out it means the tree has experienced all it needs to in this cycle and is transitioning to start a new cycle in this space and time or a different space and time all together.”

“As the voice fades off, I find I am no longer thinking of a tree, but thinking of humanity in its totality! The symbolism between the tree and life itself makes so much sense to me. “You are correct, the teachings of the tree are lessons for humanity. Humans are being called to focus on life, death and rebirth. If a person is not able to observe their own light they may want to pay special and close attention to what is happening in the field around them, more specifically their environment. When a person is not open to the energetic flow surrounding them and they focus too much energy on their emotional or mental body they are restricting the balance and harmony necessary to stay grounded into this Earth plane. When this happens, disconnection from the energetic body begins to take place in the physical body. They feel disconnected from life and as if they have no purpose.”

The voice now marries with images that play out in my mind’s eye. I easily recall people and situations that reflect this exact sentiment and know that those individuals have severed ties to their environment in a way that doesn’t allow them to feel trust and support from that which surrounds them: human, earth, job or environment.  “This is the second lesson from the wisdom of the tree. As you have just confirmed when one becomes separated from that which surrounds them the process of detachment occurs and the ability to connect fully into your auric energy diminishes. When humans detach from the full flow of their energetic field and do not become witness to the signs surrounding them; whether it be a situation that is negative, stagnant or unsupportive, they will also begin to lose their light resulting in energetic separation from the physical body. This will in turn begin the process of detaching from the energetic light body.”

Making sure I understand these points I interrupt and ask. “So this is the first lesson from the wisdom of the tree. If a person resides in a place that is no longer supportive they must find another place? This is a way to help keep in balance with their surroundings and stay supported by the energy surrounding them?”The warmth returns and I can feel waves of energy moving through my body as confirmation.“The second lesson was about the detaching process, if you remain in an environment that is not supportive you will no longer feel purpose from the things surrounding you, and therefore begin the process of detaching from your auric light or purpose.”

Feeling like I understand I continue on to point three. “The third lesson of the tree surrounds a life that has been lived fully with no further need for growth in its time and space.”The voice pops through my train of thought. “In spiritual terms we consider this a fulfilled contract. Humans have many exit points built into their lesson plan where they can choose if they wish to exit their human life. A fulfilled contract means that the human is ready to move on from the physical plane back into a higher plane. This begins the rebirth process”  Ready to complete this lesson I speak up and give a final review of what I believe to be point three.

“So, in point three when harmony and balance have been achieved and the time is suitable to make a transition a “death” can happen. When comparing this example to humanity’s journey this would represent a life that has been lived fully whether old or young, and karmic lessons or soul contracts have been achieved?”

“The voice confirms everything, with an approving tone. “Bring to your awareness times when those you have loved have passed on. The people who surround the situation are sometimes in pain, despair, sadness and grief for those dying. Reconcile that with those going through the death transition who are either unconscious of their departure, are in a balanced state, happy, peaceful or calm before they transition. They are surrounded by loved ones and feel safe. Those who pass through tragic death have determined before their departure to leave the body at a time when circumstances are complete or will leave if they have yet to reach a level of consciousness so that they may rebirth into better circumstances.”

Taking time to revisit the ceremony witnessed during the Song of Destruction I examine the details of what I saw and try to match those images to what I had just learned. The stump still connected to the ground represents the ability for the consciousness of the tree to return to a time and space with energies in that plane. This is also a way that the energetic beings of this timeline can communicate with the consciousness of the transitioned tree. Humanity has the same ability to reconnect with those who pass, through ceremony such as this. To have your physical vessel (decomposing body) stay connected to the Earth plane (burial) means your consciousness can return through the cord of connections still available to the energetic light body who has recently deceased.

To reclaim a full connection into the physical plane before death, means that humanity and The Earth could become co-creators of every aspect of manifestation here on Earth. The conscious beings would be in tuned and able to assist in the transitions and guidance of all of Earth’s inhabitants and all energetic forms would live in harmony and balance. This process starts with a willingness to ground your energy: meaning your spiritual, mental, and emotional energy, into the present moment and living each second being completely open to your environment and attuned to the energies surrounding you. To live in this way brings experiences to your front door that you would not have understood if you had been removed from your present timeline. Your gift of existence within this time and space is to learn how to bring together all your timelines into this one present moment.

Through the process of manifestation, everything is reflected at you in present time. The way you achieve this is by trusting in the space that surrounds you and by opening to receive the energy from your field, becoming fully present and engaged with what is brought to meet your path. To do this, all one must do is hold the energy of the Earth in a harmonic balance with the inhabitants living within it. Do this and you make it ok to experience your spiritual nature in one place and in one time. All existences co-habiting where you are completely in balance and a co-creator of your world. The amount of information relayed is overwhelming, I digest what I can and return my gaze to the forest floor where the remnants of the tree can still be found. Wanting to be a part of the final goodbye I find my way to its exposed stump with a newly found appreciation for the process of life, death and rebirth. Sitting down the cool connection sends chills up my spine and I know energetically this still conscious tree has recognized me in a way I won’t soon forget.