Planet 2 | Half Animal Half Human - Part 1

by Veronica Molinski

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Mommy why are you crying? Daddy’s not mad at you for breaking the cup is he?”Laughing at the innocence of the response, Camden’s statement made any remaining tears pour out in a final grand release. Sniffling back what I could, I didn’t want to confuse Cam any further by my uncontrolled emotions.“These are happy tears Cam.”Grabbing him close, I tried to squeeze a kiss onto his round cheek, but his hands were too quick. He repealed my advances in perfect ninja style. Wondering if my planetary travels would take me to a ninja planet I laughed out loud and playfully asked:“Cam, what planet are you from?”In all his four-year-old wisdom, Cam responded, “The same star you’re from mommy.”Melting my heart as only Cam could, we clasped hands and walked the ten steps up the sloped driveway towards the broken glass. Standing on the steps I decided there were two distinct paths I could follow. One, was to allow the fear and anxiety of the unknown to settle in, spiraling me down into an unknown darkness. Two, was to allow the love and acceptance of the situation to help me find the light. Feeling connected to all aspects of my being I took a breath and bent down to assist Johnny in cleaning the remaining shards of glass.“You will never believe what just happened to me.”Looking up from the stairs I catch Johnny’s gaze, our eyes lock and I open mine bigger to convey the awe of my situation.“I just had a vision of a life where I was an alien living on a different planet.”“You’re not leaving us for another planet are you?”Coping through humor was Johnny’s way to make sense of things of this nature. It allowed him to communicate in a way that showed he could allow and accept the situation at hand. Knowing this was his olive branch I accepted and replied: “I am not sure what’s going on, but I think I am actually leaving my body here and seeing things from another time and space. It happened when I dropped the cup, also when I was in the garage a moment ago, and touching the tree earlier.”Waiting and not breaking eye contact I paused anticipating his response.“So, you’re visiting another planet in your mind when your body’s here? Why do you think that’s happening?”Shuffling through the index of lessons recently learned, I find it too hard to communicate so I simply reply.“I am not sure yet, but my guides say it’s going to keep happening.” Johnny and I have a relationship that is constantly evolving. When we met in 2004 I had yet to tap into this spiritual side of myself.”

“Throughout the course of our relationship different parts of my consciousness have developed and although it has been hard for Johnny to understand at times, he has always been a supportive grounding force in my life. He questions what he can and allows me to express myself as needed. Through the practice of meditation, I developed a side of myself that could communicate with guides and angels, I was even able to channel books and healing courses for others, but what I was experiencing now was something altogether different. I didn’t understand this and couldn’t communicate in words what I had been experiencing. I know the concept of what I am experiencing, but how do you begin to explain dimensional time travel to someone who only believes these things because you believe? My vocabulary just isn’t big enough yet to express this one. Cutting off my train of thought, Johnny interjects. “Sounds interesting, do you know when it’s going to happen again?” “No, the guides say I will start doing it by myself, but right now it just kind of happens to me.”At this final statement, the conversation slipped away. Johnny with his hands full of glass got up to throw the many broken pieces away. Following his lead, the entire family moved up the stairs towards the house. As Johnny stepped inside the front door, our dog Changa slithered between him and the door making his grand escape. Changa is a small beige colored cocker spaniel who loved his chance at sniffing any and all odors left on our front lawn. Standing directly behind Johnny, I turned immediately making a grab for the one-track minded dog. Finding his back leg, contact was made. Due to the dueling forces pulling on each of us we ended up falling into a sitting position on the front porch, Changa panting heavily, got pulled right onto my lap. Now face to face with Changa, I look at him with disappointment, ready to give him my lecture on staying inside the house. Staring into the lazy gaze of Changa I forgot what it was I was about to say. The connection into his large brown eyes relaxes my body completely. With a deep exhale my vision becomes tunneled and I no longer have a sense of what lies around me on the porch. Surrounded by darkness, “my body is alerted as I feel two warm surges of energy enter the field around me, somewhere near the top of my shoulders. Recognizing this familiar light out of the corners of my eyes as two golden orbs of energy, I realize it is time for my next journey. Through the recognition, a surge of excitement enters my body and I begin to feel giddy with anticipation. The roller coaster ride through the intergalactic elevator takes hold and I trust in the guidance of the two golden individuals supervising my journey. The twists and turns within the tunnel of light begin to feel familiar, from journeys past. I can feel the pull intensify as we come closer to the point where the familiar door is located. The tunnel we traveled through was new, something had changed. My path was changing and this brought a new level of excitement to what was about to happen!”