Planet 2 | Half Animal Half Human - Part 2

by Veronica Molinski

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Up down and around one more corner of the tunnel, the path begins to slow to a gradual stop. Pulling back, the two beings of light detach from my shoulders, leaving me with a cool feeling of separation. Turning around I can see each now standing about a foot or so behind me. Feeling their gentle energy push me towards the door, I gladly accept their silent challenge to embark on this new adventure. Walking up to the door I move through it quite easily, just like on previous journeys. Reviewing my environment, there is nothing but an expansive desert-like landscape on all sides. Taking in the sights I am immediately drawn to the sky which has a purple iridescent glow. The ground beneath my feet consists of tiny granular like particles very similar to sand. Moving my eyes across the horizon I notice a movement. Captivated, I watch as the movement gets closer and suddenly I am greeted by six megalithic beings the size of the statue of liberty. Encircling me, the one closest picks me up. Regaining some composure, I am able to brace myself on my hands and my knees while riding the ever climbing escalator that is the palm of this beings’ hand.As the large platform of a hand moves upward, I take in the full length of this thing’s body. It seems to be made out of clay, with a deep burnt red color and stone quality. As the five beings tighten their circle around the sixth that held me, I see they are looking as intently at me as I am at them. Each of the six beings seems to be an exact copy of the one standing next to it. Their bodies take the form and shape of a robot with each additional body part stacked on top of the one under it. Their large square shaped faces have stone looking eyes and a flat lined mouth with a large spiral drawn directly onto the forehead. As I inspect each detail more fully the word Golem comes to mind, and I feel within my being that these creatures have been shaped or created by another and tasked with guardianship. Just when I think there is no intelligence within “its movements, merely an automated mechanism performing a series of programed tasks, I get questioned by the one holding me. “Who are you and what is your purpose?”The language of this creature seems to echo outside of my body in a way I don’t understand, yet my mind knows how to interpret its words.“I am Jenessee, I have traveled here from Earth and I am not sure why I am here.”The words inside my head sound like English yet the sounds that are produced by my mouth sound strange and unfamiliar.“You will come to the temple, be judged and have your fate decided.”With this statement the six beings begin to walk. Looking at my captor in his two stony eyes I ask: “Who and what are you?”

“With no emotion the being responds as any military personnel would: “We are the Sentariens. We are the guardians of this planet.”Approaching three distinct pyramids, I notice shiny black stone covering every exterior wall I could see, creating a remarkable juxtaposition between the lightly colored sand and the pointy structure appearing to float atop it. We move towards a tunnel extending from one of the exterior walls of the pyramid. The six beings, seven if you include me, walk right into the open tunnel. The corridor itself was dark, every step deeper into the tunnel brought small repetitive glowing slits of white light that appeared and then vanished once again. These thin windows seemed cut out of the surrounding stone allowing a peek of light to enter the dark space surrounding us. The way the light entered the hallway gives our journey an ominous feel. Our progression stops as we enter the enormous ground floor chamber of the pyramid. The line of Sentariens walk through the chamber as if in a parade, each took their place one after another in a long line from one side of the chamber in towards the middle. The Sentarien responsible for holding “my body was the last to find his mark. Instead of freezing in position like the other five, he continues to walk towards the front of the pyramids where a large slab stone awaited our arrival. As we approach the altar his protective fingers release their caged grip from around my body. Gently tilting his hand, I have no choice except to fall directly onto the cold hard slab below.

“Towards the back wall of the pyramid my eyes caught the first bit of light as it begins to dance. The hallow space above my head comes alive with laser beams of light bouncing from wall to wall. As the lines of light become more intense a thickness and density begins to fill the air. Through the thickness I see the shape of a being manifesting, half cat and half human. The head takes the shape of the cat with large pointed ears and shiny black fur. The head itself is thin and in complete proportion to the rest of the body which takes the form of a human with distinctive arms and legs. As this cross-breed walks towards the slab where I sit, she introduces herself to me by way of a smile that exudes a low vibratory purr. Following this her voice speaks into my head.“Welcome home.”Her purring words create an instant flash of golden light that moves through my body and creates a shield around me that reflects the light in a way that allows me to witness myself from every angle like a mirror. Here I see the form of my own “body morphing into a half human half bird. Throwing my hands out wide to the sides of my body I bend in every different way I can imagine to see what this new form entailed. When I return to an upright standing position I notice that the cat woman has extended her hand towards the altar where I stand. Within her extended hand was an amulet, a tarnished golden-brown color with a calcified greenish hue. The amulet is on a chain and it has the same spiral carved into it that the Sentariens’ had carved onto their foreheads. She places the amulet around my neck and spoke out loud in her purring voice, which immediately translated in my mind.“You have free reign of this land.” Making a gesture towards the amulet now around my neck. “You may have access to what you need for learning purposes and may ask questions of anyone you come in contact with.”

Her mouth curves into a smile which reveals two pointy teeth. Her vibrational purring begins again and fills the chamber with an intense electrified energy. The hair all over my body stands on end and suddenly she is gone. Feeling explorative I remove myself from the stone slab and skirt around the perimeter of the pyramid floor. Using my two hands I reach up to feel my new face. Feeling the strong, solid beak in the middle of my face, I remember seeing this detail with a yellowish orange hue, at least that’s how it appeared within the golden reflection. The beak is sharp and curved inward at its point reminding me of a hawk. I could feel the soft flat feathers on top of my head. The resemblance is that of a crow and a swan, the small features of the crow with dramatic pointed eyes like a swan. My hands and arms moved freely still embodying their human like qualities. My chest is bare and very muscular, no feathers appear anywhere else on this new body of mine.

Finding the only opening on the opposite side of the structure, I exit. What appeared before me was not the empty desert oasis, but instead a bustling, thriving city with life, grass, water and greenery everywhere. At the furthest end of the city, about two football fields away from this main pyramid, I see there are another set of pyramids appearing to signal the ending of the cities perimeter. Looking down at my bare feet I notice I am standing upon a stone path, and I begin my walk through the city along this street.  The first thing that strikes me about my surrounding is how busy the inhabitants of this planet seem. I feel as if I am walking down a busy market street in India where small shops are set up along the street containing all types of local goods and wares. Everyone is moving around with their head down engaging in what appears to be very important tasks. Compared to the Pleiadians, these people look to have many busy obligations. Their day seems to be filled with remedial chores that keep them occupied and self-focused.

Thinking about it, these beings are quite like the humans of Earth. Looking into one shop, I see a set of half animal, half humans working to load and unload items into an unseen area of the covered shop. Most everyone I see in and out of the streets and shops has a body of a human and the head of an animal, but not all. I see a being that appears all human walk past me. Stopping abruptly, I pivot in the street to allow my eyes to follow the path of this individual. Human head, human arms and legs, chest and presumably even genitals. I make this assumption because the being is wearing a white cloth around its waist that hangs just enough to cover and protect that delicate part of the sex that would show the human anatomy. As I make my final hypothesis about this human I am startled by an animal that skirts across my path. This animal’s movements are not like any animal I know on Earth, it seems purposeful, just like the humans. It seems to be performing some duty that assists with the city’s flow of commerce. Fascinated by all of the wonderful facets of this city, I stare up into the sky where I feel the warmth of the sun hanging overhead. The sun seems lower and bigger than any sun I am familiar with, as if a prop on a theater stage. The warmth pours over my body and I allow its rays to penetrate my being helping to connect me into this beautiful moment.Walking the path once again I notice more of the refined details that I had originally omitted.Humans: All male, skin colored warmly with varying hues of brown, caramel and gold, muscular, dark hair, and stoic faces.Animals: All types, bob cats, birds, no amphibians, fur and feathers.Half Humans Half Animals: Where to begin! Heads are of the animal, bodies are of the human, bird & human, Cat & human, Giraffe & Human. The cat woman who greeted me seemed female, but why no females with human qualities?

There are stores that line this street, and behind these structures appear to be the inhabitant’s dwellings. The shapes of these dwellings are beyond my comprehension. Some of these structures seem to disappear completely into the next structure, like a hologram. Squares, hexagons, flat surfaces, points. It was like a bird’s nest on top of a shiny pyramid that slides into a hexagonal-shimmering transparent structure. As I walk the long path I see a specific inhabitant wielding a wheel barrel full of something heavy. I find myself drawn towards him as he moves the barrel toward the shade of a surrounding building. His human body is muscular and glistening with beads of sweat and his head is that of a black raven. My body is being drawn towards this inhabitant like a magnet, as I move closer he looks up to catch my gaze. Stopping in front of him now, sharing his shade, my human hand grasps at the amulet hanging in the middle of my chest. Feeling inclined to talk, I ask him.“Are you familiar with Earth and its inhabitants?”Not sure what this exchange is going to bring, he immediately speaks back. “Are you not familiar with our history brother? We seeded the human race.”Running through my mental rolodex, I take a minute to let this statement fully absorb. My mind is filled with everything from God, and creation theories, to the drawings of half human half animal gods in places like Egypt and in Native American cultures.“My apologies, I am a traveler to this planet and do not know the history. How is it possible that the inhabitants of this place created humans when you are half human and half animal?”With a mere sweep of his hand he encourages me to take in the landscape. Allowing the landscape to come fully into view I see again the half human half animal beings, the animals and the humans.“Our people go through a rite of passage. When the time is right a union will be made joining one from the animal kingdom and one from the human kingdom.”

Looking around I see the beings who are only human, and the ones who are only animal and begin to understand that these singular forms must be considered the lesser of the breeds here. Those who have made the shift to half animal half human must be the superior breed. It feels as if those who are half human half animal are perceived as more desirable or of a higher order here. Asking for clarity I respond. “Does your right of passage involve the animals joining with the humans to make one being?”The bird headed man speaks again. “Of course, it is only natural.”Continuing with the questions I reply, “and where does Earth come into the picture?”“Our planet is responsible for bringing men and animals to Earth. The goal in doing this was to help establish a new place for our kind to flourish amongst other beings. The elders hoped that Earth would be a conducive place to create this union, but found after many visits that the unions were not being made as they had originally intended. Therefore, man and animal continue to stay separated on Earth.”

The bird man continued to explain this history lesson, further exploring the connections between animals and humans.“The connection is always open between human and animal, even on Earth where the rite of merger has not been able to last over time. Each individual in the union only needs to open themselves to the possibility of the relationship to begin to establish a trusted connection between one another. Brother, on your planet the possibility to use the sight of the raven is always available to you if you only open yourself to that primordial connection. These gifts are imbedded within the deepest layers of who you are. Do you not feel it within you? Can you not see what you have been transformed into here? All you “need to do is tap into the part of you that longs for the connection to your soul animal, by doing this you will help reestablish the lost connection.”“Thank you.” I say this out loud, which translated into a series of small clicks from my beak. The feeling made me giggle. There was a tickle from a strange vibration emanating out of my beak. With this the bird man replied in kind. My walk continued down the long street running through the middle of the city. While making my way towards the large pyramids at the end of the cities border, I had time to contemplate the story of the bird man. Wild thoughts moved through my mind trying to piece together exactly what I had learned. I understand human’s deep connection to animals, yet the idea that we were created in the likeness of these extraterrestrials had me questioning. I know of the Egyptians and their worship of half-animal, half human gods. I can also faintly remember something of the stories of the Native Americans and Mayans who recorded encounters with these types of gods and messengers, but were we really supposed to be descendants of half animal, half human beings? With my feet comfortably standing atop the stone path I look up to find one of the two pyramids directly in front of me. The stone path I was following split into two, with the shorter choice leading directly to the large pyramid ahead. The size of this first pyramid is blocking what I can assume would be the second connected by this second path. Moving down the short path directly in front of me I find the open entrance which has a slight upward slope leading into the center floor of the pyramid. Making my way up the ramp and through the cut-out door, I find myself in another great room similar to the first pyramid. Standing in the middle of the room is a half bird, half man being. As my gaze meets his, he welcomes me with a small clapping of his beak. Without thought my beak responded to this in kind sending a vibrational tickle down my spine.“All of the wisdom you seek can be found within one of these two pyramids, our libraries.” My head swam with curiosity. The previous encounter left so many unanswered questions there was so much I still had to sort out.“Can you tell me how the union, or rite, that happens between animals and humans benefits the inhabitants of this planet?”Through the clicking of his beak, I knew my answers were about to come forth so I took the opportunity to settle myself, awaiting the story to follow.“Animals have the ability to perceive all dimensions, through all time and space. Animals are connected to all energy while also having the ability to stay connected to their physical form and realm in which they live, but animals have limited abilities in being creators. They have selected a different evolutionary path. Humans have selected an evolutionary path that chooses to incarnate into forms that disconnect them from the higher realities and dimensions in order to grow their manifesting, creator abilities. They learn through their experiences in creating consciously. Therefore, when man here on this planet had the opportunity to create a union going through the rite they were moved to do so to experience different paths. By doing this, it enables both entities the benefit of perceiving through the acts and abilities of the other. This union gives the best of both worlds. The head per say can be soaring in the clouds witnessing a different reality while the body is engaged with its surroundings creating and manifesting. The balance this creates is one that keeps the being connected into the third dimension creating realities while also attuned to all of divinity and potential.”Nodding my bird head, I show my understanding validating what this hawk headed bird man is saying.

“The alliance between humans and animals was made at the beginning of time. It has always been the goal of the two species to ultimately come together for optimal harmony and balance. On our planet in this dimension an agreement has been made that a singular vessel will be used and the two energies will maintain equal sharing rights; two souls, one vessel. The two energies will spend a lifetime courting each other until the union is ready to be made. Once the union is made it cannot be undone and the two will symbiotically spend their time together until physical transcendence is achieved. The union can only be made when each one individually understands the other, allowing for a full transparent shift to be made. This choice brings much awareness, wisdom, gifts, and responsibility. Earth does not yet understand its responsibility towards the animals. Animals continue to choose to incarnate onto Earth to help bring conscious awareness to this kindred partnership yet slow progress is made towards the evolution and connection between your two kinds. Once humans consciously shift, the animals will be able to assist in your overall transformation. This information will be required for you to continue to move forward in successful harmony with your Earth and all of its energetic forces.”