Planet 2 | Half Animal Half Human - Part 3

by Veronica Molinski

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Sensing my level of immense confusion, the raven man waives his arm encouraging me to follow as he takes the lead. A tunnel lies along the perimeter of the grand pyramid floor where I had originally entered. As we begin our decent, the air turns cool as the path grows ominously darker filling with a thick blackness one could slice through. With the ramp flattening out beneath my feet I can tell we have hit our desired level.Silence didn’t break until we finally approached a halt in the wall that signaled it was time to explore a room. Following my guide we walk, one after the other, into the chamber. As our bodies enter the room, a golden light erupted from the walls surrounding us bathing everything in a warm glow. My guide takes a position on the inside of the first wall and drops his head down towards the floor, suggestively indicating the rest was for me to explore on my own. I see four standing stone walls all of equal size and length. Each wall has multiple carvings etched upon the surface, with not a single blank space left open. Each of the four walls also has a single doorway punched out of the middle, wide and tall enough for one body to move through comfortably. Approaching closer to the wall directly to the left of where we had entered I move close enough to view the detailed carvings. Finding it impossible to decipher, I call out to my guide.“Can you translate what these are saying? ”The bird headed man lifted his head and moves towards the wall I had been studying. “This is not a language you can decipher this is a vibration you must receive.”

Grabbing hold of the amulet on my chest, he lifts it up towards the level of my beak and allows it to drop back down thumping over the place on my chest where my heart resides. Through his action, I realized I must stop trying to read the wall with my mind and open through my heart. Blurring my eyes, I open my chest wider to receive the vibration of what lies on the wall in front of me. At this moment the etchings turn into moving pictures. Through the rippling carvings, I can make out many different pictures and symbols that connect to the element of water. Excited, I move to the next wall and blur my eyes in the same way. Again, I start to see the pictures ripple to life. This wall appears to telling the story of large stones, quite like the ones the pyramids are made of. Everything about this wall made me want to explore more. I feel myself pulled through this open doorway within the middle of the stone etched wall. I find myself in a room that had been completely sealed in, save for the doorway I had just entered through “Seeing a halo of golden light appear on the floor in the middle of the room I follow the light and sit cross legged within its center. While sitting amongst the circle of light my peripheral vision opens in such a way that I could see all four walls with their etchings at the same time. The magic of this spot somehow allowed me a full 360-degree view of everything this room contained. Allowing my gaze to blur I begin to see the story of this chamber come to life. The story moved not only through my mind, but also through my heart and my body at the same time creating a three-dimensional sensorial experience.

The first interactive picture details the large pyramid I had first explored upon visiting this land. Zooming in from the aerial shot the image moves tight through an open corridor on the side of the black stone pyramid. Moving through this space a single person is revealed on the expansive ground floor. The crown chakra above the head of this person is completely illuminated, creating a pillar of light from the top of their head out through the capstone of the pyramid. Once the light exits through the top of the capstone it spreads into a multi-current ray of light, just like a prism captures the sun and spreads it into a rainbow of different colors. The light seems to go on infinitely into the sky and universe beyond. As I open my mind and release all expectation over what I am seeing, I begin to feel and understand the full meaning of what is happening. This is a method of connection, like a radio signal out into the universe. It seems as if this could also amplify intention and communication into the intended space that the being is projecting into.

As knowledge of this first picture is realized, a second picture moves through my mind. I see the singular person replaced with a group of people. The group of beings all illuminate their crown chakras at the same time turning their multiple lights into a singular beam that exits through the pyramid’s capstone. As the group of individuals continue to produce this singular beam of light, another individual now enters the picture and almost floats towards the space where the group stands. Floating into the center of the group, this “individual moves into the stream of light being produced by the group’s crown chakras and is transported through the light currents and disappears through the capstone. The picture goes black. I find my body feels as if it is floating in all space and all time suspended somewhere within the universe.It is here in the expansiveness of space that a beautiful orb comes into view and I know this is Earth. I am shown in rapid succession pyramids all around our Earth that seem to be beacons for this energy transference. I can see the prism of crown chakra energy coming from the Sentariens planet connecting into one of the many beacons known as the Earth pyramids. One is a starting point and the other the end point. Somehow these are used for fifth dimensional teleportation. I can understand this process only when I inspect it from a dimensional perspective. It seems as if a third dimensional body must raise its vibration into the fourth dimension to begin to move through time and space. It can then choose to stay in the hologram of the fifth dimension or slow down its vibration moving back into the third dimension. The pyramids ability to focus and transmit energy seems to make this point to point travel possible. Travel in this manner ends with the being residing within the fifth dimension unless they chose to slow down their vibration and move into a tangible third dimensional body. As I lean into the implications of this statement my body begins to hurt and I understand this to mean the process of becoming dense or slowing the vibration is an uncomfortable one and is less desirable. Travelers apparently can choose to manifest into the third dimension or remain in the fifth dimension. I receive the feeling that many who travel in this way chose to reside in the fifth dimension of Earth remaining there strictly for observational purposes. Manifestation into the third dimension means these beings can take the shape of any form they wish as long as the same mass is converted, quite like I understand shamanic shape shifting to be explained from the Earth plane by Native Americans.

This means that those who transition over from the Sentarien planet could be interacting with human life in the third dimension without anyone being wise to the fact that they are speaking with an extraterrestrial. Humans are also able to perform this transference if they so wish. A human can raise their frequency into the fourth dimension and remote view these planets, or can travel to a space and time that is sought after through the fifth dimension allowing the being to interact with physical forms from the time space they visit. The pyramids seem to create an interstellar gateway for this process to take place. I understand this is a fail proof way to get from point A to point B, like getting on the freeway on one exit and being pushed off at the next exit. Seemingly, pyramids are a toll road or link that was established between two connected and harmonized planets that have a vested interest in one another.

Through experiencing what now feels like a complete understanding of the story of the pyramid, I find my vision coming back into focus. I am now able to see clearly all four walls surrounding me. Taking my mind, body and heart deeper into its story, the pyramid begins to unravel its next secret. I can see what appears to be a blueprint of six different pyramids and highlighted between the six are underground labyrinths. Realizing that the six pyramids are connected here to this space, I recognize the three I have previously seen and assume there are three others I have yet to explore. Three of the pyramids sit at the front end of the long city and the other three sit at the back end. The blueprints seem to map out the catacombs that lie beneath the city connecting the six massive pyramids together through interlacing underground caverns. The blueprint moves around and around so that I can see it from every angle, yet the blueprint doesn’t stop. I feel as if I am missing something… My eyes begin to clear and as if on cue the bird headed man enters the etched room where I still sit within the middle of the floor.“Did the pyramid give you the map?” His words move into my mind as he speaks.“Is that what those blueprints were?” I chirp back in response to his question.“Those who are guided here usually are downloaded with the pyramids’ map. Now you are able to find what you need by simply asking.It is also a gift from this sacred place. Only those who come to do work for this place will be able to decipher its secrets.”Feeling like the Indiana Jones of my own half animal, half human adventure I state:“I would now like to go to the area within the labyrinth that holds information about the Sentariens.”

Now holding the Rosetta Stone of this underground maze, I move deeper into the caverns with no fear of failure. The twists and turns lead us down multiple passageways until our path stops in front of a room that is glowing with golden light. This light must be some creation by the pyramid to signal I am where I need to be. Thinking back, we have passed many open chambers and none have shown golden light like the two where I have been guided. The bird head man shuffles himself towards the side of the doorway allowing me to enter the room alone. The room is completely sealed in by four walls minus the entry way door. Having already mastered the art of reading etched cryptic imagery, I walk right up to the images interacting on the walls, adjust my eyes, and await the information to follow. I see myself engaging with this singular Sentarien.“What does the etched spiral circle on your forehead represent? ”I see myself ask the question to him and can hear, feel and understand his response all through the pictures on the cavern wall. He explains that this etched spiral is his method of communicating with the inhabitants of this planet. He shows me the sky and says his people are the guardians of this planet. That the beings they protect are benevolent and kind and need them for defense. He waves a hand towards the sky and states they watch the stars. If anything appears to be in disturbance, he and his people would contact the half cat half human being of the pyramid through this link in his forehead. I get an instant connection to my amulet and then to the animal people I have also been in communication with.

“Next, I see what appears to be the original creation of these Sentariens. I witness an assembly line of workers piecing together these massive beings. I see large red clay like stones assembled one on top of the other. At the final step of the process I see the spiral drawn onto the forehead of the Sentarien and a singular inhabitant from the planet takes charge of imparting a piece of his life into this lifeless being. The two now stand mere inches away from one another with foreheads in alignment. Witnessing sonar waves move between the two foreheads, the bond is created and the Sentarien comes to life. There is now a mapped pathway between the two minds and telepathic communication can commence. I flash to an image of 2015 where a cat and a human sit within one another’s presence. Because of the original bond made between animals and humans the symbiotic connection is already present and a level of communication is able to be achieved. I see the human uncoiling the spiral around the third eye chakra in the forehead area to open themselves to the voice of the animal within their presence. I see this as the method in which you would communicate with the allies surrounding you on the Earth plane. Massive amounts of energy pour into my body as I feel a shiver of understanding run along my spine and down my legs.