Planet 2 | Half Animal Half Human - Part 4

by Veronica Molinski


The golden glow of the room diminishes, signaling that my current lesson is over. Walking past the etched walls I feel as if a piece of my energy will remain here in this room.The volume of connectedness I now feel between this planet and my home planet of Earth is immense. I understand our contract with animals. I not only understand, but can actually feel my link, it has been reawakened with in my body, and I am so excited to take this wisdom back with me to Earth. The darkness of the room leaves me hugging the walls until I find the doorway I entered through. Standing along an exterior wall of the chamber my guide begins to move deeper in a direction within the underground labyrinth that we have yet to explore. After walking for quite some time we come to a stop. I can tell that we have entered the center of the underground archives. Intense amounts of energy emanate from an open pathway off to my right side.“This is what you have been looking for.”

My bird headed guide steps aside once again. My field of awareness leaves my physical body and begins hovering above where I stand. I see an aerial view of the catacombs. Having the complete layout of the path lying in front of me, my energy body once again descends into my body from the interactive blueprint. Reanimation happens allowing me to continue moving towards the zig zagging path ahead. The path was dark and not until I found my way out of the third turn did I begin to see the faint golden light ahead. Entering the center room everything is filled with a glowing golden light. Something seems to know where I need to be and illuminates that part of the catacombs to assist with my journey. I move into the center of the room where I see there is a pedestal that holds a “small stone replica of one of the large exterior pyramids. The small imitation pyramid looks quite heavy and is constructed from a light beige and blue color stone. Each of the four walls creating the perimeter of this space reveal built in seats surrounding each cut out door. It looks as if the room came pre-equipped to host many people at one time.Focusing on the center podium I can see the replica pyramid activate and come to life. The pyramid turns from its beige, blue color and begins to glow in a deep blue, purple, and white light. With my eyes locked on the center pyramid I can see out of my peripheral vision the stone walls on each side pull away. Once the darkness settles in on the left and right side of my body a type of mist enters the room. With my gaze focused on the streaming light, I see a hologram flicker to life above the top of the replica pyramid. The first shape to appear was that of a cat headed being, the voice of which could be heard as the image flickered in and out of view. The image I was viewing was that of an inhabitant from this planet, and it appeared to be giving a report on indigenous life from another planet. Once the report was over, another form flicked into view and this time it was the body of a man with a tiger’s head. He too was giving a report about his observations from another planet. I begin to understand what was happening, yet still had questions surrounding the purpose of this room. Pointing to the pyramid, I ask. “What did I just witness?”

As quickly as I asked the question I see images begin to appear around me. I witness what appears to be ghosts of this planet, inhabitants springing to life as if in replay mode from what I had just witnessed come out of the pyramid. They pour into this center council room in a single file line, first the cat headed woman, and next the tiger headed man. As they walk by the center podium they rest their hands on it and bow their head toward the stone pyramid in the middle. As their hands make contact the pyramid illuminates and it seems as if a link has been made. Their ghostly bodies then exit towards the rectangle room on the opposite side of this chamber and leave my view.The bird head man waves his hand towards the two chambers on the north and south side of the room. He is encouraging me to explore for more answers instead of speaking them to me now. I choose the rectangle room off the north side of this chamber to investigate first. The room has a recessed step and through the middle I see what appears to be stalls or rows of stone booths that move off in endless repetition as far as the eye can see. Each alternating booth is accessible by either the outside perimeter walkway or the internal path. Looking into the booths as I walk past them, each has ruin like inscriptions that fill the entire space from top to bottom.Entering one of the enclosures I position myself in front of one of the walls and allow the ruins to begin their swirling motions. This stall’s etchings play a movie that takes me into a jungle, there are hundreds of mini-movies all superimposed one over the next, each displaying various jungle animals. Below the visual of each there is a rapid display of the animals’ statistics. Questioning what this means I sit still and watch the multiple, random and rapid movies playing along the wall of this booth simultaneously. The animals are observed in their jungle habitat, nothing more really happens. Watching and waiting I decide to move onto the next stall hoping for more clarity. Upon entering the next stall, I am shown animals from an arctic landscape. Again, a main movie showing details of the landscape begins to play and other movies pop up highlighting different animals from this area. Seeing the pattern here I walk to the next stall and see African animals, the next stall I see water animals, the next stall I see desert animals and so on. I understand this is a viewing station for all the different kinds of animals on different planets. One of the stalls in particular hosts animals from India back on Earth, and I notice these animals are illuminated in a light almost white colored with a bold blue outline.

The word “human” pops into my mind and I get an immediate sensation directed towards the inner stalls from within this long narrow room. I make my way back to where I had started, take the step down, and proceed through the middle pathway. The same rectangular layout presents itself with alternating stall openings. Walking past multiple stalls I see they also have the etchings displayed on their walls. Stepping into one of the stalls the movies begin and I can see how this parallels the same jungle movie, but from the human or inhabitant of the planets perspective. Moving from stall to stall I see the same pattern as before, Arctic, African, Water, Desert and India. Moving into the stall with the animals from India I see the movies and begin to hear a “tick, tick, tick” along with flashes of blue and white indicator marks, increasing in number and filling the screen. Confused, I call out to my hawk guide asking for assistance to help clarify the visual. Moments later the bird man enters the stall. Laying his hand on my shoulder, his warmth seems to steady my body.

“What do the blue and white dotted lines symbolize?”The warmth from his hand increases which seems to calm my mind. A memory rushes in representing the holographic beings, I saw mere moments”

“before, each setting out on type of military style mission. As the connection to the holographic images are made I am downloaded with understanding of each of their stories. In a flash my mind settles and my eyes begin to flutter. I see teleportation happening from this planet to Earth. I see most of these beings like the cat woman, and the tiger man make connection to Earth and remain esthetically as they had when they left. I see them transparent and moving around Earth unseen through the fifth dimension, almost like a ghost. These beings are observing the interactions of humans and animals on Earth. These beings have been sent to monitor a scientific study of our kind. In one instance, I see a being from this planet make the journey to Earth and upon moving into the third dimensional plane he separates his animal self from his human self, the two parts move in different directions. I see the man engaged with the humans from his human self, and with the animals from his animal self. It feels as if this being has come to Earth as a teacher, trying to impart wisdom and messages to those that surround him.Moving out of the vision I see clearly the stalls pertaining to Earth and can gauge their images, understanding the different indigenous cultures of humans and animals as they connect to the Earth plane through each of the stalls. I get the sense that those who are coming to Earth from this planet are studying interactions between humans and animals. Some are also trying to help shift the consciousness levels of our two species and are manifesting in places of need where the animal and human cultures are still not aligned. Specific stalls that have low counts of white and blue dots amongst their images are being chosen to travel to. On the other hand, the stalls with images that show a good mixture of white dots along with the blue seems to be signaling places where a conscious shift has been sustained already.

Everything seems to be up to date here within this rectangular room, or at least up to date to match my perspective and my timeline so that if I chose to do so, I might help upon my journey back to Earth. I can feel many other planets and goals, but all my guidance has been towards that of Earth. My intuitive sense is pulled to my limited knowledge of India where I believe some in their culture still worships animals, and a growing number of its population are vegetarian. As my mind reviews what I know about this culture, I am downloaded with a knowing that more than 35% of the total population of India has shifted into a conscious connection with animals at this time. Considering the stall with the information on India I witness the data and notice that the country has accumulated mostly blue dots for every white dot seen. This represents the growing number of people accepting the divine connection between animals and humans. Each blue dot must represent the growing percentage of the population that has come to understand the connection between the two species. This room is like the central intelligence agency for this planet, it tracks the growth potential to realign the animals with the inhabitants of a Planet.