Planet 2 | Half Animal Half Human - Part 5

by Veronica Molinski

Watch the intro again

Moving from the intelligence room back towards the center chamber, I follow as my bird headed guide leads us to our final position in the heart of the underground catacombs. I can see the visual blueprint in my mind’s eye once again. Seeing the image in its totality I witness that my guide and I are about to connect to the long narrow path creating the eastern barrier wall. Unlike other explorations, this time my bird headed guide does not step aside allowing me space to investigate this new place on my own, here he takes the lead, stepping down a long row of descending stairs, moving us deeper underground.

Counting the steps as we descend the carved staircase; one, two, three, four… the counting stops when my feet could go no further, twenty. This last step lands my feet ankle-high in water. Firmly grounding onto this wet stone slab, I realize through the darkness I don’t know what to do or where to go, and have lost all visual connection to my guide. Due to the lack of vision my other senses perk up. I hear and feel rushing, churning water, the power of this room is intense and the air is thick. My hawk headed guide jumps onto my stone slab startling me back into the present moment. Waving his arm, he motions for me to follow him moving deeper into the underground chamber. I follow his exact steps, sloshing through the water. Turning the corner, we enter a large open chamber. “Where are we? What is this place?”

No words come back, but I do get a visual of the rooms’ blueprint. Rolling the blueprint around in my mind I see the exact layout of where I currently stand. The slab underneath my feet appears to be the size of a school bus. Underneath the bus shaped stone are six large circular pillars arranged in two lines of three, underneath that lies another bus shaped stone. The circular pillars anchor into the top and bottom stones. The blueprint also shows me that these two bus sized stones will move up and down using the pillars when it is time to do so. Circulating around all of this, is a large underground river. The current of this underground river is so intense - it is the reason for the tiny waves currently licking my ankles. “What does all of this mean? Am I missing something?”

“I am immediately downloaded with the all too familiar blueprint. The drawing shows a large whirlpool like vortex, close to where we are now, that springs to life under the northern pyramid. I sense that this new chamber holds a massive amount of energy, and I wish to explore it more fully. Looking at my guide, he is already moving. Passing through the sloshing water we move through the slotted opening in the corner of the room. Moving closer to the landing platform by the stairs, my guide stops. Reviewing our two options, one would be to move down the narrow path leading us under the pyramid and into the beginning of the underground river, two would be to continue back up the staircase. Distressed by his pause, I wonder what my guide is contemplating. This whirlpool seems to be the source of this cities purpose, it seems to be the reason why we are here and why everything had been created. I intend to find out more regarding its unique purpose and placement here, and I believe we must do this now. I question him, “why are we not going down the path to see the whirlpool? Why can’t I see what its purpose is?”With this final question my guide lifts one foot and then the other so that he is positioned on one of the dry steps. Turning around he clicks his beak at me in full recognition of the desire held within my heart. The clicks move through me putting my physical body at ease which allows my light body to break free of its physical constraints. My physical body turns into an unmoving statue frozen in place on top of the stone platform below. I think I am experiencing travel as I had witnessed these beings do.

My consciousness is no longer locked inside of my half bird half human body, experiencing full freedom from my physical body. My spirit soars through the different levels of the underground labyrinth, being pulled very quickly as if magnetized towards the first of the six pyramids. I am pulled up and through the floor of the grand pyramid where I see the entire city has congregated in this one space. The inhabitants from this planet are all on bent knees with heads bowed, positioned and waiting on the ground floor of the pyramid. Every individual’s head is bowed towards the front of the room, just like I had seen the Sentariens do. The room is filled wall to wall yet everything is shrouded in complete silence. In my mind, a voice says.“It is time to take the water.”

My spirit settles onto the floor and lies in wait with the other inhabitants. Surprisingly my spirit body is noticed by the two half animal half humans I settle in between, not lifting their heads each one adjusts slightly to the side to accommodate space for my energy body to settle in. Broadcasting into the minds of the individuals, the message to take the water was not just for me. Apparently, everyone has settled into place and is waiting for this water, there is an electrified energy that surges through the crowd as each person hears the call.

As the electrified intensity of the room hits its peak the ground floor of the great pyramid releases a fine mist. All inhabitants remain in their bent knee position with their heads bowed. While everyone’s physical bodies remain in this frozen position, my head remains up. I witness these individuals take full body breaths of the mist, each sequential breath making their etheric forms grow so large, it seems as if their glowing energy bodies might pop right through their physical bodies. The electrified anticipation surrounding the release of the mist subsides and is replaced by a state of euphoria. Individuals once frozen in place on the pyramid floor have now melted their frozen statuesque positions and have relaxed into a meditative trance. During this softening moment as they melt onto the floor of the pyramid, I witness some of the individuals begin to move into states of lucid dreaming. Being in a fifth dimensional form I can see and perceive the energetic expressions that they are experiencing. The energy of a lucid dream pops out like a beacon of light extending out of the top of their heads. Naturally drawn into what they are doing, I have an immediate understanding wash over me as I move my energy body towards one of the individuals. Intuitively I know that this is where the inhabitants of this planet go to connect into their purpose work. Like a light bulb flashing on inside my awareness, it becomes clear. “This ceremony is where a person will be able to hear the voice of the divine!”

This is where tasks are received and reviewed for betterment of the being. This entire process was a self-guided gift, the dreams of these individuals are all unique and different. From one being to the next, each seemed to be on their journey, yet all collectively are here supporting one another. Just thinking about the collective of this group brings wonderment into my field and sends immediate electrified energy through all my senses.

Allowing the collective connection to settle down, I find a softening once again and bring my awareness back into the space of this great room. As soon as my mind settles, I find my own lucid dream begins to take place. I am brought a vision of the water vortex spinning beneath the pyramid in which we all occupy. Seeing this as a picture in my mind, I begin to feel that there is great power coming from the whirlpool. The mist was only one of the gifts being created by this vortex under the pyramid. Pausing, I feel a whirling cyclone of energy begin to spin around the room. Looking around, no one except me seems to notice this immediate change of energy. Opening my senses more fully now, I can tell that the energy is spinning in a clockwise flow around my body. Moving from the bottom of my energetic body up to my head.

Remembering one of my visions from the heart of the labyrinth, I understand that if inter-dimensional journeying needed to happen, it could happen from within this space by using this powerful vortex of energy. I know that the energy created today is one that is being created to assist all inhabitants in attendance with whatever needs they seek on whatever level they seek them. Finding my own stillness, I rest back onto the ground floor of the pyramid. It was easy to move into the energy of my own lucid dream from this space. Maybe through the collective of the people surrounding me, the mist, the vortex or all the above. I simply let go and fall into my own dream.

The lucid dream comes in like slides from a move projector, not unlike the experience had with my soul orb in the records room on the Pleiadian planet. First, I see my frozen body within a tube held in suspended animation on the Pleiadian planet. The next slide shows my human body reanimating and then getting dropped somewhere deep within the underground labyrinth here on this half animal half human planet. I see a room tucked along the eastern corridor filled with golden sarcophagus like tubes. The feeling I experienced earlier returns as a shock wave of energy runs along my spine. A longing sensation washes over me and a desperate need to connect to my body arises. The next slide shows me the Earth version of myself as a living breathing human in the time space of 2015. Questioning the incarnation cycle and the message of creation from the half human half animal people, I let the visions continue. It is once again explained to me that these half animal half human people populated Earth. Thinking through this information, I question the meaning of this yet again.

I thought the expectations of this planet were to get the humans and animals to come together in union living in harmony together as one like on this planet?’Through the mental formation of this question, I begin to understand more clearly what I was intended to know. My original assessment was wrong. Part of the reason these beings chose to inhabit and populate Earth was to experience themselves as individuals and not in union together. Earth was an opportunity to grow themselves in a different way. By releasing the expectations of their home planet and allowing an individual to experience themselves authentically, they can forget their connection to the expectations of this home planet and have a chance at developing differently. This helps to expand the consciousness of the matrix in a different and unique way. I see that the human and animal vessels (bodies) were given to Earth to use as a means for exploration in a different time, space so that each could understand more of their uniqueness.

Allowing the soul who incarnates separately the opportunity to remember and reconnect to their divine origins.Understanding this information, I feel it accepted within my being as truth. I recognize this message as two-fold. The teaching is not only about the half animal half human inhabitants from this planet, it is also about my journey in discovering my frozen bodies. As I recognize this connection, my conscious mind is pulled to review my three known bodies: Earth, the Pleiadian planet, and here on the half animal half human planet. I am curious to know why I would choose to have frozen bodies on different planets. Two out of the three being frozen, holding no soul consciousness. What is the purpose of having a shell of a body waiting, frozen in a state of suspended animation? Through the process of forming this question, my mind is taken into another lucid dream and it is here that I receive another download of information answering my question.

I am on a quest to understand the uniqueness of my soul parts more fully. An example of a human acting one way at work, one way at home, and one way with their friends comes to mind, so too this is what the soul is doing on the cosmic level through different incarnations. Bridging the gap between these different qualities, trying to reconcile all the soul parts into one true being. Yet we can’t achieve this until we have understood who we are within each of those parts. I am flooded with the understanding of time and space and the knowing that there is no such thing as time unless you are living in the dense energy below the fourth dimension. Once outside of the fourth dimension, “everything is happening simultaneously and therefore all consciousness is experienced as one singular time. When I am removed from the third dimension like I am now, I can choose to experience my soul parts as a fully integrated over soul (the one true soul with access to everything) with full knowing of who I am throughout all three of these different incarnations. When in the third dimension, my mind cannot fully accept the vastness of no time and no space and therefore I am trapped in an unconscious world choosing to experience myself as an individual away from the whole. Until I can reconcile all soul parts and gain that wisdom on a level that transcends all space and time, I will remain unconscious of who I truly am on a cosmic level. I wonder if I will remember this when this lucid dream is over and I go back to my Earth consciousness? I wonder if I can even understand this concept on Earth?

The souls’ ability to experience different levels of consciousness at one time makes sense, to my mind. I understand that only in the third dimension do we think of a start and end date for our existence. Out of the third dimension, everything coexists at the same time. This all makes sense on a soul level. It makes sense that the soul would try to understand itself through all its existences trying to reconcile its lessons into a singular moment in time. I recognize all of this, and see this as the way to become a fully enlightened being understanding ones’ soul purpose, but why then would I choose to freeze my body on a planet if it is not necessary to do so to learn my purpose? There must be something I am missing. I can accomplish my purpose by simply reconciling the energy of all lives into the consciousness of my body on Earth, so why do I have bodies frozen with no souls apparently waiting for my soul to return?

Confusion and distrust settle into my field of awareness. Becoming very conscious of my mind, I am snapped back like a rubber band on a sling shot into my body that remains in the underground labyrinth of the pyramid. My bird headed guide is standing, unmoved awaiting my return. Being reunited with my body is uncomfortable. The heaviness of the vessel is draining and gives me an immediate pain sensation in my head. My guide begins clicking his beak, creating a vibration that is immediately felt inside of my own body. The action allows my body to soften and my mind to relax. What I held as concern and confusion before are slowly dissipating, leaving me to feel connected once again. The hawk gently speaks into my mind.

“It is not always easy, brother, to know the truth of your journey. It takes open receptivity and patience to things unknown. Stay curious, that is why you were chosen, but not to a point that you forget your purpose. This will get easier.”Replying, I say. “How can you be so sure?”In the kindest, most considerate voice he responds, “because brother you are me, we are one. I know your story and you must understand this is just the beginning.”

“After the last word is spoken he turns around and begins walking up the steps. Following my guide, he slowly and thoughtfully ascends the stone staircase. With each step a glowing light at the top of the staircase becomes more noticeable. Step by step the light gets brighter until I can barely see the outline of the guide in front of me. Walking now with a squint in my eyes I begin breathing heavily. Struggling, the stairway seems to have gained a thickness, making it hard to traverse. With only a few steps left, the light becomes so bright I can no longer hold my eyes open and surrender to my heavy lids. As this happens my body becomes weightless I feel the amulet from around my neck disintegrate and I release my physical body back to the sarcophagus buried within the east wing of the underground catacombs of this planet. My breathing returns to normal and the light around me turns warm. The glowing light softens and my eyes begin to adjust. Feeling my breath return fully into my body, my chest heaves through expansion and contraction. Eyes still acclimating, I let go of the remaining bits of fuzziness. My vision returns and sitting in front of me I see none other than the soft fur of my beige colored cocker spaniel, Changa.”