Third Star Planet - Revisiting the Crystal Fields (part 4)

by Veronica Molinski

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Completing an oscillating visual journey through the records of this city’s history, I am startled when Brother shifts into view from the corner of my gaze.“It is time to go back into the crystal fields.”From his position across the room, he begins his instruction and I adjust myself out of my comfortable cross legged posture and stand up ready to follow his command. Exiting the door way, we proceed back the way we had originally come. Not long after exiting the room, we find what appears to be another stairway similar to, but different from, the camouflaged set we had arrived through earlier. The stairwell drops away from the exterior city facade and moves towards the unexplored caverns tucked inside the gorge wall.

Walking behind my brother through the dark tunnel, his auric light shines brightly projecting a color of magnificent lime-green. Pulsating outwards from his body a few feet in diameter, it gives just enough light for me to see what surrounds us as we move deeper into the enclosed stairwell. Looking at my body, I see my glow is a bright yellow color and wonder how funny we must look walking side by side with one another. As we reach the ground floor once again we find our path reveals the crystal fields. From our current vantage point, I can see we stand in the middle of the underground field. With equal space to the left and to the right my mind’s eye begins to pick up on the blueprint of the underground crystal field. I can see a giant U shape, something like a horse shoe. We currently stand at the top of the arch facing extended paths on either side. If we move towards the left, we will find the spot we had originally visited while the right would be uncharted territory.

The crystal field is enormous. Surrounding the backside of this once great lake, now a gorge, it feels as if it goes on for many miles in each direction. The field is completely cloaked within this underground chamber that lies behind the lake bed above. As my brother and I move through this space he begins to share stories regarding the crystals and their importance – focusing on their use in connection to the continued success of his people. I watch my brother as he becomes contemplative and nostalgic about the story he tells. His hands clasp behind his back and his head drops as the first words exit his mouth.

“What you just saw was a record of the evolution of history from your time to ours. You witnessed how this planet and its inhabitants have evolved to survive and stay connected to this place called Earth. Our generations are far removed from one another and much evolution had to be made to bring us here today. As the first Earth changes happened and the Earth began its purging process, resources became limited, people had to once again adapt to living off the Earth. This was hard for many who had lost their connection to the environment and no longer understood how to be in harmony with their surroundings. Many left this fractal plane unwilling to make the necessary changes to stay and help ground the new energies being ushered in. This fractal split purged many beings from this planet and sent them into other dimensions where they could live out the ends of their timelines in ways that were unchanged and unconscious.

Thousands of years passed where generation after generation had to simplify and make do with what was available to them. It was about this time when the dragons came. Using the energy of the dragons changed the environment and new cycles of growth started to take place, but we had to share our land with an unpredictable ally. During this time, we were forced to go underground. This is when the people create colonies of underground communities to live and thrive. Once underground, we discovered the crystals. While living with the crystals our people acknowledged that less food was consumed, less water was needed, and more vitality was gained. The crystals became our food and sustenance and overtime our physical vessels became more attuned by the power of the crystals that surrounded us. Not only did our needs change, but our physical bodies also changed into the androgynous form you see before you. We found that our daily connection to these crystals made our bodies stronger and more sustainable. Our connections to other life forms not living on this planet became clearer as well. We could hear, feel and see communications from extraterrestrials that wanted to help our planet survive and thrive through its reconstruction. Through these other worldly connections, we were given information on how to live, build and cultivate our community to be in harmony with all things now on this planet. The crystals aligned our bodies and energy, like an antenna, to become more in line with our newly formed connections. We no longer need food or drink to survive. Our physical vessels are sustained by our daily interactions with these crystal fields.”Pausing briefly, Brother lifts his head to look at me for comprehension. Seeing my receptivity, he smiles in my direction and continues with his lesson. “Daily, our people walk through the crystal fields opening themselves up to the connections waiting for them. Some days they will not receive a communication from the field, but most days they do. There is no forcing what happens here beneath the surface of our Earth. Some days our bodies need a tune up, other days we receive guidance or direction, other days we are meant to go about our day not holding any energy from the crystal. We hold no expectations from these crystals as we have come to learn that their power will connect with us when the time is right for both parties involved. We move through this field open and ready for whatever guidance may come. That is how simple our lives have become. We move in harmony with our world and with our people, and this brings balance to all aspects of our life.”

I think about the crystal dome I witnessed surrounding this encampment and wonder how and what this shield is used for. Asking this question to my brother he responds.“Having so many highly attuned crystals in this spot created a field of energy that is noticeable from the fifth dimension. Because you travel here in the fifth dimension you can see the field of energy being created by the crystals of our city. If you were to use your three-dimensional body without clear sight you would not be able to see a shield surrounding our city. Instead you would view empty space in the open area of our above ground city.”

My mind then wanders towards the vision of the inhabitants raking the crystals and wonders what this act was about. Asking my brother for clarification he answers.“The raking is our process of harvesting crystals that are ready for use. When an inhabitant of this city makes a connection with a crystal, the crystal will indicate if it is to stay exposed after use in the crystal field or if it needs to be buried in the ground for regeneration. If it is time for a crystal to regenerate it will ask to be buried in the ground after use. When individuals walk the paths of the crystal field, they may be called to harvest crystals from the ground that are ready to resurface. This process brings balance to the Earth, to the crystals, and the people harvesting them. When an individual hears the call, they will take time to resurface those crystals that have been energizing below the Earth’s surface.”