Third Star Planet - The Class (part 5)

by Veronica Molinski

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Moving away from the underground crystal fields, I follow my brother to a stairway across the arched field mirroring the one we had originally arrived through. Following the green light of his aura I am led out of the darkness and onto a platform I have now seen many times. This stairway seems to be a direct shot from the underground crystal caves to the platform on the opposite side of the city where the humming people sat. As we breach the platform I can see the same group of people still sitting with heads bowed humming softly.

Making our way through this assemblage my brother finds an open seat atop the stone slab and sits amongst the group of people. Doing the same, I find my own space and sit down quietly. Following the lead of my brother now sitting a few people away, I quietly soften my body and allow myself to open to the space surrounding me. As my awareness shifts away from my own curious thoughts and moves into the combined intentions of the group, I am immediately engaged by a hologram of what appears to be the Earth. There is a place illuminated on the glowing face of the Earth in front of me that everyone is intentionally focusing on. When my mind was busy I could not see this hologram, but now with a soft gaze and a relaxed mind I can see this hologram hanging about an inch in front of each person’s face. My ears perk up and it feels like the bones within my ear canal move through an adjustment, allowing more sound to enter my body. The humming of the crowd surrounding me makes it feel like a hallucination. As the first note leaves my mouth, I am immediately taken into a deeper connection with this illuminated place on the holographic Earth. Feeling a joining, I understand that there is some type of shift or harmonizing that is needed here for continued growth. I feel an alignment between my body and this place that the entire group is intentionally working on. I am still unsure if this is for the greater good of the Earth or for the group of people working with it.

The group continues with their humming and I soften, opening more fully to the connections surrounding me. A deepening occurs and I feel as if I am being pulled into the layers of holographic Earth floating in front of me. As this occurs I begin to witness another crystal field manifest onto the floating holographic screen. This field is alive and seems to be engaging with our group energy, activating itself through our combined intentions. I feel as if we are awakening this sleeping, hibernating crystal field. This awakening will allow for more harmony to come to this place that we are working on energetically. The activation will better align the Earth allowing for better contact with those who are not of this time-space; connecting those who are in a different fractal version of this planetary system. It seems that this work will also stabilize the inhabitants as well as the environment surrounding this crystal field.

This awakening is bringing into alignment more frequency for the Earth and helping to shift those connected to it.

Through my connection to this crystal field, through the hologram, I understand this will help the inhabitants connect with higher realms while also allowing them to remain grounded and connected to their place on Earth. By using the energy of these crystals, they may access the frequencies necessary to move into higher planes of existence whilst still connecting into their third dimensional plane. This seems to be the best of both energies, physical and spiritual aligning both Earth and its inhabitants. I begin to sense that as an individual living in 2015 I can open myself to this same connection, inviting a deeper bond to be made to the crystals below the Earth surface. This signals to me the beginning of an era where humans start to bring forth the opposing, yet balanced energies necessary to make the changes to our physical form while remaining connected to the Earth plane. The message itself is simple as it allows an individual to stay connected to Earth yet allows that individual to tap into the multi-dimensional world surrounding them. Sitting amongst the people of this place I gain much happiness from this experience and wonder when this shift might start to take place for the people of Earth in 2015.