Third Star Planet - The Place of Learning (part 3)

by Veronica Molinski

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My brother places my two hands inside of his own creating a powerful connection between our energy fields. This physical gesture quiets my mind’s endless stream of questions, allowing us space to connect together. Locking eyes, my brother begins the process of standing up.

As he extends one leg and then the other, he never breaks eye contact with me. Reaching his full height his back remains hunched over just enough to keep hold of my two hands. While I remain in a kneeling position near the cliffs edge, I can only imagine the love scene a passerby might witness between the two of us. He holds my hands in such a gentle way that my heart melts, I find myself with no pressing questions as I linger in this moment entranced by his deep gaze. Assisting me to stand, my brother walks me to the edge of the cliff overlooking the valley below one last time before we return to the platform.

Brother, it’s time to go to the place of learning.” He says this in a way that breaks the silence and serenity of the moment and allows the questions to move back into my subconscious mind. Wondering what this deep connection is between my brother and me, I ask, “Brother, what do you see when you look at me?

Having not the ability to see myself through his eyes, I can only feel the energy of myself here through the context of my human brain. To my questioning mind I am still Jenessee from Aurora, Ohio yet I can feel he sees something completely different. Closing his eyes and exhaling a deep breath, his body pauses. Opening his eyes once again, he turns and begins to walk. Perplexed, I follow him onto the platform where side by side we begin the process of traveling. I feel the waves of energy as they pulsate through my body. My brother grabs hold of my hand as we materialize onto a platform surrounded by inhabitants from what appears to be another similar, yet different, city. Inspecting this city from a bird’s eye view, one would notice that the massive encampment seems to have been established within the natural formations of layered rocks. It feels as if I am looking upon an area of the Grand Canyon, surrounded on three sides by layered rock leaving open the fourth side for entrance, exit, and the open sky above. The place of learning is open to the outside world, unlike the other city which was completely underground. This place of learning has a large dome of light acting as its roof, creating a semicircle shield around the top of the exposed area. This city they call the Place of Learning, has been built into a hollowed gorge, below the ground level, amid the land above. Momentarily stopping the inspection, I realize the transparent shield reminds me of the domed city back on the Pleiadian planet.

The city itself seems to be the remnants of some great body of water. At one point in time, possibly a large lake or river could have filled this underground city, yet now all that appears to be left are colossal yellowish-tan rocky cliffs that give the city its distinctive contours. These layered flat rocks protrude out of the bowl-shaped gorge like awnings protruding off of a house, and like the previously explored city this space also appears to be about three or four stories deep. Inside of the domed city all building materials seem to be made from stone, dirt, and rock. Just outside of the light dome, the landscape remains lush, green, and overgrown just like the jungle floor I recently stood upon.

The place of learning is quite like a college campus in between classes. There is action everywhere I glance, with something new catching my gaze around every corner. It is organized chaos and these indigenous people seem to understand where and what to do with this energy. Like ants moving through their colony, each person has a path and is showing a determination to accomplish their goal. Grabbing ahold of my hand, Brother leads us out of the stream of beings which are moving quickly towards us. Like the original underground city, each teleportation platform is tucked into a protected back corner of the city. When you try to exit the platform area, you must fight an onslaught of individuals entering into the crowded space awaiting their turn to travel. Finding the rock wall, we press our bodies against the large cool slab trying our best to avoid the riptide of moving people navigating their way onto the platforms. Once away from the chaos of the platform area, we find ourselves standing side by side in front of one of the walls making up the large gorge surrounding the rock city. From here I can see there are not only outer walls, but also tunneled pathways that seem to be carved straight down into the ground, and up into the levels above. It appears that behind the exposed multi layered stones of this city there are also passage ways or tunnels that lead to enclosed spaces with in the rock itself. Directly in front of us lies a staircase that moves upward towards one of the higher stone levels. The path off to the side leads down a tunnel carved below the ground. The tunnel moves in a direction that buries itself deep within the underground chambers of the cities ground floor.

We begin our downward trek following the length of the descending tunnel. Natural light from above continues to grow faint, only a glistening shimmer of light created by our two bodies’ auras gives guidance on our path. Brother’s aura looks like the glow seen around the outside of a candle flame. I can even begin to distinguish the heat escaping from around his physical form. These two auric halos illuminate our path about a foot in circumference around each of our bodies. Our footsteps quicken as the downward ramp turns at a steeply slanted slope.

“Welcome to the underground mines!”I was stunned at Brother’s excitement! I had yet to hear anything so emotional come out of him. Eager to see what these mines were all about and why my brother was so animated, I took the first step forward. Together our auric light reflected off protruding crystals lining the sides of our route. As we walked down the hall, it was as if the crystals picked up on our energy and refracted our light in wondrous ways creating rainbows that filled the underground cavern walls. Stalagmites and stalactites grew in ways that made this area look adorned with elegantly designed archways and pillars. Open spaces turned into private chambers that held secret gardens grown by the crystals themselves. Progress continues and I notice there were many different trails that connect our path, giving multiple hallways and chambers to explore. Passing by many rooms, I can see there are people down here who are using tools that look like rakes. Methodically and with precision, they seem to be harvesting what lies beneath the dirt. There is a calming essence to what they are doing, as if what they do is part of a sacred ritual.

My brother stops abruptly in front of me and takes a seat amongst very large stalagmite outcroppings.“Brother, find a location to rest.”While searching for the perfect spot, I see another man raking the ground peacefully through one of the windows within our current chamber. Bending down he reaches for a crystal he has just uncovered. After close inspection, he places this crystal on a flat spot on the stone in front of him and returns to his raking. I decide to sit opposite my brother on the other side of the path. Using one of the waist height sculpted stone walls as a back rest I recline comfortably into position amid a bed of crystals.“The crystals here come from all over this planet and have many different qualities. Some can connect us to our brothers that live in different spaces and times. Others help us to heal. Some can be used for food and others for their light energy. I am told that some crystals are of this planet and others have been sent here, or placed by others, to help assist with the connection and growth of the civilization. They are all powerful and have very specific functions.”

Curious to know more, I ask, “how does someone know which crystal has which quality? They all appear to be very similar.”My brother explains. “There is no need to know what crystal to use before connecting with it, all one must do is open up to the crystal’s energy and at that time the most suitable bond will be made.”Shifting in his seat a bit he says, “open yourself to the crystals surrounding you, brother.”

I saw a singular crystal illuminate and glow in front of me. The crystal had a miniature pulsating aura, and I could see a direct line of energy connecting back from it towards my solar plexus chakra, right behind my navel area. Waving a hand through the illuminated cord of light, I almost expected to feel a string due to the brightness and strong resonance I had with this cord coming off the crystal. I have never felt or seen something so clearly that wasn’t actually there. Still in a seated position across the path from my brother, I wondered if this is what he meant by opening myself up and letting the bond happen. Looking for the answer on my brother’s face, his smile alone seemed to satisfy the question within my mind. Feeling a surge of energy enter my body from the crystal, I wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but knew it must be powerful because at that moment the light connection between my body and the crystal disappeared. After the cord disappeared I noticed my brother shifting from his seated position, moving and finding his way back onto the main path.

Understanding this was the signal to leave, I followed my brother as he led the way down the straight path and out of the underground mine. Finding our way back to the base of the steep hill I could see a faint glowing light off in the distance. Crawling sideways up the loose gravel we found the flat path once again and got ourselves out of the underground caverns and behind the first wall of the city. Finding the original spot that we started this underground adventure from, Brother simply turned to face the staircase and then began his march upwards towards one of the top floors of the city.

We stop at an observation window where we can see out towards one of the large stone overhangs protruding into the middle of the city. There was a large congregation of people that had coalesced together on this outcropping. Unlike the chaos of the traveling platforms below, these people all sat very still facing in the opposite direction from which we stood. In unison, they chanted and hummed a loud song that could be heard throughout the city. Observing their practice, naturally my gaze began inspecting everyone I could see. In the previous city, I felt surrounded by male energy. Here although most of the beings looked the same, I could identify feminine energy.

Here at the Place of Learning, individuals gather for the opportunity to connect with their community. This city is a place to learn and grow, gathering together and yes a mixing of genders.”Brother’s tone took on the energy of a teacher speaking to a student. Once I understood what needed to be learned by the presence of these beings my brother continued walking. We moved away from the lookout and finished climbing the remaining steps until we reached the second floor of the city. The camouflage of the stairway turned inward connecting our path to an internal city corridor hidden by the great exterior stone wall.”

Taking twenty or so steps down this narrowly hollow hall we enter a chamber. It appears unlike anything we have encountered thus far. It is a double room. There is an exterior room and then an interior room sitting directly inside of it. The smallest room is octagonal in shape and has long narrow slits in each of the eight walls. The larger room is ovoid shaped, the room itself is made up of one long smooth rounded wall. The rooms have flat bottoms and tops making it possible to walk and not feel like you are in a fun house. Stepping inside of the double room I instantly experienced what its purpose is. With my step inside, I could feel the walls begin to move in opposite directions, one spinning clockwise and the other counterclockwise. The spinning sensation picks up as I make my way into the center of the smallest room. All I can do to steady myself at this point is to sit down in the middle of the room and wait for my purpose to become clear. My brother’s voice echoes into the chamber from his comfortable position at the open door.

“This is the record room for the city. From here you will understand the history of the people.”As soon as I sat down the room spun faster and shadows began dancing on the walls. As the oscillations sped up, the scenes playing out on the walls grow more vivid and lifelike. Sitting in this center most spot of the room I notice a feeling of stillness wash over me. Everything, but me, now seemed to be moving in this room.

Within a singular flash, I understood a millennium of history and information. The first shadow I saw was that of Earth in the time space of 2015. I saw what appeared to be a map of North America and saw cities like New York and Los Angeles emphasized with their huge buildings and large populations. From here the image became animated, and the map of the world spun very fast. The large buildings and cities crumbled down to the ground leaving only rubble. The map of the world kept spinning nearly making an orbit around the moving room, and here I was pulled to the large land mass of Europe and then specifically to Russia. Large dark looming shadows hovering above Russia turn into animated cannons. Each of the cannons sat side by side creating a ring along Russia’s border. As the cannons formed their ring, a band of soldiers pointing bayonets take up the space in between each cannon, extending their guns outwards at each of the surrounding land masses. All at once, dark shadows hover over the animation like dark clouds in a sky. As the clouds disappear, the cannons and guns shoot towards Asia, South Africa, and as far as North America creating complete devastation to all in Russia’s path. All around the world landmasses fall. The pictures begin to erase and I can feel the Earth experience a massive clearing. The energy of the Earth fights back using tidal waves which cover the coasts, earthquakes which bring devastation around fault lines, volcanoes that erupt and send shock waves along Earth’s connected landmasses. Everything revealed to me, begins to fall apart. Right about the time when the shadows cover Earth in its entirety, I see the shadows turn into flying dragons. They begin covering the Earth in their glistening etheric fire. With one fiery pass, I can see instant regrowth begin to happen.

Not like a forest that burns down and has a cycle of regrowth, this was more of an energetic switch from devastation to that of calm and peace ushered in by the dragons. During the time of regrowth on Earth, there were many humans that went underground to live. Because it was taking much time to regrow the energy on the surface, those who went underground began creating a civilization that could be sustained by its protective habitat. This is what started the creation of the dynamic underground cities I see today. Shadows turn into pictures of this visually primordial man and convey his intent to rebuild a civilization that had been destroyed by actions of the surface-world people, his ancestors. I begin to understand that part of his lesson is to recognize the past and what led to the destruction of his world. He must find a way to simplify and connect to life and people in a different way that will be sustainable to the Earth and all energies surrounding him. This is where simplicity became necessary, and out of the simplicity came the development of highly attuned, higher dimensional energies. Thousands of years living underground and living with the energy of simplicity and regrowth helped transform the people into the culture I see before me in this time-space.