Third Star Planet - Underground City (part 2)

by Veronica Molinski

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Visions of flying dragons leave my field of view and my immediate landscape comes into focus once again. I look towards the dragon as she bows her snout while telepathically imprinting yet another vision into my mind. I see what appears to be an underground city. Accompanying this visual imprint, the dragon gently speaks into my mind saying, “they are waiting.”With that breath, I could sense the last bit of mental connectivity to the dragon leaving. She shut her large eyelids and I knew that our conversation was done. Her body scuffled around until it curled into a neatly compacted sleeping position. Our worlds were separate once again. Taking this sign, I decide to move on. Shifting my body, I half pivoted away from the dragon finding myself staring back at the holographic tree.

“They are waiting.” I repeat the words out loud and feel the next part of my journey click into place. I move towards the tree with the holographic façade. Moving through the entrance, my passage is easily navigated now that I understand the dynamics of this tree. Finding the steps within the center of the space, I move down the spiraling staircase to the level I had previously explored. As my eyes raise their view off the steps, the vision of my feet are replaced by the vision of a man. Stopping abruptly on the last step, my right foot almost slips off, throwing the weight of my body backwards. Extending my left hand once again I steady myself using the compacted dirt wall, preventing a backwards tumble from happening. Chest heaving, adrenaline is now coursing through my body. Timidly looking once again, I see the man is real and is apparently waiting for me. Exiting the last step, I slide my foot onto the dirt floor. As my foot hits the path, I hear the man’s voice ahead of me say:

“Hello Brother.”The man standing directly in front of me is of average height. He has dark brown skin and looks aboriginal. His hair is black and cut in the shape of a bowl around his forehead which continues around the back of his neck. He has painted lines on his face and wears a loin cloth that covers his genitals. Without a word, he turns and begins to navigate the long hallway now in front of us. He walks at a brisk pace with his head down as if on a mission. I keep his step and catch up enough to follow alongside him. He does not choose to make conversation or eye contact, so I ask, “where are you taking me brother?”

He responds, “we are moving towards the city.”Moments after this statement is made, we arrive at what appears to be a doorway carved out of the ground on our left side. The materials surrounding us is an organic mixture of sticks, dirt, tree roots, tree trunks, and other decomposed matter. As we stand shoulder to shoulder looking out through the cut doorway, I glimpse an entire underground city before me.

We appear to be standing on the top floor of this underground city, housing three different levels. Peering out through this doorway I can see the entire landscape. It feels as if we are in a large hallowed out bee hive. Looking skyward, there is no visible opening. The top of this structure seems to be the ground floor of the jungle above. Scanning the city from left to right, I can see circular rings moving around the outer walls representing walkways that connect and create the three distinct levels. Looking closer at some of these walkways, I can see other openings; carved out doorways like the one we are currently standing within. As more detail comes into view, I can see a warm yellow glow emanating around the doorways lining the bottom two floors below. Looking at these lower walkways I can see every ten feet or so there is a black hallowed out doorway followed by illuminated light and then another black doorway. The city is quite grand.

We find the exposed ramp connected to our archway. The path is completely open and moves along the interior wall of the underground city. Walking along the exposed circular path on this top floor, we receive access to a camouflaged tunnel of stairs. Mind racing and more curious than ever, I look at my surroundings. Interestingly, all I see are trees. I do not see the tops of the trees, but I do see clearly the body of the trees almost like support beams in a house. These trees seem to have once seen the outside world, they are not roots that wind and twist about, but are strong, straight, weathered trees. As I notice this detail, I intuitively receive the impression that this underground city might not have always been underground. It becomes clear to me that this city might have been constructed first and then somehow the ground covered what now lies perfectly underneath.”

Thus far my adventure into the underground city has been focused on the scenery, but now the activity of the inhabitants begins to catch my attention. Movement is happening all around us within every corner of this city. I am only able to detect the presence of males, I am not sure if this is because everyone looks alike and I think they are male, but it seems the word “Brother” comes to mind for every inhabitant I visually take notice of. Once we reach the ground floor platform, we immediately move towards the far corner of the main floor. Sensing where our journey is headed, I take notice of the destination and see it is the busiest place in this underground city. The inhabitants of this city seem to be congregating around this corner, with even more coming to add to the size of the crowd. Breaking the silence, I ask my companion, “Brother, why are people drawn to this place, what is it?”

He waves a hand towards the corner with the growing crowd and says, “this is where we travel.”As we get closer moving into the center of the gathering crowd, I see two platforms positioned side by side each circular in shape. Each platform is of a size that could hold one, maybe two people at a time. I can see that the platforms have carvings along their sides. These carvings are non-distinctive to me and seem like stick doodles made in what was once wet clay. Now looking at the crowd, I observe a kind of organized disorder, there seems to be some unspoken understanding between the people here and what exactly is taking place. I watch as a person breaks away from the crowd almost stomping up the inclined path towards the platforms a few feet above the ground floor level. This person steps onto the platform to my left and in a few seconds disappears, a few seconds later on the platform to the right someone else materializes out of thin air.”

Falling into a trance over the appearing and disappearing, my gaze is momentarily broken when my brother takes my hand. Pulling my gaze towards him and away from the commotion of the platforms, he begins pulling me forward through the crowd. Bumping the shoulders of the people, we move through and no one’s gaze is broken as we pass them by. They stare transfixed at the two platforms sitting atop the short-inclined path ahead of us. Pushing through them with force, we move past the front line of the crowd making our way toward the platform on the left. Having just witnessed a person vanish from this spot, my eyes search my brother’s hoping to gain a deeper understanding. Both of us now standing atop the platform, my brother moves his hand out of my hand and uses it to grab my elbow. Pulling on my elbow he twists me towards him drawing my body close so that our chests touch and I can feel the intense pulsation of his beating heart. Staring deep into his dark eyes my mouth opens ready to speak the questions of my mind. He looks at me and closes his eyes tightly and with that we are enveloped in a tornado of spinning white light.

Travel has begun.When light fills the space around us, I can feel it effects not only my fifth dimensional body in this tube with my brother, but can also feel the energy move through my third dimensional body back on Earth. I can sense my body lying on my wooden sleight bed in Aurora, Ohio as if the two realities have been spun together in some strange union. Feeling connected and at peace, I allow the waves of light energy to radiate throughout my entire being while I feel and sense the embrace of my brother’s arms from the underground city. It feels as if my body has different currents of energy running through it. I start to sense a different movement and can see that our light tunnel is coming to an end as things begin to slow down around us. Within seconds our journey is complete and we are placed upon another platform like the one we had just left from. Standing chest to chest, in close proximity to one another, our two bodies materialize atop the new platform. Here I can feel the heat from his physical body next to mine and am reassured. Looking around, I can see the two new platforms are surrounded by nature situated on the top of a cliff. My brother takes my elbow and turns me towards the expansive view where I can see the lush greens of the valley below. Grabbing my hand, he walks, towing me towards the edge of the cliff away from the platform. Reaching our destination my brother bends into a seated position. Sitting on his knees with the tops of his feet lying flat on top of the soil below, I mimic his position. I don’t feel a need to question him or his purpose with me, I feel there is no distance between us like we have experienced this together before. There is an unspoken connection between myself and my brother that words can’t explain. It is here that I find authentic connection to not only the scenery, but also “my brother. Full understanding takes place on a deep level within me and I sense a shift has happened where I now feel ready to ask my questions.“What is the purpose of your people in this place? Why do they stay underground when there is such beauty to be enjoyed? ”Scooting closer to me on the jungle floor, my brother turns towards me so that we are once again staring deep into one another’s eyes. It is here that he begins his story.“Our purpose is connection and community.”

“As the words escape his mouth I see visions of what he is describing in my mind’s eye. Flashes of the underground city - I see people always together, never separated. Everyone seems busy and engaged. I visually review their people and think about the simplicity I observed within the underground city. I begin to judge their undeveloped community as having no advancements, no machines, very primitive.”

“Just because there is a perception of simplicity doesn’t mean there is a lack of advancements.”His words paint a picture of the underground city’s ability to teleport to any location on their planet. With this I see our own journey and how we moved from the city to this serene lush natural space.“Our people understand teleportation and understand how to allow our third dimensional bodies to make the journey along with our minds. We are in connection to our planet, this allows us the ability to use its energy to support our lives and continue our expansion.”

I begin to see pictures indicating locations of other cities around this planet that have developed just as the underground city has. Together these cities have created a vast network connecting communities to one another through their combined efforts.“This could not happen unless we held the energy of compassion and connection. The want to fully integrate with one another for the greater good of all involved.”

I feel a resonance with the images I am seeing and the indigenous people who live here. I see the different cities and the different continents and realize this is the geographic of Earth in the space-time of 2015. Looking at my brother, I understand why I needed to connect so deeply to the landscape before my barrage of questions could take place. Without the deep knowing and connection to the energy of this space, I might have missed this crucial detail.Now erupting with questions, I ask. “What do the underground cities have to do with the way the people live? Why and how did the dragons come to be? If this is Earth in a different space-time, what happened in humanities evolutionary process? What happened that set in motion all of these drastic differences?”