Third Star Planet - Wisdom of the Dragon (part 6)

by Veronica Molinski

Receiving closure and a bit of peace from my experience with the group, my brother decides it is time to move back to the original place I encountered on this planet.I watch as Brother stands from his seated position amongst the group of sitting beings and turns to stare at me over the top of two downturned meditating heads. His gaze is unwavering and his face seems to project the emotions of love, sadness, joy, and loss all at once. My lips move from a wide smile into a flat confused shape. Not knowing his intention, but feeling him slipping away, my heart breaks as our energy disconnects from one another. As if being pulled through a dream, within the blink of an eye my brother’s face is gone. Sucked into a wash of light I speed away from the learning center and manifest back into the large hallowed out trunk of the tree I had originally encountered during my very first moments here on this planet. Pushing my way through the holograph of the tree, I find the same lazy dragon still sunbathing her body, lying neatly tucked into the landscape of the lush jungle floor.

Her big, yellowish-brown colored snout lies directly in front of my body and I sense a warm acceptance pouring off the dragon. In her stylized way, the dragon makes small movements adjusting her large body as her words fill the empty spaces of my mind. I am flooded with immense amounts of understanding over my encounters while here in this timeline of Earth. She has the unique ability to move the experiences from my subconscious body into my conscious field of awareness. Like a miner panning for the nuggets of gold amongst the sand, I can feel the wisdom of my journey come together into one complete memory. I feel a surge of energy from the dragon as she speaks this message.

There are many timelines, fractals, and other dimensions playing out different existence scenarios in a multitude of different ways. This happens for the sole purpose of learning and experiences and it happens uniquely for the individuals living through it. The dragons are the guardians of this planet through many different existence scenarios. We connect with the crystals and with the land and are here to help cultivate a new growth cycle. We are able to move into and out of the third dimension freely, and only come to a place such as Earth when regrowth is necessary to continue a cycle.

Showing me many different pictures of places, the dragon imbeds images of many interesting planets into my mind’s eye. I get the sense that the dragons move effortlessly between the fifth and third dimension on these planets depending on where they are needed to help sustain unique growth cycles. Speaking again she continues.

“There are times when planetary cycles hit crucial energetic junctures, as you have witnessed here on this fractal version of Earth. This timeline is one that does not have to be your timeline’s reality. This is a version of a world that has been created by the endless use of natural resources from Earth in your time-space. Earth is a birthing planet that is responsible for many different life forms and because of that it will never cease to be, it will merely be given opportunities to change during times when the Earth births new dimensions. The inhabitants will have every opportunity to grow with the ever-changing needs of the Earth planet, yet there will be those that chose not to grow. There will be old Earths, new Earths and there will always be an Earth that needs to be sustained to go through re-growth cycles helping to continue its planetary birthing process. Humanity is a mostly conscious population and with that they must choose which Earth they wish to evolve, the old, the new or the same.”

“I am shown the underground landscape of our Earth in 2015 through a picture placed in my mind. The dragon says loudly into my mind.

The crystals are there awaiting your connection.

She now shows me a picture of San Francisco and points to a monstrous crystal that lies under the heart of the city. Speaking again she says, “This crystal is openly awaiting activation by means of connecting through your people. Through your conscious connection, the individuals who are open to its messages will receive the wisdom they need to carve out their most divine path on Earth. This crystal is a catalyst for grounding harmonizing Earth energies for all inhabitants of San Francisco. This crystal holds the ability to open the individuals in that city and those surrounding it to a level of awareness that they are not accustom to. This crystal lays dormant waiting for the people who are within its range to begin to establish a connection to its power. San Francisco’s crystal is but one example of the power that lays waiting for all individuals around Earth in 2015. There are fields of underground crystals simply waiting for you to connect. Their vibrational fields are becoming more apparent to those moving into their reach.

“I am now flooded with a coolness in my body especially around my forehead. She says,

“You must open yourselves to this field and find the connections necessary to be a part of the transition into the new Earth. The who, what, where, when and how is not important. The connection is all that matters. All one must do is intend to make the connection and then be open to the energy hiding within the planet. There is no need to sense a crystal or even know exactly where it is, all that is needed is for an individual to be ready to connect in a vulnerable and open way.

When moving through a new space one of your kind can send out mental thoughts to their surroundings and ask to connect with the crystal fields within the landscape. By doing this the vibrational field of the crystal will become active and the connection will be made. In this open space, the individual will then receive knowings, feelings, sensations and connection to what the area holds. For the sensitive, this will come through as impulses and instant knowings. For those unaware of the expansiveness of their field, it might take time to hear the call of the vibration of the crystals lying dormant underground. Remember, all who perform these actions will be creating a connection to the Earth as well as the higher dimensional realms. Humans can be the conduit between these two polar energies, you were meant for this connection, it is a part of your divine destiny. This alone will create the balance and stability the Earth and its inhabitants need to continue to move forward in the most harmonious and balanced way.

Humans have the ability now to make these connections. The current trajectory of your timeline can shift. If humans connect to and make available their energy for the dormant crystals, you can begin the transitional process of your Earth and shift the grounding energies back into your planets landscape. Your planet has three paths, to not evolve or to stay grounded, to evolve into a new dimensional frequency, or to usher in the next re-growth cycle.”

Thinking now intensely about the implications of each of these choices, I begin to question how I could help usher in a new dimensional frequency, helping our current timeline. “Dear one, you must understand that each of these three things will happen to your Earth no matter what you choose to do. The purpose of our message to you is to show you the paths and give you the information necessary to assist in whatever option you choose to be a part of. Those who choose to evolve into a new dimension will evolve and will take a high resonance version of their fractal split with them. Those who choose to stay on Earth and hold its energies during the re-growth will stay and will help with the healing of the Earth. Those who choose to not explore their conscious evolution will remain unconscious and will stay with a tormenting version of their fractal planet that will affirm their unconscious existence. Each fractal existence will have opportunities to move into the other existences to assist and learn, but the key here is it will always be a choice.”

Her message is clear and the separation of the timelines of Earth become more evident now than it had been before. I understand more fully what it means to see the future. When I saw this Earth and its dragons and people, I assumed it was our immediate outcome due to how we treated the planet. What I was actually seeing was a version of the planet that individuals chose to experience to continue their own growth cycle and learning. At any point, we can choose which timelines we are experiencing, at any point I can learn all my soul lessons and walk as a fully recognized ascended master amongst the planet. Nothing around me changes – My relationship to it changes. When we see different timelines, we are seeing the possibilities that our decisions are carving out. We are seeing our different paths. We make choices that bring our different timelines into union creating an over soul experience that walks in all dimensions clear of his or her intent.

The ability to create and manifest fully into any time-space is the ability of every human. Sometimes we make choices that create more timelines that will require more work and union in the end. There are times we choose to stop life and start again so that we can become clearer on our path and more connected to our whole being. Time itself and different incarnations are all a hologram being used to teach us in this present moment. Our nature as a divine human being is to be able to connect all time, and all space in a singular moment and live as an ascended master in a higher dimensional realm yet grounded to our place in time. The creation of this Earth dimension is here to help teach us that we span all existence. A thought starts to bubble up to the surface of my conscious mind.

“Is this part of the reason why I am seeing these existences on different planets?”

Coming to understand this wisdom I turn my focus to the dynamic of the collective consciousness and the totality of humanity living in a space and time together. Here shifts in consciousness and connection to the whole are what create the paths of the collective field, quite like the three paths of Earth. When many begin to change together, this lifts the vibration of the whole collectively and the planet will shift to support these changes. That is why different realities will need to be created to sustain the growth and development of the different collectives. The planetary changes will adjust to match the vibrational currents that the inhabitants are going through. So, if a massive cycle of rebuilding needs to happen, the Earth will help provide this. If a shift in how we live within our environment needs to happen, the Earth will provide this shift adjusting to match the needs of the inhabitants. Good, bad or indifferent there are cycles happening where there is development reaching max points for the collectives of the inhabitants. This creates the many different timelines that we can all perceive and feel.

“The more I understand the Dragon’s wisdom the more I understand a spiritual concept that I have always known, but not quite been able to understand – “I am that I am”. Meaning:

If I am all that is out there, if I am creator, if I am good, if I am bad, if I am all that I perceive, if I am all that I create, if “I am that I am” I can see that all I need to do is understand all parts of “myself” without contrast, without separation, understanding that my most authentic self is what I am, and forget everything else. When I can be completely present and one with the all that is, I no longer live in a linear way, but bring my timelines together in one moment and live fully in the knowing that “I am that I am” and in full knowing that every moment of my existence is divine and in order. The question now is, do I continue my path as it is now on Earth, separating myself from the people, and from my environment to understand myself better? Or do I listen to the call, to reconnect to all things and understand that everything that surrounds me is me. It is a part of me and my construct on some deep level. So, trust in the unfolding of my existence without judgment because it is just another part of my authenticity coming up to be loved more fully and recognized as a part of myself as it is connected to the whole. This is our path and these are the choices. As I stand here on the lush jungle floor, I begin to realize that there are no incorrect choices, each of the three paths will teach us what we need to know when we need to know it. The question is which path am I ready to reveal?”

With my final internal thoughts subsiding, I look up to catch the dragon staring intensely at me. It looks as if she had been holding her breath up until this point, only to release when I caught her stare. Our eyes locked and her dark black pupils turned animated. Radiating love, sadness, hope and fear I feel every emotion pour out from her dark black pupils. I can see this world and all worlds swim to the surface of her imagination and she pulls away from my lingering gaze. I can tell she has an opinion she is not willing or allowed to share. As her head twists to the side tucking neatly into her large stomach, she lets out another large breath signaling our conversation is done. As her breath escapes her belly, her head tucks even deeper inward and I can feel the energy once again leave my body. Standing alone on the floor of the lush green jungle I feel inclined to send her a picture of my heart. Not knowing how or what I was doing it felt right at that moment in time.

“Dear One, you are loved.” She responds with exactly the words I needed to hear to feel our conversation was complete. Letting go of any further expectations, I detach completely from her in this space and surrender into the unknown void of what might come next. Right on cue a warm feeling arises, penetrating the small of my back. The warmth turns into an intense itching sensation and all at once my body is pulled like a sling shot from the back of my body. Feeling my form bend in half, my head moves towards my feet and my entire body goes flying towards the sky. Pulling away from the planet, my route does not stop until the greens and blues turn into a small one tone colored glass marble, surrounded by what I can only describe as the vast void and emptiness of space.