Today CHANGE to avoid ILLUSION + Chakra Balancing

by Veronica Molinski

jen roy · Chakra Balancing Window 56 (Third Eye Chakra Shadow) Illusion

Title: Today CHANGE to avoid the ILLUSION + Chakra Balancing
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Description: Daily Horoscope will review the numerology of the day, month, and year and mash that up with a collective reading on one aspect of the multidimensional chakra system. In order to be living your purpose on Earth, you need to master consciousness at each of the 3-Human levels, your mind, your emotions, and your physical actions or choices. When these levels are not open and clear you block yourself from living your purpose. We will review one aspect each day to help you balance and align your chakras and consciousness so you can live a more full and expansive human experience. Root to Crown (330) 861-9493

00:00 Intro description (CH1)
00:21 How and Why we do this (CH2)
0:59 Numerology for Today (CH3)
3:58 Collective Chakra Energy (CH4)
08:45 Closing description and call to action (CH5)
09:30 Chakra Balancing (CH6)

CHAPTER 1 Intro description Daily Horoscope will review the numerology of the day, month, and year and mash that up with a collective reading on one aspect of the multidimensional chakra system.

CHAPTER 2 How and Why we do this Frist, we will look at the Numerology of the month to anchor our intentions and see how we can use the energy to work with today. Second, we will look at the Multidimensional Chakra system and see what collective energy is working with us today. Third, we will move into a short chakra balancing meditation to open and work with your chakras today.

CHAPTER 3 Numerology for Today Today is a CHANGE day, this is a NEW BEGINNING month, this is a SPIRITUAL year. Today is an amazing day to set into motion something new. Starting at the beginning of a new cycle everything is sparkling with abundance and potential. Today take advantage of this and change it up, show the intelligence of the universe that you are ready and willing to work with something new. Let this day be a reminder that if you are accepting of change, welcoming and even help initiate it that you are open for something new and great to flow your way.

CHAPTER 4 Collective Chakra Energy Collective Chakra energy Window #56 Illusion. Illusion is the physical Third Eye Chakra (MIND) and the emotional Third Eye Chakra (INTUITION). When these energies meet in the multidimensional chakra grid blocked on the emotional plane it creates the shadow aspect of the Third Eye Chakra which is Illusion. When this energy shows up it's an indication that you are getting stuck in the duality of the 6th plane (clairvoyance / clearly seeing). This could indicate that you are too focused on the physical reality to find validation over what your intuition is communicating or it could suggest that you are getting stuck in patterns of disbelief. Either way illusion comes to the forefront when the pattern is becoming a block to your field and potential.

CHAPTER 5 Closing Description & Call to Action Come work with us personally at Root to Crown. Our community supports seekers of all levels and we have multiple tools and resources for you to us while working with your chakra system. Download the app called the Chakra Deck and take a deep dive while watching our live RAW SHAMAN content.

CHAPTER 6 Chakra Balancing Meditation At the end of this video you will find the chakra balancing meditation. This meditation will recreate your reality and then clear it all at once. In doing this we allow somethin new to come in, something aligned to our highest potential.

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