Wellness Journey Zero Doubt Club on Chakra & Plant Medicine

by Veronica Molinski

Spiritual Wellness expert Jenessee Roy, founder of Root To Crown and author of "Chakras Root to Crown: A 94 Day Chakra Journey," talks with co-founder of Cleveland-based Zero Doubt Club Jeremy Torchinsky; on all things chakras, meditation, actionable resolutions and the power of plant medicine in Zero Doubt Club's Podcast: Episode 59. Turn up the volume, zen out, breathe and listen to our latest episode on our mind, body and soul on: ❤️ Spiritual wellness 🧡Decoding each chakra to your mind, body soul 💛How chakras affect our lives 💚The power of plant medicine 💙Unblocking the flow...in real-time 🧞‍♂️Tips on meditating (even if you think you can't, you can!) 💜 Actionable ways to move forward in 2023 Are you ready to go on a spiritual wellness journey in our latest🎙Podcast? 👇