What happens if all chakras are open?

by Veronica Molinski

When our seven main chakras are open and balanced, energy can flow freely through our bodies and minds. When any of these energy centers become blocked, it leads to stagnation and can contribute to a variety of physical and spiritual ailments. If the solar plexus chakra is blocked, you may feel an overwhelming amount of embarrassment and doubt. Those with open sacral chakras are free to express their true selves.

When one opens all the main chakras, the vital energy of our body equalizes. All energy centers will have a state of harmony and balance. This leads to a balanced and healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of one's life. An open sacral chakra allows people to participate in intimacy and sex, and you will be able to experience a sense of fullness, happiness and abundance from these activities.

Chakra (not “shakra” as many people pronounce it) means “wheel”, literally, what turns. When the heart chakra is open, you learn to love yourself and, therefore, there is more love to give to others. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health will also benefit if your chakras maintain a sense of balance. Like the human mind, this chakra allows you to experience extrasensory perception and has telepathic abilities.

Because chakras emanate positive energies, you can speak your mind without cruelty or meanness, and yet you emphasize the importance of love and kindness in the way you relate to other people. The sixth primary energy point is the third eye chakra, also called the mind chakra, which people associate with wisdom and intuition. When the fourth chakra is opened, one becomes aware of the cosmic element of air and realizes the underlying unity of all gaseous states of matter as a crystallization of the energy of consciousness. Chakra translates to wheel in Sanskrit, and you can imagine them as wheels of free flowing positive energy.

Unlocking a chakra can be done in several ways, but the simplest method is to meditate on the chakras. However, today, chakras, like yoga, are defined in physical terms, which obscures their true purpose and function. Chakras are related to various spinal centers and the physiological processes they govern, such as digestion, breathing, or reproduction. An underactive root chakra can cause a person to constantly daydream, which may not be the most productive thing in the world, especially if they have a lot of responsibilities to take care of.

It is possible to have aberrant kundalini or chakra experiences, although most experiences labeled as early kundalini awakening are actually nervous or mental disorders of a more ordinary nature. Keep in mind that some people get into trouble trying to open their chakras due to lack of preparation.