Which chakras are blocked?

by Veronica Molinski

Literally speaking, the Sanskrit word chakra translates as wheel or disc, but it refers to a center of spiritual energy within the human body, of which there are seven along the spine, and through the neck and crown of the head, according to the Chopra Center. Literally speaking, the Sanskrit word chakra translates as wheel or disc, but it refers to a center of spiritual energy within the human body. While there is not much scientific evidence to support the physical manifestations of spiritual energy, the study of the seven chakras and the alignment of the chakras, whether through meditation, reiki or yoga, is based on the belief that when the chakras are open and aligned, our energy is constantly free. flowing, allowing prana to flow through them, says Olivia.

But before you can dive deep into each chakra, you need to know the basics. If we are hyperactive, we can become too loving. All of a sudden, that may not sound like a problem, but Kavanagh points out that it's usually about masking codependency. This will have a ripple effect on our relationships, being overly dependent, needy, jealous and possessive, with a lack of boundaries, he says.

A third eye block is associated with a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety and a more critical attitude, while physically it is said to cause headaches, dizziness, and many other brain health problems. Meanwhile, having a third eye wide open can lead to an overactive imagination and a mind that runs away with us. Sometimes, with a hyperactive forehead chakra, we may even discover that our clairvoyance abilities are so active that they can overwhelm and frighten us,” says Kavanagh. Your official excuse to add OOD (ahem, outdoors) to your call.

To work best, your chakras must remain open or balanced. If they are blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. When we experience a blocked chakra, it means that our energy in that area is slow or it is difficult for it to flow smoothly as it should. Imagine a stream with lots of rocks, the more rocks, the slower the stream will flow.

As we clear the rocks, the current will flow more smoothly. The seven chakras are the main energy centers of the body, ranging from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When all chakras are open and flowing freely, we feel light, aligned and at ease. But if even one is blocked, it can cause a lot of problems, both mental and physical, and block energy from reaching the chakras that come after it.

Therefore, if your first chakra, the root, is blocked, it is likely that all of your other chakras are also out of balance in some way. The Navel Chakra resides in the Solar Plexus. Associated with a sense of trust, this chakra can be blocked if you feel embarrassed. Problems related to willpower and self-esteem can arise.

If you tend to feel shy and unable to express your opinion in a meeting, it is your belly button chakra that is blocked. With this A-Z index, you can identify which chakra is blocked to reduce your unwanted symptoms. Learning to connect your chakras and yoga together will take you far, and now you have that opportunity with this course. Now you've learned to recognize when one or more of your chakras are blocked, along with some simple solutions to realign them.

Blocked by the emotion of guilt, an alteration in this chakra can cause sexual imbalances, such as the inability to express themselves sexually or, sometimes, women having painful menstrual periods. Chakras refer to several energy centers in the body that correspond to specific bundles of nerves and internal organs. Another easily recognizable sign of experiencing a slow or blocked chakra is when you experience a lack of inspiration, depression, or overindulgence in addictive behaviors. These physical symptoms connect with the root chakra, which is the first energy center and spiritual basis for all other chakras.

Once you figure out which of yours needs a little work, try a chakra meditation to get started and check out these tips designed specifically for the root chakra, sacrum, solar plexus, heart, throat and crown. This is because each of the chakras is connected to the next and creates energy loops that surround the body. . .