Your Shadow…. Stay tuned, I promise you haven’t heard it described like this before!

by Veronica Molinski


Shadow Self…. Stay tuned, I promise you haven’t heard it described like this before!


This January 2023, I cannot tell you how many back-to-back people I have psychically read that had the same message come through. Today we are going to talk about your shadow, yes that aspect of you that you think should have been cleansed or cleared during your spiritual evolution.

Communication is coming in surrounding this intense year and cycle with the opening of the spiritual chakra above your head. Last year, was the year to merge your authentic self and be YOU. The you meant to be on Earth right now.


Let’s start by using the lens of religion. In the story of Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden is the picture of perfection. In it resides the divine male and the divine female living in perfection. Everything is whole and balanced. Yet introduce a little temptation (darkness) and the female eats it up and becomes corrupt, she becomes the shadow. This separates her and Adam from the picture of perfection and sends them into the duality of consciousness (Light vs. Dark).


Shadow = that which seeks knowledge and understanding instead of acceptance of what is. (Eve in the garden)


Remember as a child you didn’t question yourself, you lived in the garden of Eden. In complete acceptance. Once you became self-aware like Eve seeking the knowledge of the apple, you started assessing aspects of yourself to understand everything you could about yourself and the world you live in. To do this you began dissecting aspects of the whole breaking things into light and dark, right and wrong, good and evil just like EVE wanted to in the garden of EDEN. This begins the infinite spiral of existence that will never end until you once again ACCEPT what is and your absolute perfection. Recently the message has been about needing to INTEGRATE our shadow self so that we can find our way back to EDEN, wholeness, and perfection.


As you begin the journey back to wholeness you recognize that there are rules or stories surrounding good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, and light vs. dark, and it becomes hard to think anything within the duality could be perfect except what you have associated with the light or good.

Divine has been communicated that during this time of 2023, we should be our wholeness, and to disown any of the parts of ourselves that appear; corrupt, shadow, bad, or defective will disconnect us from the purpose/perfection coming through at this time. When you question aspects of your shadow right now you are continuing the original separation from EDEN or your perfection. Divine is saying it’s time to accept all the faces you have and trust in the perfection of all of them.

Bring in the SHADOW. As spiritual beings seeking enlightenment, you have placed your bets on the LIGHT side of yourself and suppressed the DARK. This has led to the ultimate duality again and disconnected perfect individuals from the flow. In order to move forward in 2023 we must give our shadow a voice, we must accept that this shadow side of ourselves has been playing a specific role in our life – LIKE EVE, to help us understand the different and unique aspects of ourselves. When we can see that our shadow is still a part of the whole we can accept the absolute consciousness and open once again to EDEN or perfection.


*Today label the identity inside of you that acts out of the darkness.

(example: manipulator, self-saboteur, spiritual narcissist, messiah, victim……)

*Ask your shadow to be present and communicate from an internal place of love and acceptance to this part of yourself.

*Trust that the chaos that this version of you has caused was done in order for you to experience different aspects of the whole and with your superior consciousness we no longer need the chaos to understand this facet of you.

*Play the role this part of you needs to play with love and acceptance not suppressing feelings or instincts. Allow your shadow to update, upgrade and activate while you guide it into this new level of experience and back into the whole.