Guilt to Acceptance Tool

by Veronica Molinski

Learn how to stay in the flow of life finding acceptance in every situation. Guilt is an emotional density that will prevent you from moving forward.

You could experience guilt day to day or during different cycles of your life. Guilt creates emotional stagnation which gets trapped and has you repeating unwanted patterns. Guilt can be initiated by the people around you having you question your choices and left feeling confused or hurt. Guilt can also be self induced having you constantly battling right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, depending on your own life choices. The opposite side of guilt is acceptance, those stuck in guilt will have problems accepting their authenticity and distrust in the choice they make. Through recognition intention and techniques this course translates fear into co-creation. Now that we have reviewed guilt and you are on the path towards acceptance, what do you need to accept? We will Identify what traps may await you in the emotional body and what could take you out of the flow. Keep your goal connected to the emotional plane and sacral chakra since we are working at this level. Staying aligned to these concepts will make it easier to see where you tend to get triggered by things outside of you. Review goals in the range of; relationships, addictions, passion, intimacy, friendships, extreme emotions… A good place to start this review is where your life currently feels out of balance? This will be where you find your goal today. Before moving forward write down your GOAL. Something like this… I am looking to accept ________ (blank) Next we move onto the equation: Your acceptance equation = A+B=C A = past, B = present, and C=future Start with the 2 variables you know. So far you have identified the present goal you want to understand and accept, and presumably have an idea of the past that created the out of balance situation so lets document these items. This means we will be solving the problem for C the future. Next write out the variables giving them an identity. in this example OUR GOAL will be accepting our ADDICTION: Here we go! What 2 variables do you currently understand? Present (My drinking feels like it is limiting me, I turn into a different person when I drink, I see people drinking different than I use to) Past (I have always been a drinker, I don’t like how I feel when I drink too much, I associate drinking with fun) Future = the unknown Before we move on lets give another example RELATIONSHIPS: What 2 variables do you currently understand? Present (My partner and I don’t connect anymore, I feel guilty that I am not sexually attracted, We are on different pages) Past (I was attracted, We were intimate, We had similar interests) Future = the unknown *Pause Here* take a moment to write down your variables… Next we will go over how you want to feel in the future, you will do this by making comparisons between the past and present and discovering the best of both to create your new future, but first you have to accept what has been and what is. ADDICTION Drinking is currently limiting me – present But I have always been a drinker…(moving forward how do you want to feel?) The key to recognizing you are changing and needing to accept a new reality in this equation is the feeling of confusion or being perplexed between your past and your current situation. RELATIONSHIPS We don’t connect anymore there’s no attraction – present We once we in love…(moving forward how do you want to feel?) Again to recognize a change you need to accept things are changing this will help you identify how you want to move forward. Without acceptance you get stuck between the past and the present never seeming to create the next step to move you forward into the future. SO Back to the equation A + B = C The key to solving this equation is seeing that both A and B can be true. You can be and feel both things in one human experience. Once you accept you can solve for C the future. So how do you want to feel? ADDICTION -I like having fun -I like being around my old friends that drink -I like being sober -I like who I am RELATIONSHIPS -I like intimacy -I like connection -I want more -I want a partner MEMBERS PORTAL RETREATS CHAKRAS Follow Jenessee on Facebook: LIGHT & LOVE…ALWAYS