HiVIBE Mastermind Triangle for Forgiveness Replay

by Veronica Molinski

HiVIBE Mastermind Triangle for Forgiveness Replay Are you looking to EMPOWER your PURPOSE, ENHANCE your CONNECTION, & DEVELOP your Personal TOOLBOX...? At the beginning of each month, you can experience the HiVIBE MASTERMIND exclusive process. You will be guided to build a triangle connecting three themes that will open new understandings beyond the traditional construct. This creates an opportunity to expand your viewpoint past current limitations. The process involves a lecture introducing the new themes, followed by powerful breathwork, and will end with a channeled meditation gluing all pieces together. Join us the last Monday of each month to kick off the new concept and explore how it affects you in daily life. Together we will create a community ready to affect the fabric of reality. This month we discuss Self Forgiveness, Progress, & the Future. Join us next month LIVE here: Download the FREE app to draw your daily card which will help you to understand and process the energies you are moving through in your CHAKRA system. Download CHAKRA DECK app (apple): Download CHAKRA DECK app (android): Get The Newsletter sent directly to you each month soon to be weekly with new updated content. Sign Up for Newsletter here: Discover more on the website: Follow Chakras Root to Crown on Instagram! @jandjproduction #jenessee #juliepankey #jenniferjordon #chakras #video #forecast #videoguidance #cindalonsway #breathwork #mind #body #spirit #roottocrown #healing #motivation #chakrasroottocrown #inspiration #meditation #holotropic #yogabreath #mastermind #hivibe MEMBERS PORTAL GENERAL COURSES TEACH THE TEACHER RETREATS ENERGETIC ASSESSMENT & INTUITIVE READINGS Follow on Facebook: https://www.