How to Manifest using the Chakras

by Veronica Molinski

How to Manifest using the Chakras Crown Chakra – located about a foot above the head. This chakra is apart of your transpersonal energy system. This vorticy center becomes a portal of energy that connects you to the potential of living your most connected soul experience. A download comes in when something new is about to manifest into your life. Download the FREE app to draw your daily card which will help you to understand and process the energies you are moving through in your CHAKRA system.

Download CHAKRA DECK app (apple): Download CHAKRA DECK app (android): Get The Newsletter sent directly to you each month soon to be weekly with new updated content. You know you are in the flow of crown chakra energy when things in your physical reality simply shift. Like being outside right before a storm hits. The atmosphere changes, the leave turn upside down, and clouds roll in. You don’t quite now when the storm will hit but you know its coming. This is the same energy we use to describe a “download” of crown chakra energy. Things in your physical reality start to shift. Things feel different, you don’t quite know why but you understand something is about to change. This is how we know we have received a new download into our crown chakra. Third Eye Chakra – located in the brow center in the middle of the forehead – associated with the pineal gland. This vorticy center gives you the first glimpse at what this download might be. After the crown chakra receives the download of energy it naturally moves into your third eye chakra. Here the energy will stay as long as it needs to for you to perceive and understand the many facets of how this energy could manifest into your life. You will play with this download in what we call a day dream state. You will fantasize about the potentials, you will visualize how it might unfold, or visually create the potentials. Inventors are naturals at this and so are you in your own special way. You are taking something that is destined for you and working through the details inventing the possibilities until you are visually satisfied with the results. At this point the energy will either move into the next phase of the flow or you may think the potential you just created is too big, too much for you to handle. Here is the first time in the process that you can let go of the manifesting energy and send it away if it feels like to much for you to handle at this time. Therefore it will always stay a “DREAM” and never manifest. Throat Chakra – located around the thyroid area of the neck. This vorticy center gives you a chance to retool the blueprint that your mind designed. We call the throat chakra the interviewer of your manifestation. Here if you decide this dream is one worth going after your inner voice will come to life and interview the crap out of what your mind has designed. Just like any corporate interviewing process your inner voice is going to try and find the hole in your vision. The throat will ask questions to the mind like this: how are we going to build this dream? What will we have to change to achieve this result? What kind of timeframe does this need? Do we have the money to accomplish this? Your inner voice becomes the CEO in charge of making sure the process is not only well thought out but has also covered all the human basis before it is ready to bring this creation to life. The new manifestation will sit here stuck in the interview process between the mind and the throat until the throat is confident all the right questions has been asked because the next step of this process requires all potential problems to be worked out ahead of time. Sign Up for Newsletter here: Discover more on the website: Follow Chakras Root to Crown on Instagram! @chakras_root_to_crown #jenessee #numerology #energyreading #chakras #video #forecast #videoguidance #videotarot #readers #healer #psychic #channel #roottocrown #healing #motivation #chakrasroottocrown #inspiration #oraclereading #monthlyoracle #whatshappening #april MEMBERS PORTAL GENERAL COURSES TEACH THE TEACHER RETREATS ENERGETIC ASSESSMENT & INTUITIVE READINGS Follow Jenessee on Facebook: LIGHT & LOVE…ALWAYS