What is a Timeline?

by Veronica Molinski

What is a Timeline? Today we will explore the term “timeline”. You might have heard things like “changing timelines” or “choose a new timeline” … lets find out what exactly that means. A timeline can defined by a series of chronological events that happen across a span of time. This is a very linear approach, not taking into consideration all the events that could have happened. For example, when we are born there are infinite possibilities of what life might hold. As choices are made, various timeline are selected to be experienced. Deciding to go to college or not, creates two different timelines. Deciding to take a job in another state creates alternate timelines. When you meet a romantic partner or get married, this creates a new timeline. In the multidimensional approach, it becomes apparent that there are multiple versions occurring of what we experience in every moment - all occurring at the same time. Our actions and feelings in this current moment are dictating the timeline we experience. The goal to understanding timelines is to realize there are always infinite possibilities to choose from. Our choices can be predictable based on our up-bringing, values, obligations, and lots of other factors. BUT - it is possible to make decisions that step outside of the current timeline to experience something NEW. So why should we care about switching timelines? Simple. If you are unhappy or want to experience something new - you have to change your timeline. There are so many versions of reality simultaneously occurring, and at any moment its possible to make a spontaneous decision and change your reality. Try experimenting with small choices - take a different way to work, try a new path on your evening walk, call a friend you have been meaning to talk to for some time. These subtle changes to mix up a redundant timeline will awaken your intuition - allowing you to see choice you might be missing by staying with the status quo! Download the FREE app to draw your daily card which will help you to understand and process the energies you are moving through in your CHAKRA system. Download CHAKRA DECK app (apple): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chakra-deck/id1273375730 Download CHAKRA DECK app (android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_jenessee.layout Get The Newsletter sent directly to you each month soon to be weekly with new updated content. Sign Up for Newsletter here: https://www.grnewsletters.com/archive/chakrasroottocrown/Monthly-Chakra-Forecast--609846301.html?e=&s=TP2VXd Discover more on the website: http://www.chakrasroottocrown.com/ Follow Chakras Root to Crown on Instagram! @chakras_root_to_crown #jenessee #timeline #whatisatimeline #chakras #video #forecast #videoguidance #videotarot #readers #healer #psychic #channel #roottocrown #healing #motivation #chakrasroottocrown #inspiration #oracle #spirituality #whatshappening #linear THE PROCESS… Having unknowingly developed her Clairvoyant gifts at a very young age, Jenessee has always been drawn to the metaphysical side of life. At 16 Jenessee started studying chakra theory and other metaphysical sciences until theory took a back seat to practice. Today she teaches others how to develop and fine tune their own unique gifts and talents. Jenessee facilitates this unfolding by using techniques and practices focused around a person’s energetic field and chakra system. Documenting her own healing journey, Jenessee published her first book at 29, “Root to Crown, A 94 Day Chakra Journey” still unfolding the book turned into a channeled Oracle Deck and Workbook. These tools are now used to help teach others about the energy surrounding a unique soul journey. WORKING WITH JENESSEE Today, Jenessee is guided by spirit. She has found a connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes surrounding not only her journey, but the journey of everyone she comes in contact with. Her purpose is to help others find and cultivate a loving, trusting and vibrant connection with divine source in their own authentic way. MEMBERS PORTAL https://membership.chakrasroottocrown.com/ GENERAL COURSES

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