What is Ego?

by Veronica Molinski

What is Ego? Rabbit - Text 1: Wanna grab lunch? Bear - Test 2: Think you can drag your ego out of that self centered spiral? Rabbit - Text 3: Whaaa? My ego? Rabbit - Text 4: I thought ego was a good thing? It make me me, right? Bear - Alright Rabbit. Its time we talk Ego. Tell me, what do you think Ego is? Rabbit - Ego motivates me to work hard, ego pushes me to be be my best. Ego gives me my identity! Bear - Yes, that’s true. But Rabbit, yesterday I saw you tricking turtle AGAIN into a race just to get first place. You were craving that feeling of winning, and didn’t care about embarrassing Turtle. Rabbit - But winning is what its all about! Think of all the greats, all the champions. Bear - So how did it make you feel to beat turtle for the 10th time? What did you learn? Did you gain anything? Rabbit - Well, I guess I felt great! I love winning! Bear - Now Rabbit, take a look at what you are doing here. You keep creating the same experience! You are manipulating someone so you can get what you want, to feel how you want to feel. Its all about you and your ego here.

Rabbit - ok so, what would you do? Bear - You already know you can beat turtle in a race. So what about teaching turtle? What about sharing your wisdom in the race and helping Turtle? Then you become the master of your own ego, not a slave to it! Rabbit - Teach turtle? That could take forever! Bear - But how do you think it would make you feel to help Turtle? And how would Turtle feel? How do you think all the greats did it? By serving themselves? Or helping others? Rabbit - But I want people to know that IM the best! Bear - What happens when briar patch rabbit comes in and beats you in a race? If you don’t feel good enough just as you are, then you will have bruised ego - and start chasing the win again. Rabbit - (thinks to himself out loud) Imagine what everyone will think of me if I lose? Bear - You are getting a reputation for being a little cocky, Rabbit! It’s not about impressing everyone around you. Its about impressing your self! Everyone will naturally recognize how kind and talented you are for helping Turtle. In that kindness they will appreciate jut how great you are! Rabbit - hmmm, I never thought of it that way! Bear - You can allow your ego to serve you - to motivate you - but have to keep it in check. Otherwise you end up not even seeing how much you are hurting everyone around you - like turtle! Download the FREE app to draw your daily card which will help you to understand and process the energies you are moving through in your CHAKRA system. Download CHAKRA DECK app (apple): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chakra-deck/id1273375730 Download CHAKRA DECK app (android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_jenessee.layout Get The Newsletter sent directly to you each month soon to be weekly with new updated content. Sign Up for Newsletter here: https://www.grnewsletters.com/archive/chakrasroottocrown/Monthly-Chakra-Forecast--609846301.html?e=&s=TP2VXd Discover more on the website: http://www.chakrasroottocrown.com/ Follow Chakras Root to Crown on Instagram! @chakras_root_to_crown #jenessee #whatego #isegobad #chakras #video #doIhaveanego #videoguidance #healer #psychic #channel #roottocrown #healing #motivation #chakrasroottocrown #inspiration #oraclereading #monthlyoracle #whatshappening #ego MEMBERS PORTAL https://membership.chakrasroottocrown.com/ GENERAL COURSES https://r2cprograms.lpages.co/courses-on-membership/ TEACH THE TEACHER https://r2cprograms.lpages.co/teach-the-teacher/ RETREATS https://r2cprograms.lpages.co/breaking-free-productions/ ENERGETIC ASSESSMENT & INTUITIVE READINGS http://www.chakrasroottocrown.com/chakra-products?category=Sessions Follow Jenessee on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenesseeroy LIGHT & LOVE…ALWAYS