What is High-Self?

by Veronica Molinski

Understanding high self Football is a great analogy to understand your relationship to high self. There are so many vantage points to observe life - where are you watching from? When you’re viewing from the quarterback perspective, all you see are the plays to score points. Sometimes you find your receiver sometimes you get sacked. In this vantage, it’s all about you. Your worth and value is determined by the immediate success or failure of each game. Applied to daily life, you’re always playing a game, you either win or lose… and that determines your value. We’ll refer to this perspective as “The Ego”. Now you take a seat and look at the game from the 50 yard line. You see theres two teams playing the same game. You might have come to root for team A but you also get a thrill when team B makes a quality play. As a fan of the game, you appreciate a great play no matter the team. This gives you more perspective - it’s not all about your team winning, its about watching an exciting game. I mean - nobody likes a 0-42 shut out! In life, this translates to recognizing when you go into autopilot.

Instead of making those predictable choices which lead to a boring life, you choose to take a leap of faith and experience something new. Let’s refer to this as “The Low Self”. Moving up to the announcer’s booth, here you observe and narrate the game. You see good plays that remind you of epic games you’ve watched in the past. You know the scores will come and go, fame will trade hands, franchises rise and fall. Tomorrow you’re on a plane, this is just one game in the season, and it’s one season of many you have watched. This is when you become the witness of life. You are connected to the bigger picture, not fixating on the stress and redundancy. You reconcile the lessons and wisdom from your path. This is “The Bridge”. Now lets visit the nose-bleeds. This is actually the most evolved perspective in the stadium. You cant clearly see the game, you barely hear the announcer, but you anticipate the wave when it comes your way. Surrounded by thousands of other fans, you become another face in the crowd. And its hear that you can finally understand what it means to be high self. An intangible experience that keeps you connected to the not just the game but everyone else playing and watching the game. When you reach this level you reach an understanding that nothing is separated from ego, to low self, to the bridge and high self. It is all one entity moving in time seeing from different levels of awareness. In this space when you see it all you become It all and take part in the unity of all being coming together. From this vantage point you know there is an ego but don’t get to attached. you know there is a low self but you don’t get wrapped up in the duality. you know there is a bridge but don’t need to control how you will walk over it. From here you can see it all, and be it all never losing site of yourself, but knowing you are just one drop in the ocean of experiences waiting to be played. Join us next month LIVE here: https://www.hivibemastermind.com/signup/ Download the FREE app to draw your daily card which will help you to understand and process the energies you are moving through in your CHAKRA system. Download CHAKRA DECK app (apple): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chakra-deck/id1273375730 Download CHAKRA DECK app (android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_jenessee.layout Get The Newsletter sent directly to you each month soon to be weekly with new updated content. Sign Up for Newsletter here: Discover more on the website: http://www.chakrasroottocrown.com/ Follow Chakras Root to Crown on Instagram! @jandjproduction #jenessee #juliepankey #jenniferjordon #chakras #video #forecast #videoguidance #cindalonsway #breathwork #mind #body #spirit #roottocrown #healing #motivation #chakrasroottocrown #inspiration #meditation #holotropic #yogabreath #mastermind #hivibe MEMBERS PORTAL https://membership.chakrasroottocrown.com/ GENERAL COURSES https://chakraconnect.com/courses/ TEACH THE TEACHER https://r2cprograms.lpages.co/teach-the-teacher/ RETREATS https://www.jandjproduction.com/retreats/ ENERGETIC ASSESSMENT & INTUITIVE READINGS http://www.chakrasroottocrown.com/chakra-products?category=Sessions Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/155655319131228/ LIGHT & LOVE…ALWAYS